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Grinding wheel grinding wheel polishing glass tungsten metal electric drill grinding wheel grinding head shift shaft wheel mill

discount 70% in 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-20
price: USD$ 61.95
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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1u5Ti955RnM7tZu8291W5v0eRIj3Single crystal parallel grinding wheel, with grinding stone or drill bit

Trim the balance before use. Also called the edge, so much the better, because the wheel before use not concentric, the wheel head can be worn, or dressing, stone or metal pen, knife grinding wheel dressing better, and then use the official.
A grinder, electric drill grinding wheel, only without electric drill, grinder, drill grinding is very vexed, here to give you solve, even a bit, can also use the cycle,
Diameter 75MM
Thickness 20MM
Aperture 10MM
Grinding bits, grinding wheels, grinding glass, grinding jade
Some grinding wheel will drop a little edge, completely does not affect the use, too careful careful shooting.
Hand drill wheel,
Special grinding wheel for table grinding machine

Commitment to quality, quality problems, our company implements, replacement refunding. Shipping.


When shooting small objects, postage is often higher than the price, so that they feel a loss, uncomfortable, it is easy to do, my family products, more

How many pieces do we mail?.

With regard to product prices, we are not going to lower prices than those who are concerned, and we are concerned about quality

Sincerity oriented, quality first, quantity win, this is our aim.


Grinding wheel is a kind of abrasive tool made of abrasive and binder, which is made of pressing, drying and roasting. Grinding wheel is one of the widely used and widely used abrasives, and [1] grinding wheel is the main type of grinding tools. Because of the different abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes,

1. quality specifications; this product is produced according to the national standard, if not meet the requirements you need, we will immediately change for you

Goods, (note; according to your requirements of the product is no longer returned) to your requirements.

2. express and consignment logistics, express, we mainly in the pass,
3. express sometimes not fast, a variety of reasons, and sometimes a few days can not receive goods, please buyers understand them.

Zero risk commitment

1. "dear", all our products are not satisfied after you received the goods, and can be returned or exchanged within 7 days.

2. in the logistics and transport process is damaged, we are baopei.

3., our product is sure to create value for you, this is your needs, your satisfaction, that is our satisfaction. Let's show you step by step, and I can do everything I say. If I do, or if you have any questions for me, you have the right to return your pay every penny I. Here's my promise to you:

Return within 4.7 days promise: do not like the free return, quality problems of goods (including the logistics process appears

I will bear the damage, and the refund will be returned to your account immediately. If I don't cash it, you can tell it

Bao, Taobao will pay you in advance;

5., after strict quality control, fake goods three times the price compensation, if I do not fulfill the promise, Amoy

Bao will pay you in advance;

6. lightning delivery promise: within 48 hours for your delivery, my home is the manufacturer, if the customized product delivery date, we will inform you in advance. If I don't fulfill the promise, Taobao will compensate you first;

7. free maintenance commitment: if the baby in the receipt of 30 days of quality problems, I free repair for you, if I

If you don't fulfill your promise, Taobao will pay you in advance;"

Buyers attention:

1. buyers who are not familiar with the products should exchange before buying and decide to buy it;

Color is inevitably slightly error, please have received the object is accurate, for the color sensitive buyers, please buy carefully.

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3. please pay within 24 hours when the goods are photographed, do not leave the goods after the deadline, and regarded as not to buy,

The owner has the right to take the initiative to close easily, in case of special circumstances, please explain in advance.

4., we use express company is; Zhong express, require SF delivery, freight 22 yuan self care. We have received payment

Usually the same day delivery, special circumstances (such as the time is too late) (17 points per day),

Catch the delivery time) will want to contact, delivery mode is divided into postal, postal package (7-30 days),

Post express parcel (7-30 days) post EMS express delivery (2-8 days) private express company (2-15 days);

Customized product time to be determined. Express sometimes seven or eight days to send, this is also normal, do not blame the seller.

5. private courier companies can not reach the default for post parcel delivery; postal parcel and express parcel post

The query time limit is one month without receipt of goods, to be able to query, this please buyers have to be psychologically prepared.


5. After receiving the goods, first carefully check whether there is quality problems, buy the family for the two influence of sales

No exchange, processing customized products are not returned.

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