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Test of sodium chloride salt salt water treatment of boiler snow shipping 5 kg of salt industrial salt salt mist

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The content is 99.9% sodium chloride. 5 pounds of industrial fine salt 19.9 yuan nationwide parcel post, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan do not mail large amount of consulting service, give you preferential prices


Industrial salt is also called sodium chlorideIndustryIt is widely used and is one of the most basic raw materials in chemical industry. It is called the mother of chemical industry". In the main products of the basic chemical industryhydrochloric acidcaustic sodaSodaammonium chlorideChlorine and so on are mainly produced by industrial salt as raw material. A large amount of sodium chloride is needed in organic synthesis industry. In addition, it is also used forsoapManufacture、ceramicsGlass production, daily chemical industry, oil drilling,Well drillingWorking fluid,well completionLiquid and petrochemical dewatering liquid,construction industryEarly strength agent, coagulant, rubber industry production paint latex coagulating agent,paper industryAdditives and deinking of waste paper, inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfate removal agent in chemical industry,Sodium alginateThe coagulant, prevention and controlWheatAppleChinese cabbageSuch as decay and food preservatives, the production of sodium and other sodium compounds, iron and steel heat treatment medium. In the water treatment, highway snow removal, refrigeration, refrigeration and other aspects, salt also has a wide range of uses.

Sodium chloride, colorless cubic crystals or white crystals. Soluble in water, glycerin, slightly soluble inethanolliquid ammonia. Insoluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Tiny in the airDeliquescenceOf. Used for manufacturingSodaandcaustic sodaAnd other chemical products, ore smelting. Food industry and fishery are used for salting, and can be used as seasoning raw materials and refined salt.

Inorganic and organic industries are used for manufacturingChlorinehydrogenHydrochloric acid,Sodacaustic sodaChlorateHypochloriteBleaching powderSodium metalRaw material, refrigerant of refrigerating system, raw material of organic synthesis and salting out agent. Steel industry is used as heat treatment agent. Highly refined sodium chloride is used as a sodium chloridePhysiological saltWater. Food industry, daily life, for seasoning and so on. High temperature heat source andpotassium chlorideBarium chlorideThe salt bath can be used as a heating medium to keep the temperature between 820~960 degrees centigrade. In addition, it is also used in medicine, glass and dyestuff,metallurgyOther industries

Uses: printing and dyeing cleaning, decontamination, snow removal, snow, sewage purification!

Industrial solarization salt
1, sodium chloride is higher than 95%, particles larger than uniform crystal clear.
2. Water soluble impurities are better than the national standard.
3, clean environmental protection packaging, so that bumper harvest more convenient, assured.

4, inventory reserves are abundant, timely supply.

 Salt used in circulating water of boiler for industrial salt and water for boiler soft water

Uses: printing and dyeing cleaning, decontamination, snow removal, snow, sewage purification! Salt vegetable! Feeding pigs ~ cattle ~ You

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