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Double head metal sheet cutter, electric scissors, sound modification, iron cutting, hand cutting circle splitter

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As long as you have an electric drill, you can cut the shape of the metal

Blow molding box packaging: host 1, inner six angle wrench 1. Handle 1


Tin packaging than an iron box molding packaging, a knife bar, a knife seat.

Technical parameter:
1, there are two heads can be U-turn cutting
2, the cutter head can be positioned 360 degrees
3, matching 8mm electric or pneumatic drill, speed 1500-3000 RPM / min.
4, cutting radius 12mm
5. Allowable cutting thickness

Ordinary iron plate: 1.8mm

NoRusty steel plate: 1.2mm

Copper and aluminum sheet: 2mm

A plastic glue: 2mm




Two, operation requirements and parts replacement method
1 knife head place refueling, especially cutting aluminum is particularly important.
2 first open electric drill, after cutting, at the end of the first exit after closing electric drill.
3 cutting knife rod incision must remain vertical and workpiece is cut, to prevent hard - broken knife head.
4 cutter replacement: open the cover, remove the nut, loosen the fastening screws, a knife rod with pliers pull, re installed on the knife rod, the screw can be screwed up.
5 knife seat replacement: counterclockwise extrusion pressure cap, replaced with a new knife seat can be.

Three. The use of sheet hole opener
When equipped with 1 sheet hole, the front end and the drill hole cutter, inserted in a round hole in the cutter is connected with an electric drill and the lock, then the 3 branches on the shelf, to prevent the stigma screw screwed up, opening sliding rod on the shelf; will be left to the small square hole insert the right shelf positioning needle upward, finally according to the cut arc size, adjust and tighten the screw top, the rod firmly fixed, in order to ensure the accuracy of cutting circle.
2 cutting standard arc, should use the plate hole, to ensure the smooth arc beautiful, also should drill a 3 mm positioning eye at work first, then drill a hole of 12 mm, the cutter head is inserted into the hole and circular cutting.

Packaging real shot:





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