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Tungsten alloy saw blade grinding wheel grinding oblique PDX75*8*10*5 single bevel diamond grinding wheel

discount 70% in 2018-09-25 to 2018-09-27
price: USD$ 68.25
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Application of diamond grinding wheel:

The resin bond diamond flat wheel is mainly used for hard alloy tools, tungsten steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, glass, stone, ceramics, magnetic materials, such as plane mold grinding, cylindrical grinding, can also be used as cutting and grinding and form grinding because of the characteristics of diamond abrasive with (high hardness, high compressive strength, wear resistance good), is an ideal tool for diamond wheel grinding hard brittle materials and hard alloy in grinding process, not only high efficiency, high precision, and good surface roughness, abrasive consumption, long service life, but also can improve working conditions. It is widely used in ordinary abrasive machining to low iron content of metal and nonmetal hard and brittle materials, such as hard alloy, high alumina ceramics, optical glass, agate stone, stone and other semiconductor materials.Grinding and polishing processes for grinding of cemented carbide produced by cylindrical grinding


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About logistics
About logistics
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+8 yuan, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang is 12 yuan +8 yuan, Gansu, Hainan is 15 yuan +12 yuan, Qinghai is 15 yuan +15 yuan, Ningxia, West
Tibet, Xinjiang is 20 yuan +20 yuan (above the freight price is medium, Shen Tong, national freight price). Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should choose SF Express
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Flow is not where you can choose the goods surface, the heavier weight of the distance of time far enough you can also use the surface.