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New high quality refrigeration module with C120640*4012V6A thermoelectric refrigeration piece Parr super 127

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Model: C1206

Power supply: DC12V rated voltage maximum voltage 15.7V
Maximum current: 6A (please use the above 6A switching power supply)
Maximum power: 72W (please good heat)
Internal resistance: 2.5~3.0 ohm (ambient temperature 23 - 1 DEG C, 1kHZAc test)
Maximum temperature: less than 75 DEG C (monolayer is highest)
Size: 40*40*4.0mm
Assembly pressure: 85N/cm2
External lead: 150mm (15CM)

Working environment: the temperature range of -55 to 150 DEG C (high temperature will directly affect the efficiency of refrigeration)
Packaging: standard around 704 silicone rubber seal
Packing: foam box packaging, storage conditions of ambient temperature -10 to 40 DEG C
Storage conditions: -40~60 C

A simple test method of cooling plate:

A hand pinch on both sides of the refrigerating sheet, on the other hand wire cooling pad on battery poles (Hong Xianan in the cathode on the cathode, black line by), if can feel a cold side heat, the cooling plate is good, can work normally. When testing a refrigeration sheet,Not installed radiator, the power can not be more than two secondsOtherwise it will burn out. Take the responsibility of buyers!

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Special semiconductor refrigeration piece of silicone grease:

[100g] the value of good friend thermal grease

[20g] good friend thermal grease

[15g] good friend silicone

[Special] cotton insulation

Usage method:

1Don't know, when the hot and cold surface cooler when using this method, the red line is connected to the power line is connected to the anode, cathode, and without cooling conditions, the instantaneous power of the test, which touch the two end of the refrigerator, you will feel a slight fever, side cold fever a hot surface, cold side is cold. But time is not more than5Second, if the hot end temperature is too high, extremely easy to cause the device to burn out. Generally correct polarity on the cool side is marked with type.

2In general, under the condition of lead with red is usually expressed as positive: usually use black as the cathode, the connection method of the thermoelectric cooler at work. To heat. As long as the current polarity can be changed. Refrigeration work must adopt the switching power supply, the power supply ripple coefficient should be less than10%。

3Identification method of thermocouple and logarithmic limit voltage of the refrigerator, refers to the logarithm of the thermocouplePNThe number of nodes. For example: cooler modelTEC1-12706Then,127For cooler thermocouple log,06To allow the current value (unit:A,The threshold voltage is logarithmic thermocouple cooler *0.12For example: TECIOne12703Limit voltageV127×0.1215.2(V)

4All kinds of cooler in use or in the test, the cooling and heating temperature of hot and cold exchange should be returned to the room temperature (usually in the15Minutes). It is easy to cause damage of refrigerator.

5In order to prolong the life of sealing the deal with refrigeration components around. We have two kinds of methods, one is the use ofSilica gel seal; another is epoxy resin sealing, sealing the purpose is to make the refrigerator of the thermocouple is completely isolated from the outside air, play a moisture-proof effect, and can prolong the service life of the refrigerator.

6, need to use the heat when the refrigerator, for example, heaters and other heating equipment, according to the actual situation of the equipment decision.

7First of all, at the time of installation, and the two sides of the clean and wipe the cooling module, respectively in the cooler for hot and cold surface evenly coated with a thin layer of thermal grease. The surface contact with the cooler is aluminum radiator or cold storage plate should be smooth, and wipe clean, also on the surface evenly coated with thermal grease; cooler during installation must be good contact with the cold storage cold plate, hot surface should also fully contact surface and the aluminum radiator, (as with screw fastening screws, several force should be uniform, not excessive or uneven force). In order to achieve the best cooling effect, application of thermal insulation material is filled between the cold storage board and aluminum radiator, its thickness in general25-30mmIs appropriate.

8The user, without the special equipment, determine the refrigerator is qualified or not, mainly to test the resistance. You can use data or bridge with compensation resistance, resistance measurement of the refrigerator. Using a multimeter to test the static resistance refrigeration component is not accurate, only for reference.