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The original modern JAC refine H-1 KIA Sorento oil valve fuel pressure pressure regulator valve

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 131.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The owner camp:Various types of automobile engine computer board, idling motor (stepping motor), solar term door position sensor, solar term door body, nozzle, fuel pressure valve (fuel control valve), fuel rail, fuel rail assembly, ignition coil, high-voltage wire (sub cylinder line), spark plug, fuel pump and fuel pump assembly, oxygen sensor, speed (odometer), carbon canister solenoid valve, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, temperature sensor, ABS sensor, intake pressure sensor, phase sensor, knock sensor, wiper, relay, EFI sensor plug, air flow meter, battery, engine oil, motorcycle brake wear accessories. "Honesty, customer first, sincere service"". The company in line with the "people-oriented, moral Liye" purpose, let all customers realize the "choose professional quality, defend the value of the car" true meaning. 

1Every customer, click the small map displayed in the window, you can see the corresponding baby clear big picture! Goods in this shop are all physical maps, and other varieties, not on goods purchase and booking for prices and difficult miscellaneous please consult the online customer service.

2Please provide vehicle type + parts name + engine type + part number, etc.

3The price of our products are not tax, if you need to issue invoices, please contact customer service.

4We send the express by default. There are also STO, Yuantong express, rhyme express, express every day, postal parcel. If you need to specify the logistics, you need to contact customer service, and some need to make up the difference freight! SF, EMS starting price, the national unified price 22.

Special note: wrong can not be used, back and forth freight, please take care of yourself.

Judgment and analysis of common faults:

1The fault light indicates the problem of the sensor

2Repeatedly burning computer board (ECU) or can not afford to refuel, please check the engine voltage is normal

3If there is a lack of cylinder, please check the spark plug, ignition line, injector and so on

4If the idle speed is unstable, check whether the idle motor and throttle valve body are normal or have foreign bodies

5It is difficult to start. Please check whether the pressure sensor and water temperature sensor are normal

6If it does not start, check whether the crankshaft position sensor (speed sensor) is normal

7Each start delay two seconds to start, indicating that the camshaft position sensor failure

8When starting, feel the gasoline hose before the fuel distribution pipe, should feel the flow of gasoline, otherwise it shows that the electric fuel pump does not work

9And the cold start and running speed is normal, will suddenly turn off, after the flame cannot start immediately after 15 seconds to start, ignition relay, crankshaft position sensor, ignition module and ignition coil has a good thermal stability

10Engine idle jitter is that the engine idle running is not smooth, the speed fluctuation is greater than the positive and negative 30 circles / points, the most common reason is mixed gas is too thin or too thick, point is wrong, combustion quality is poor or lack of cylinder.

Shopping instructions:
1.The structure of the car itself is very complicated, there are a lot of friends before their guess like judgment and replacement of parts according to (especially auto electric parts, which corresponds to a fault phenomenon in many parts of) but often after the replacement car condition did not improve, at this time, friends would suspect that is parts of the problem. Therefore, we strongly recommend that friends go to the 4S shop or regular repair station to diagnose and confirm which part of the problem is purchased and replaced. EFI devices recommend professional repair staff installation, so as not to cause improper installation parts use effect. In addition, EFI parts (idle motor, throttle assembly, nozzle, computer board, sensors, etc.) are installed when the battery needs to be broken off for a few minutes, and then hit the key, hit the ON file, repeat several times and then ignition test, not repeated more than a few times.

2The price difference and the quality difference are inevitable between the original parts and the auxiliary parts! Please choose carefully, please do not measure the quality of the original parts with the price of the accessory parts, and don't use the quality level of the original parts to request the accessory parts. The original / original pieces only pure original original accessories, no customer service and warranty time, vice factory / brand / warranty of 3 months, the quality problem of 7 days, 3 months baohuan. Non quality problems return freight buyers need to pay a friend, take another fee ranging from 10-50 test costs and depreciation costs, computer board products or water board is not burned in the warranty scope, whether new or old board board scrap buyers must protect the warranty intact in tear free standard, people open the computer board the customer service will not provide any warranty, please forgive.

Satisfactory evaluation:

1We pay attention to your every comment. After receipt of goods, there are any questions can contact us at the first time, if there is no satisfaction, you can mention with us, please do not give free evaluation, can not solve the problem, but also hurt the gas. If there is a problem, a more calm and frank between each other, try to think about each other, believe that any problem will be solved. We welcome customers who are fair and tolerant and believe they can be friends. Thank you for your support! If you are satisfied with our service, do not forget to praise, each praise is the driving force of our efforts, we will better serve you.

Express delivery:

1.Please be sure to check before the receipt of goods is intact or missing, such as to give the first sign of the stock, please check in the presence of the carrier received a courier, express parcels found packaging deformation and breakage problems please sign in denial or signature package and indicate the damaged face when the courier unpacking inspection if you have any questions please contact the shop immediately. So please don't look at the packaging intact hastily sign, if in the case did not check the receipt of all goods damaged by the buyers themselves responsible for all damage shall be returned after receipt!
2, when the receipt of any doubt (type, appearance, brand and other doubts) must first telephone or want to contact us, to ensure that there is no doubt, and then install. We do every detail carefully, but it is inevitable that the staff will be negligent. Before receiving the goods, please pay attention to the original car and then install the control. If you find the wrong model, you can contact with the owner in time to return the goods, we will refund for you. Installation scratches will not be sold second times, hope buyers friends understand