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Multi function and automatic commercial electric large noodle machine for noodle machine to suppress the dumpling skin machine of fresh noodle machine

The brand new upgrade saves time and saves energy. The commercial noodle machine with shift position is a lot of Bao Ma micro business fruit and vegetable noodle business cooperation factory, Chongqing Facebook chain and thousands of enterprise partners, the product has seventeen years of history, the performance is stable, the quality is reliable. sales for 5 years, word of mouth, the store is also continuing to provide after-sales service for the user warranty, provide spare parts to escort. The principle of repeated pressure roll skinned, delicious chewy noodles. National patent certification, buy back no worry. Purchase the technology formula!

discount 70% in 2018-11-12 to 2018-11-14
price: USD$ 3500.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The working principle of noodle machine is to squeeze flour into the face piece through the relative roll of the flour roller, and then cut it through the front nose section cutter to form the noodles. The shape of noodles depends on the specifications of the cutting tools. All models can be equipped with different specifications of the section cutter. Therefore, a machine can be made of various specifications of noodle after changing different specifications of face knives.(automatic vermicelli) is a new noodle production line equipment. The machine has many advantages such as high production, time saving, simple operation and so on. It has good toughness and good taste. The characteristics of medium-sized noodle machine for the roller surface after grinding and fine grinding, smooth and beautiful, rolling out a smooth uniform, to ensure the good quality of the design Hanging noodles machine is reasonable, the arrangement type, speed reducer and sprocket drive, low noise, compact structure, humanized design, work and labor.The main parts of the 45# forged steel roller gear, using 45# seamless steel tube, after heat treatment, increase the hardness of the roller, the pressure out of the noodles more light, more powerful.

Two, performance characteristics
1. use gear transmission, smooth operation, safe and reliable.
2. the automatic strip picking system has high efficiency and good quality.
3. automatic transmission, automatic section, automatic rod, once molding, save labor.
More than 4. groups of rolling solid, roll drawing, uniform feeding, neat panel.
5. reducer, chain wheel chain drive, low noise, long service life.
6. safe and clean.
Operating characteristics
1. machines should be installed on a dry and ventilated horizontal ground to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably.
2. before use should check whether the power supply voltage and the machine matched; grounding wire core symbols are reliable grounding; to compliance with the requirements; according to the installation position along the junction surface dustpan and dustpan. (for ease of transport packaging, bedding plane dustpan not installed in the machine).
3.: with noodles powder mix of the product, the reversing switch is in the "Dao", mix inside the bucket stirrer started to mix evenly after open feeder switch can automatically remove the flour. (that will remove the knife noodles noodles, noodles in order to prolong the service life of the sword).
4.: the mechanic of patch patch during the switch is in the "CIS" position, mix the flour dough by roll kneading by thick to thin roll gap adjustment, 2~3 times into the surface thickness to thickness. After a number of kneading and pressing, the face can be improved and the user can make full use of the kneading and pressing function of the machine. The face before cutting should be 3~5mm thick and spare with a roll.



Hebei nine Jun Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. It is located in Xingwan Industrial Park, Renxian County, Xingtai, Hebei, China. Its location is superior and has the reputation of "mechanical city". It is a rich experience in R & D and manufacturing in the field of food and architecture. It is a production, sales and design manufacturer.

Food machinery mainly classified as: "noodle machine, steamed dumpling machine, machine, machine, Hand-Pulled Noodle hele, Sliced noodles machine, gas boiler, dephosphorization machine, machine products such as" kill fish.

Construction machinery is mainly classified as "steel bar hoop machine, steel pipe straightening machine, conveying pump, two construction pumps, structural loaders, small loaders, engineering tricycles, environmental protection fog gun machine" and other products.

The plant covers an area of 3600 square meters. The company is currently in service of 48 people. The main production machines are as many as 20 units, and the monthly output is 600. The company also supports processing, customization, OEM, labeling, and so on. The spot products are shipped on the same day, and the customized products are shipped in 3 days. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and has passed the TCO quality certification management.
The company has always adhere to the "quality-oriented, customer first, quality service, abide by the contract," the purpose, with a high-quality products, good reputation, high quality service, product sales in nearly more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa area. We will cooperate with both domestic and foreign businessmen to achieve win-win cooperation and develop together to create a brilliant future.
Product after sale: provide 15 days without reason to return goods and free sample service.
Enterprise concept: enterprise spirit: eternal quality, thinking innovation.

Enterprise style: keep step with, resolutely.

Enterprise goal: the leader of the same industry.

Location: innovative leadership, domestic enterprises more comprehensive card, paper, electronic products supplier.

Development strategy: the high-tech industry, the market development, the formation of the sales group, a well-known brand.

Talent idea: intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, quality is more important than quality.

Management purpose: honest and trustworthy, quality - based, thinking of frontier technology, creating industry service.

Management policy: enterprise group, product brand, management science, technology modernization, profession specialization, operation internationalization.

Business philosophy: customer first, integrity-based, perfect, Our wills unite like a fortress. Management concept: system norms, a regiment of gas, reasonable dedication.

Marketing concept: the market is changing, adapting to the market, following the market, and opening up the market.

R & D idea: do better if you do it.

Quality concept: product zero defect.

Service concept: the customer is first, attentively service; provide the satisfactory product, let the user have no trouble.

The core value of the enterprise: human capital, scientific and technological capital.

The core competitiveness of the enterprise: the core technology with independent intellectual property rights.
Enterprise aim: speed is first, lead the market "pursue quality, create quality, serve the society".

Enterprise purpose: integrity management, Haina hundred Sichuan, people-oriented, the pursuit of quality, this is the company's long-term management concept.

To treat customers, we always adhere to the "good, fast, win-win" purpose.

Treat the company, we always believe that ", a hundred flowers contend in beauty and development in the contention of a hundred schools of thought," the truth in the competition.