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Harbin Guangyu 6-GFM-100C battery 6-GFM-100C battery UPS Guangyu shipping industry

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 381.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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----Guangyu International Group CompanyIt was founded in 1994 and listed on the main stock exchange of Hongkong stock exchange in 1999. Harbin Guangyu battery group in the domestic Limited by Share Ltd, Harbin Guangyu power Limited by Share Ltd and other 24 subsidiaries, owns 15 subsidiaries or offices in overseas (Europe, the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia, etc.). Group by the State Ministry of science and Technology identified as high-tech enterprises, the establishment of a post doctoral workstation and Research Institute Guangyu guangyu. The total sales volume of the group in 2011 was RMB 5 billion 118 million yuan, with more than 11000 employees and the total assets of RMB 6 billion 200 million yuan.

Guangyu battery application and classification:

The maintenance free and without replacement; - UPS uninterruptible power supply;
The small resistance, large current discharge performance; - Fire standby power;
We adapt to the wide temperature - safety protection alarm system;
The small self discharge; - emergency lighting system;
The service life is long; the electricity, telecommunications system;
They charged the factory, easy to use; - Electronic instrument;
The safety explosion-proof; - electric tools, electric toys;
The unique formula, good performance of deep discharge recovery; - portable electronic devices;
It is no free electrolyte, side can still use the photographic equipment;
The product through the CE, ROHS certification, all batteries - solar and wind power generation system;
In line with national standards. Patrol bicycles, red and green warning lamps, etc..

Guangyu battery characteristics:
1, long life: the cycle life of more than 3500 times, the service life of more than 9 years, the warranty period of 3 years, the average annual use cost is lower than ordinary. The average cycle life of the ordinary battery is about twice, and the highest is about 500 times. The cycle life of the battery sold by the company is more than 3500 times. The above data we have been verified in the company laboratory, the battery cycle 1700 times the capacity of only about ten percent of the initial capacity of the attenuation. The test data of Tianjin quality and Technical Supervision Center, the capacity of the 1500 cycle only attenuated the initial capacity of eight percent, rated capacity of two percent. The overall performance price is much higher than that of ordinary batteries and lithium manganate batteries.
2, good safety: with higher thermal stability, oxidation of cobalt acid lithium reduction reaction exothermic temperature is about 150 degrees, lithium manganese redox exothermic reaction temperature is about 250 degree, while the oxidation reduction reaction of lithium iron phosphate battery temperature greater than 400 degrees. So in terms of safety, batteries are essentially different, not the same as ordinary batteries. When the collision occurs, the weight, acupuncture, short circuit, high voltage charging, high temperature and other destructive situation, the battery will not dangerous or burning, get the maximum protection of user security.
3, the volume and weight and volume weight: the same capacity of batteries than ordinary batteries slightly larger, compared with ordinary ordinary lead-acid battery battery weight is about 2/3, the volume is about half of the ordinary lead-acid battery. So in ensuring that consumers use economical and safe products at the same time, the maximum consumer experience to the company's battery has the advantages of small volume, light weight and improve the performance of light.
4, power characteristics are good: in a special charger, 0.2C charging within 5-7 hours can make the battery is full, the maximum discharge current up to 4C. With special requirements, the discharge current can even reach 30C, and the charging current can be increased to 3C.
5, strong load capacity: battery discharge voltage platform is stable, load capacity is stronger than ordinary lead acid.
6, improve the battery management system of battery management system is to monitor the battery management unit as the core, through balancing module, data acquisition module, protection circuit for battery overcharge, over discharge, short circuit and temperature protection, and the battery in the battery overcharge, put the protection, storage history, diagnosis and analysis, and the battery information uploaded by CAN-BUS communication alarm.