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V230V cast steel self operated temperature control valve, automatic temperature control valve DN502 inch steam hot water

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V230V cast steel self operated temperature control valve, temperature sensor with temperature sensor, DN502 inch steam hot water






ZZWP self heating temperature control valve YZW hot water and cold steam temperature control valve for heating and casting steel sensor


YZW self operated temperature control valve automatically adjusts the opening of the valve according to the change of the controlled medium temperature, and does not need external energy to adjust the temperature automatically. It is suitable for various heat exchange occasions such as steam, hot water, hot oil and so on. It is widely used in heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water, petrochemical, electric power, mechanical and electrical, textile, rubber, food and other industries.
Working principle
YZW self regulating valve uses the principle of liquid heating expansion and liquid non compression to realize automatic adjustment. The expansion of the liquid in the temperature sensor is uniform, and its control function is proportional adjustment. When the temperature of the controlled medium changes, the volume of the sensible liquid in the sensor increases with the expansion or contraction. When the temperature of the controlled medium is higher than the set value, the temperature liquid expands, pushes the valve core downward to close the valve, reduces the heat medium flow; when the controlled medium temperature is lower than the set value, the temperature liquid shrinks, the reset spring drives the valve core to open, and the heat medium flow is increased.
aHydraulic drive, no external power supply, safe and reliable use.
bA new type of temperature control medium is selected, which has good thermal expansion ratio and strong stability.
cThe cost is low, the work is stable, and the temperature range is wide.
eBalance valves, equal percentage/Linear flow characteristics.
fIt has compact structure, small size and simple installation,Long service life.
Three. Technical parameter list
ModelNominal diameterKV value m3/hOutline sizeSingle side connection bolt M x L * N
YZW32DN3213180350180G1 4/1〃M16×60×4M16×60×4
YZW40DN4022200550180G1 4/1〃M16×60×4M16×70×4
YZW50DN5030230560280G1 4/1〃M16×70×4M16×70×4
YZW65DN6550290620280G1 4/1〃M16×70×4M16×70×8
YZW80DN8078310650280G1 4/1〃M16×70×8M16×80×8
YZW100DN100120350690280G1 4/1〃M16×80×8M16×80×8
YZW125DN125190400730380G1 4/1〃M16×80×8M22×90×8
YZW150DN150280480780380G1 4/1〃M20×80×8M22×90×8
YZW200DN200400495830480G1 4/1〃M22×90×12M22×100×12
YZW250DN250500622880480G1 4/1〃M22×90×12M27×100×12
Applicable medium: steam, hot water, heat conducting oil
Range of adjustment: 35 ~110 C, capillary length: 3.5 M.
Material: ball mill cast iron, carbon steel nominal pressure: PN16, PN25

Note: if there are special requirements for capillary length, please notice otherwise. Never use in direct water supply system. DN15-DN25 need to order now