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Edible citric acid, citric acid, food grade acidity regulator kettle, descaling, hair care, 1000g

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Shelf life: 2 years

Packing method: food packaging bag

Citric acid content: 99.9%

Thermos bottle descaling method: use 50-100 grams of citric acid, pour into the thermos bottle, and then 40 degrees or so warm water into the bottle, shake a few. To soak for 20-50 minutes, pick up and down shake, you can remove scale. If the scale is thick and proper, add citric acid, or soak it with wet cloth or brush to wash and wash.

Electric kettle descaling method: use 50-100 grams of citric acid, and then 40 degrees or so warm water into the bottle, shaking a few. To soak for 20-50 minutes, pick up and down shake, you can remove scale. If the scale is thick and proper, add citric acid, or soak it with wet cloth or brush to wash and wash.

Cup, teapot, glass and other containers in addition to scaling: 10-20% citric acid solution can be soaked in warm water, about 20-50 minutes, with a brush or wet cloth washing, you can easily remove.

Homemade lemon soda water

The best combination of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid is 1:1, and here are detailed steps

Formula: one bottle of baking soda, 1.5 grams of citric acid, 1.5 grams of sugar, a little juice, right amount

Method: use a clean water bottle, pour cold water into the bottle, don't be too full, about 70% of the volume of the bottle, add some sugar and a certain amount of juice. Then add 1.5 grams of baking soda, finally put 1.5 grams of citric acid immediately with a plug plugged the bottle, with a cord or wire plug tightly, so as not to pop out. Gently shake the bottle, a lot of bubbles in the bottle, constantly rolling up and down, about 20 minutes after drinking.


Main uses

Citric acid is the first organic acid in organic acids. Because of its physical properties, chemical properties and derivative properties, citric acid is the most important organic acid widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

1. used in food industry

Because citric acid has a mild and refreshing acidity, it is widely used in various beverages,SodaWineThe manufacture of confectionery, snacks, biscuits, canned fruit juice, dairy products and so on. Citric acid has a market share of more than 70% in all organic acids market, and there is no acid agent that can replace citric acid. A crystalline water citric acid is mainly used as cool drinks and fruit juices,JamFruit dropAcidity of cans and so onFlavoring agentIt can also be used as cooking oilAntioxidant. At the same time, improve the sensory properties of food, enhance appetite and promote the digestion and absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Anhydrous citric acid is used in large quantitiessolid drinks. Citric acid salts such as calcium citrate andFerric citrateIt is an enhancer of calcium and iron ions in some foods. Citric acid esters, such as citric acid three ethyl ester, can be used as non-toxic plasticizers, plastic film for food packaging, beverage and food industry sour agent

2. used in chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries

Citric acid can be used as a reagent for chemical analysis in chemical technology. It can be used as an experimental reagent, a chromatographic analysis reagent and a biochemical reagentcomplexing agentA masking agent; used to make upbuffer solution. The use of citric acid or citric acid as a detergent can improve the performance of washing products, can quickly precipitate metal ions, prevent contaminants from re adhering to the fabric, and maintain the necessary washingalkalinityIt is a good chelating agent for the dispersion and suspension of dirt and ash, and the improvement of surfactant properties. It can be used as a reagent to test the acid resistance of building ceramic tiles.


GarmentformaldehydePollution is a very sensitive issue, citric acid and citric acid can be modified into a formaldehydeless Creaseproofing rectifying agent for cotton fabricCrease resistant finishing. Not only wrinkle proof effect is good, but also the cost is low.

3. for environmental protection

Citric acid -Sodium citrateBuffer used in flue gasDesulphurization. China is rich in coal resources, which constitutes the main part of energy. However, there is a lack of effective flue gas desulfurization technology, which leads to serious SO2 pollution in the atmosphere. At present, China's SO2 emissions are nearly 40 million tons, it is urgent to study effective desulfurization process. Citric acid sodium citrate buffer solution is a very valuable desulfurization sorbent because of its low vapor pressure, non-toxic, stable chemical properties and high absorption rate of SO2.

4. for livestock production

Adding citric acid in piglet feed can early weaning, improve feed utilization rate 5% ~ 10%, increase sow litter size. Adding 1% - 2% citric acid in the diet of growing finishing pigs can increase daily gain, reduce feed to meat ratio, increase protein digestibility, reduce back fat thickness, and improve meat quality and carcass characteristics. Rare earth citrate is a new type of high efficiencyfeed additiveIt is suitable for pig, chicken, fish, shrimp, cattle, sheep, rabbit, silkworm and other animals. It can promote the growth of animals, improve the quality of products, improve the disease resistance and survival rate, improve feed conversion rate, shorten feeding cycle and so on.

5. for cosmetics

Citric acid belongs toAcidOne of the main roles is to speed upHornyUpdate, often used in emulsion, cream, shampoo, whitening products, anti-aging products,WhelkSupplies and so on. The renewal of cutin contributes to the peeling of melanin in the skin, the collection of pores, the dissolution of blackheads and so on. for exampleBiothermSpring soothing cleansing mousse, make the skin soft, comfortable, fresh and pure color.

6. used for sterilization

Citric acid combined with 80 temperature can kill spores of bacteria and kill blood effectivelydialysisContamination of bacteria in the pipe lineBacillus. "Western-style food enjoys the reputation of" king of the lemon has a strong bactericidal effect, good for health food, plus a scent of lemon, people always love making salad, not only delicious, but also to enhance the appetite.

7. used in medicine

Calcium must be involved in the formation of prothrombin activators and subsequent coagulation. Citrate ions and calcium ions can form a soluble complex which is difficult to dissociate, thus reducing the concentration of calcium in blood and blocking the blood coagulation. This product is used as anticoagulant in blood transfusion or laboratory anticoagulant.




Tips for eating citric acid

Often drinkYoghurtYogurtContained inlactic acidAnd some other organic acids such as citric acid with the Portuguese, the dilution also has the sterilization and preservation effect, known as the mucosa of the "cleaning agent", sticky surface it helps soften the skin, remove the old dead cells, in this process, the wrinkles also will be eliminated.


eat fruitReduce weightIt's one of the most popular ways for girls to use sex. 24 lemon per 100 gramsCalorieQuantity of heat。 Citric acid lemon can promote energy metabolism, and its vitamin C content is outstanding in fruits, whitening effect is good, low heat, love to thin women can eat, but avoid fasting to eat. Others such asLitchiOrangeGrapes are rich in citric acid.


Vitiligo patients can't take acid containing citric acid is a kind of thing.


In our country, the regulations permit the use ofAcidifying agentAcetic acid, citric acid,Potassium citrateLactic acid,tartaric acidWait for 17 kinds. Citric acid is widely used as an acidifying agent. As acidifying agent and additives, the national standard is not the limited use, the food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and WHO (WHO) announced the permitted daily consumption (ADI) is not to be limited use. As a result, there is no need to worry too much about foods processed with citric acid