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National standard chemical anchor bolt / chemical bolt / screw M8/M10/M12/M14/M16/M18/M20/M24/M30

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Purchase baby explanationColor classification refers to M10*130 (thread diameter M10 screw length 130mm)

High strength chemical anchor bolt is a high strength anchor bolt made of vinyl resin as main material,

Products are widely used in curtain wall structure, installation of machines, steel structures, windows and other fixed.
Product features
1. chemical composition: a vinyl resin, quartz particles,.
2. glass tube closed package is easy to view the quality of tube agent, and glass is used as fine aggregate after grinding.
3. resistance to acid and alkali, heat resistance, fire resistance, low temperature sensitivity.
4. of the substrate without expansion extrusion stress, suitable for heavy load and vibration load.
5. installation spacing and margin requirements are small.
6. quick installation, fast curing, does not affect the construction schedule.
7. construction temperature range is wide.

technical parameter



Design load and failure load of single anchor under large spacing and large margin (KN)



Packaging specification

Carton packaging
brief introduction
Chemical anchor is a new kind of fastening material, which is composed of chemical agent and metal rod. Can be used in all kinds of curtain wall dry hanging marble in the construction and installation of embedded parts, can also be used for equipment installation, roads and bridges; buildings reinforcement etc.. Because of the glass tube filled with chemical reagents are flammable and explosive, so the manufacturer must go through the approval of relevant state departments to production, the whole production process requires strict security measures, and the use of staff and complete isolation of the production line. If you do manual work, not only violates the relevant provisions of the state, but also very dangerous.
Chemical anchor is a new anchor after an expansion bolt, through special chemical adhesive, the screw is fixed in the concrete substrate cemented borehole, in order to achieve the fixed anchor composite parts.


Acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance
It has good heat resistance and no creep at normal temperature
Water resistance, long term load stability in humid environment
Good weldability and flame retardance
Good seismic performance

2Application advantages

The anchoring force is strong, and it is similar to embedment
No expansion stress, small margin distance
Quick installation, quick solidification, saving construction time
Glass tube packaging is conducive to visual inspection of tube quality
The glass tube acts as fine aggregate after being crushed and the adhesive is sufficient

3application area

It is suitable for fixing heavy load on near margin and narrow component (column, balcony, etc.)
It can be used in concrete (=>C25 concrete)
It can be anchored in pressure resistant natural stone (without inspection)
Applicable to the following: anchor reinforced solid, metal parts, trailers, machine base, road fence, wall insulation wall template fixed, fixed, fixed, fixed signs, floor edge sleepers, heavy support beam, roof windows, decorative elements, protective net, heavy lift, floor support, construction support fixed, in transmission system, sleeper fixing, bracket and shelving system, fixed vehicle anti-collision facilities, trailers, pillar, chimney, heavy billboards, heavy soundproof walls, heavy doors, fixed equipment, fixed tower crane, fixed pipe fixed installation, heavy trailers, rail, nail fixed in the connection, heavy space division device, and the awning is fixed
Stainless steel A4 anchor can be used outdoors, humid space, industrial pollution areas, offshore areas
Galvanized steel and stainless steel A4 are not suitable for humid spaces with chlorine (e.g. indoor swimming pools)
Fixing of substrate suitable for small wheelbase and multiple anchorage points

4Usage method

1. according to the requirements of the engineering design, drilling in the corresponding position of the base material (such as), the aperture, Kong Shen and bolt diameter should be determined by professional technicians or field tests.
2. drilling with impact drill or diamond.
3. with a special pump, dust brush or compressed air cleaning machine in a borehole, suggested that repeated at least 3 times, the hole should not have dust and water.
4. ensure the bolt surface clean, dry and free of oil and dirt.
5. make sure that the glass tube anchor bag has no abnormal appearance such as appearance damage, chemical solidification, etc., and put the round head outwards into the anchoring hole and push it to the bottom of the hole.
6. use electric drill and special installation fixture, screw screw inserted into the bottom of the hole, should not use the impact method.
7. when rotating to the bottom of the hole or the position of the bolt, stop rotating immediately, remove the installation fixture, and then avoid the disturbance before the gel is completely solidified. Timeout rotation causes the glue liquid loss, influence of anchoring force. (rotating time should not exceed 30 seconds, the speed should not be less than 300 rpm is not greater than 750 rpm, the bolt speed is about 2cm/ seconds, the impact is not allowed.)


Chemical anchor bolt specifications bore diameter (mm), drilling depth (mm), anchorage length (mm), destructive force (KN)
M8 ×110mm Ф10 80 75 ≥20.5
M10 ×130mm Ф12 95 90 ≥30
M12 ×145mm Ф14 115 110 ≥43
M12 ×160mm Ф14 115 110 ≥41.8
M16 ×190mm Ф18 135 130 ≥69.8
M20 ×260mm Ф24 165 160 ≥110.5
M24 ×300mm Ф28 225 220 ≥14


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