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TH2882A-3 pulse coil tester motor / inductance / transformer turn to turn short circuit instrument

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Performance characteristics
TH2882A-3: single phase motor / inductor,...
320 x 240 dot matrix graphics LCD display
Humanized operation interface, easy operation
Low energy test: no damage to the coil
Maximum 40MSPS waveform sampling rate
The comparison results show directly
Measuring function of voltage, time and frequency
Equipped with foot controlled test switch
USB can store 800 sets of standard waveform (optional...

300V-3000V, programmable pulse test...
Operation interface in Chinese and English
Low inductance pulse test: minimum to 10 H
Fast judgement of coil insulation performance: speed up to 5.5 times...
Four methods of waveform comparison
Programmable multiple triggering modes
Keyboard lockout and password protection

Brief explanation

Coil products (such as transformers, motors, etc.) due to winding materials, magnetic materials, skeleton, processing and other factors, the coil layer, turn to turn and pin insulation performance will be reduced. TH2882A-3 pulse coil tester is a new generation of coil products insulation performance testing instrument developed by high-speed sampling technology, which can provide test solutions for most coil products. The sampling waveform of the standard coil is stored in the instrument, and the measured waveform is compared with the standard waveform in the test. According to the set criteria (area, area difference, phase difference, corona, etc.), the coil is judged to be good or bad. The impulse coil tester needs to test its electrical performance as far as possible without damaging the measured parts. The first condition is to apply the lower energy to the measured parts in a short instant to judge the quality of the coil. When measuring the standard coil when measuring the same pulse through the discharge of the capacitor is applied to the measured coil due to stray capacitance and inductance value of Q, there will be a response to a voltage corresponding to the discharge pulse waveform attenuation, the attenuation of some characteristics of the waveform of the differences between the coils and layer detection between the short circuit and the number of laps and magnetic materials, if applying a high voltage pulse, according to the corona or interlayer discharge to judge the poor insulation.
Product model: TH2882A-3
D3. technical parameters
Measurement function
Measurement object
pulse energy
Coil inductance range
Waveform sampling
sampling rate
Resolving power
Sampling length
Input impedance
Measuring speed
Display waveform measurement
Measuring repeatability accuracy
Trigger mode
Average times
show contents
single phase coil
Less than 0.09 joules.
 ≥ 10μH
 40 MSPS, 20 MSPS, 10 MSPS, 5 MSPS, 2.5MSPS,1.25 MSPS, 625 kSPS, 312 kSPS, 156 kSPS
960 bytes
10M ohm (resistor divider)
5.5 (waveform display OFF)
3.3 (waveform display ON)
Voltage, time, frequency
Internal / manual (foot control) / external / bus
320 x 240 graphics LCD display,
240 * 200 point waveform display
Set parameters, standards and measured waveforms, measurement and comparison results
test signal
Peak pulse voltage
Accuracy of pulse voltage
Voltage control mode
300V-3000V programmable, 50V stepping
+ 5% setting value + 5V
Normal: programming setting the voltage at the end of the test line
Constant: voltage automatic control, not affected by winding impedance
Comparison method
Discriminant output
alarm volume
Area comparison, area difference comparison, corona discharge, phase difference comparison
PASS/FAIL display, alarm
Long, long, low, single, short, double short, pass
60 groups of standard waveforms can be stored in the instrument
USB disk can store 800 groups of waveforms
HANDLER, RS232C, GPIB (option), SCANNER (option)
Working temperature and humidity 0℃-40℃, ≤ 90%RH
Power requirements
 198V-242V AC, 99V-121V AC
Power waste ≤ 40VA
Volume (W x H x D) 350mm×135mm×400mm
weight About 7.5kg