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Aluminum curtain wall customized metal mesh stretch aluminum ceiling material fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer aluminum exterior wall

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Company brand:Gardner GDEONCL

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Address: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Panyu District Road 2, Shilou townWelcome to visit __

Guangdong golden building materials technology Co., Ltd was founded in20century80It is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou.13Ten thousand square meters. Gdeoncl Gardner is a production, sales design sales of building materials enterprises, the main products are: aluminum, aluminum Fangtong grille, Lv Tianhua, aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall, plastic processing, hollow plate, aluminum punching pattern art etc.. With first-class equipment, excellent quality and high quality service, gdeoncl Gardner consumers are highly praised and popular, best-selling products at home and abroad.


    'gdeonclIs the Guangzhou aluminum brand, the pursuit of new unique style and outstanding quality, and throughISO9001International quality system certification. current"GardnerThe main products are square smallpox, strip type smallpox, grille smallpox, hanging piece, square pass, round tube, curtain wall, alien smallpox and so on. In the fierce market environment,Active and enterprising, used to meet the market challenges, constantly innovation, and improve the quality of the products of the colleagues in the product modeling. Color and other aspects of the old, improve. Adopt advanced architectural decoration art concept, advocate modern life, create a perfect art space for you and society.


Two. The history of the enterprise


      Guangdong golden building materials decoration material Co., Ltd. was founded in science and technology20century80At the end of the year, no matter from the experience of production technology and cost control, we all strive for excellence and the concept of production service.

       1996Since the year, China has won the association of architectural decoration and Guangzhou architectural decoration association in successive yearsenterpriseTitle, and won the ninth and tenth sinochemical ExpoproductAward.

       2011Year, enterInternational boutique direct selling center"SupplyThe system, and throughISO9001.2000International quality system certification, the company's series of products have been identified by the state asGreen building materials

       2003In, the Guangdong Institute of industry and commerce administration, Guangdong industry and Commerce pressGood faith service and law keeping operationEnterprises.


      The company's classic engineering examples are thousands of buildings all over the country. Such as: the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, the national satellite monitoring center, Shanghai the Bund Guan tunnel, Guangdong people's government, Xiamen and Dalian International Airport, Wuhan International Exhibition Center and other landmark projects.


 The aluminum single board curtain wall is light weight, high strength, waterproof, antifouling, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, good processing performance, low maintenance cost and long service life. The aluminum veneer can be machined into arc and irregular shape, the surface can be sprayed into many colors, and various beautiful patterns are formed on the wall, and it can be combined with the glass curtain wall to form different appearance forms, so that the buildings are more noble and elegant.

       Fluorocarbon aluminum sheet is made from high quality aluminum alloy materials of world famous large enterprises.,Spray the surface of the United States againPPGOr AkesuPVDFThe fluorocarbon paint is refined. Fluorocarbon aluminum sheet is mainly composed of panels, strengthening the bones and bones, hanging ears and so on.


In the conventional thickness:2.0mm 2.5mm、 3.0mm
- Color: all colors
- Application: single aluminum plate is suitable for all kinds of building walls, facades, lobby decorated columns, elevated corridor, pedestrian bridge, elevator edge, balcony packaging, advertising signs, decoration and indoor obforms suspended ceiling etc.

 - imitation wood veneer aluminum

Imitation wood veneer aluminum wood processing effect is very realistic in product surface grain after transfer, and after treatment, the surface of the product has excellent light fastness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
Imitation wood veneer aluminum compared with wood plate, with acid and alkali, fire resistance, light weight, deformation, durability and other characteristics. The advanced technology, excellent quality and excellent product performance make the product popular in the market, especially in the modern decoration market which pays attention to environment protection and energy saving. It has been a popular trend.

 Double - plate
The hyperbolic aluminum plate has unique shape, complex technology and exquisite requirements for production equipment. Our company has introduced professional production equipment, including molding, rolling, skin stretch bending and other production processes. According to customer requirements, we have developed detailed plans to customize any size hyperboloid. The spherical surface creates a unique and beautiful three-dimensional modeling. This series of products is mainly used for building high-rise buildings such as building lobby, waiting area, vehicle building, important public facilities, stadiums and railway stations, etc.


