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Water pump water / pressure automatic controller electronic home booster pump switch belt water shortage protection

As soon as the faucet opens, the water will come. The switch is designed to automatically perform water / pressure control and protection for the pump. A variety of start-up pressure can be selected to meet the environment of different water pumps and different water levels. The water shortage protection function effectively ensures the damage caused by the empty pump. Simple and light, convenient installation, stable performance, less maintenance, pressure automatic water supply environment necessary products

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technical parameter

Input voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Current: 10A

IP level: IP65

Maximum pressure: 10bar

Temperature: 60 degrees centigrade

Import and export: 1 "(DN25) 32mm external teeth

Startup pressure: 0.8bar, 1.5bar, 2.2bar optional

0.8bar: suitable for 200-1100W, the maximum lift 20-50 meters of water pump, water height of 1-8 meters high.

1.5bar: suitable for 300-1100W, the maximum lift 25-50 meters of water pump, water height of 1-15 meters high.

2.2bar: suitable for 300-1100W, the maximum lift 32-50 meters of water pump, water height of 1-22 meters high.

(Note: beyond the switch's water supply, there will be a condition that can not start normally.)

Turn on: open the tap, the pressure of the pipe is less than the starting pressure, and the switch is switched on.

Stop: the faucet is closed, the water pipe is full of water, and the copper float induction point at the outlet of the switch is returned to the stop point to stop the machine. It is not applicable to the water tank with floating ball valves to be used for water level control.

The switch does not have a fixed stop pressure point, and the pressure of the shutdown is determined by the maximum lift + inlet pressure of the pump. [such as the maximum lift of 36 meters of water pump, water pressure to stop pressure 0 when the 3.6bar (approximate number); the maximum lift of 43 meters of water pump, water pressure to stop pressure 0 when the 4.3bar (Chinese). In practice, the negative pressure of suction pipe (such as well suction water) will be smaller when it stops, and when the suction pipe is positive pressure (such as water pressurization), the pressure will be too large when it stops.


Product function

This product is designed for the automatic water / pressure control and protection of the pump. If there is a special fault, such as water shortage, water shortage, water pipe blocked, the product "Failure" fault lamp will light up at the same time, the stop signal switch function, automatically cut off the power supply, to avoid damage to the pump water idling operation. When the switch is short of water protection, press "Restart reboot" key again, and the switch is the water supply pump again.

Work case1 ↓

Connection method:

Product installation test

When this product is first connected to the power supply, the power indicator light "Poweron" is lit. The water pump power indicator light "Pumpon" is lit to indicate that the pump has been started. At the same time, open at least one faucet (valve) to emptying the outlet pipe. Water pump continuous operation for several seconds or even minutes (depending on the size of the pipeline volume), pump start pumping filling pipeline, to tap water, turn off the tap, until the switch outlet copper (copper float float with power reset sensor) is automatically powered off, the water pump stops working.

If this period of time inflow, the "Failure" red trouble lights up. At this time, turn on the faucet and press the "Restart" (restart) button with your fingers until the fault lamp "Failure" extinguishes. Then the button is released and the tap is closed. The product is automatically cut off by pumping water with the pump until the pipe is filled with water.

Reminder: the switch has water protection function, the pump rotation about 10 seconds after the flow switch can automatically cut off, so the suction well must install the valve, to keep the suction pipe full of water.