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SA wheel grinding, stainless steel sand grinder, grinding alloy grinding machine tool, grinding white steel Shalun single crystal sand wheel

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Special stainless steel wheel, SA material, than ordinary sand hard, the sand like knife, grinding force than ordinary wheel (although much faster, with a white jade color, we will not add cheap white corundum materials, this is the domestic top ten basic. ) produced by SG technology, the degree of consolidation and curing degree is high, the sand is not easy to fall off, the grinding wheel is durable, although expensive, but the cost and efficiency of the production is low, a lot of,

200 mm in diameter and 250 mm in diameter

Thickness 25 mm

The inside diameter of the grinding wheel is 32 millimetersThe inner hole in the middle of the grinding wheel can be changed into various inner holes 12.7--16--20--25--32 mm

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The inner hole in the middle of the grinding wheel can be changed into various inner holes 12.7--16--20--25--32

The SA wheel is abrasive amount, use a less, use high-speed rotation, can the outer circle and the inner circle of stainless steel parts, and various types of planar surface roughing, semi finishing grinding and fine grinding etc.. Because of the special abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes, the characteristics of the grinding wheel vary greatly, so the machining parts of grinding. Productivity and economy have an important impact. The characteristics of grinding wheel are mainly determined by abrasive, particle size, bond, hardness, microstructure, shape and size


Different grinding wheels, grinding different materials.

(1. coarse grinding with 46 mesh and 60 mesh, suitable for grinding hard materials, grinding mill wasteland, cast iron, alloy, coarse grinding jade, etc.) {2.60 and 80 mesh suitable for grinding drill used, also can grind tool, cutter, cutting}, {3.80 mesh and 120 mesh for grinding drill. Also can wear tool, cutter, cutting tools, jade,} (4.180 mesh and 240 mesh, suitable for grinding, micro grinding, polishing, precision edge, with only the fine-grained grinding wheel.) {5.320 mesh and 500 mesh are fine polishing wheels, which can only be polished and can not be worn. Only polishing can be used, or dressing diamond grinding wheel can also be used. }

  1. First, the safety and quality of the grinding wheel should be tested, and the reasonable and suitable position should be selected so that we can do other work.
  2. The grinding wheel machine is forbidden to be installed in front of the equipment and operators or people who are passing by,
  3. The unbalance of grinding wheel is mainly caused by the inaccuracy of grinding wheel manufacturing and installation, which makes the grinding wheel center of gravity not coincident with the rotating shaft. If the wheel swings, turn the wheel back, or pad it with a piece of paper,
  4. Therefore, the static balance should be carried out after the chuck is installed, and the static balance should be repeated when the grinding wheel is found to be unbalanced after the truing and dressing or in the work. Trim with a wheel knife, and the old grinding wheel can also