Aluminum sheetCharacteristics
1Light weight, good steel and high strength3.0mmWeight per square back weight of thick aluminum plate8kgTensile strength100-280n/mm2
2Good weatherability and corrosion resistance. Usekynar-500hylur500BasepvdfFluorocarbon paint25There is no color in the year.
  3Aluminum sheetThe craft is good. With the first finishing process, the aluminum plate can be machined into a variety of complex geometric shapes, such as plane, arc and spherical surface.

         4The coating is uniform and the color is varied. The advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum plate attach evenly and uniformly, and the color is varied, and the choice of space is big.
  5It is not easily tarnished and easy to clean and maintain. The non stickiness of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult to attach the surface to the contaminants, and it is better to be clean.
  6The installation and construction are convenient and quick. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory. The construction site does not need to be cut, and it can be fixed on the skeleton.
  7It can be used again, and it is favorable for environmental protection. Aluminium plateDifferent from glass, stone, ceramic, aluminum plastic board and other decorative materials

Surface treatment of aluminum single board curtain wall
The surface of the aluminum sheet curtain wall is usually treated by chromizing and other pretreatment, and then the fluorocarbon spray is used. Polyvinylidene fluoroethylene resin (KANAR500) for fluorocarbon paint and varnish. It is generally divided into two, three or four. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability. It can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants. It has excellent cold and heat resistance. It can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, and it can keep color free, non powdery and long service life in a long time. Our factory selects the world famous fluorocarbon coatings and coatings manufacturers PPG, DNT, AKZO, NIPPON and other companies high-quality fluorocarbon coatings, the color is widely selected, customers can directly choose the color boards from manufacturers or provide color plates.



Aluminum sheet has1.2mm1.5mm2.0mm2.5mm3.0mm4.0mmFor all kinds of specifications, the forming aluminum sheet can reach large size.1500x4000mm. The shape of the surface can be made according to the requirements of the customer.

Thickness of aluminum sheet and curtain wall panel:Yes1.2mm1.5mm2.0mm2.5mm3.0mm4.0mmFor all kinds of specifications, the model is2003.3003,StateH24. Gardner aluminum single aluminum plate manufacturers, according to the board size and the installation height, the1.5mm~4.0mmThe thick aluminum plate is used as the base material.

Aluminum sheet specifications:

The size of the conventional material is1220mm×2400and1300mm×


notes:Special size need to die or hand bending,It can be customized according to the requirements of the drawings.

  The aluminum sheet curtain wall is applicable to all kinds of interior and exterior walls, facades, columns, viaducts and people's linesThe decoration of the bridge, the edge of the elevator, the balcony packing, the advertisement indicator, the indoor special hanging ceiling and so on.



Guangdong golden building materials science and technology limited company pays special attention to the packaging of the products,From the product down to the line

The packaging is handled, and the packaging is selected to the manufacturer's brand glue film, bubble gum, sponge paper, carton, wooden case, etc., and let the product be not damaged.Because our enterprise knows clearly, the packing link does not do well, not only brings the loss to our enterprise, but also brings the loss to the customer. Our employees are

Take a serious and responsible attitude to pack every corner of the product. 

We will choose in the delivery of professional materials aluminum ceiling logistics company, ensure product delivery in good condition. After the loading of the product, the product will be insured by the insurance company immediately. During the whole course of delivery, the risk is borne by the logistics company and the insurance company. Never allow customers to undertake logistics risks.

We will choose the fast and safe logistics company to ensure that the product is safe, fast and undamaged to your destination! If we meet the problem of the quality of the product or the serious damage to the product during the transportation, please call our Chen Jing.

Telephone - 18688272772, we will work with you with a sincere, enthusiastic, responsible service attitude.

Question! Gardner building materials science and technology limited company always execute "customer first" principle of service!