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Crochet kit metal carbide bamboo tongue tongue Crochet knitted sweater stainless steel tool

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If you need a knitting video tutorial (electronic version), please pick up the download from the customer service after confirmation of the receipt

This link is a collection of various Crochet combination package, the specific size specifications are as follows:

The size of the crochet hook is as followsThe amount of tongue is the state of the tongue when the tongue is closed, and the tongue does not mean the tongue is put down,The amount is

Outside diameter of needle. Manual measurement of a little error is a normal phenomenon, please do not accept the attention

No. 16: without tongue, 1.27MM with tongue, 1.32MM thick, 0.55MM long 7.8CM

No. 13: 1.7MM without tongue, 7.8CM with tongue, 1.84MM thick, 0.7MM long

No. 9: 2.2MM without tongue, 7.9CM with tongue, 2.45MM thick, 0.87MM long

No. 7: 2.5MM without tongue, 7.9CM with tongue, 2.77MM thick, 1.05MM long

No. 5: without tongue, the amount of tongue is 4.1MM thick, 1.24MM long 8.1CM

No. 3: 5.3MM without tongue, 9.5CM with tongue, 5.58MM thick, 1.53MM long

860# long crochet hook: the length of 13.5 cm, of which the upper half of 8 centimeters, the lower half of 5.3 centimeters, hook head gap 1mm, there are about two specifications 2mm, hook peripheral 3.6mm.

Extra long tongue Crochet hook:26 cm in length, in front of the wire part of the length of 24 centimeters, the bottom circle diameter of 2 centimeters. The main diameter of crochet hook is 1.6mm,Hook outer diameter 3.8mm, hook clearance 1.4mm.

Color aluminum alloy single crochet hook:The length of a single root is about 14.7 centimeters.
1 sets, a total of 12 models,2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0/8.0

Three Yan single headed crochet hook: a full set of 5 models 2.0MM2.5MM3.0MM3.5MM4.0MM, measured size: 2.0MM steel needle diameter 2.1mm, 2.5MM steel needle diameter 2.5mmThe diameter of 3.0MM steel needle is 3.05mm,3.5MM steel needle diameter 3.5mm,4.0MM steel needle diameter 4.1mm.

Color transparent crystal crochet hook: 1 sets of 9 branches,Needle number: 3.0MM/4MM/5MM/6MM/7MM/8MM/9MM/10MM/12MM.

Color plastic handle aluminum alloy crochet hook: 1 sets of 6 branches,Needle number: 2.0MM/3.0MM/3.5MM/4.0MM/4.5MM/5.0MM.


Carbonized bamboo crochet hook: 1 sets of 12 branches,The models are: 3.0MM, 3.5MM, 4.0MM, 4.5MM, 5.0MM, 5.5MM, 6.0MM, 6.5MM, 7.0MM, 8.0MM, 9.0MM, 10.0MM. (note):

Some batches of models may be slightly different, the specific model should be in kind


Carbonized bamboo handle + metal crochet hook: 1 sets of 10 branches,The needle numbers are respectively:

0.75mm/1.0mm/1.25mm/1.5mm/1.75mm/2.0mm/2.25mm/2.5mm/2.75mm/3.0mm 。


Leather suit stainless steel + color aluminum alloy crochet hook: 1 sets of 22 branches,A silver stainless steel 12, 10 aluminum color crocheted.Silver stainless steel Crochet models: 0.6MM, 0.75MM, 0.85MM, 0.9MM, 1.0MM, 1.1MM, 1.25MM, 1.3MM, 1.5MM, 1.6MM, 1.75MM, 1.9MM, a total of 12 root needle length 12CM. (note. The models of some batches may be slightly different, and the specific models should be in kind.),Color aluminum Crochet models: 2.0MM, 2.5MM, 3.0MM, 3.5MM, 4.0MM, 4.5MM, 5.0MM, 5.5MM, 6.0MM, 6.5MM, a total of 10 root needle length 15CM.


Skin set carbonized crochet hook: a full set of 20 branches,Among them, full carbonized bamboo Crochet 12, bamboo handle stainless steel Crochet 8.The types of full carbonized bamboo crochet needle are: 3.0MM, 3.5MM, 4.0MM, 4.5MM, 5.0MM, 5.5MM, 6.0MM, 6.5MM, 7.0MM, 8.0MM, 9.0MM, 10.0MM, a total of 12 roots, needle length 15CM. The types of bamboo handle stainless steel crochet hook are: 1.0MM, 1.25MM, 1.5MM, 1.75MM, 2.0MM, 2.25MM, 2.5MM, 2.75MM, a total of 8 roots, needle length 13.5CM.(note. The models of some batches may be slightly different, and the specific models should be in kind.)

Note: the packaging is plastic leather case, because the factory set in a plastic bag outside the leather package, so the receipt of goods just open the plastic bags, there may be a plastic smell. When the plastic bag is removed, the odor disappears within a few days of exposure to the air.

Color soft handle Crochet: 1 sets of 9, needle size 2.0MM/2.5mm/3.0MM/3.5MM/4.0MM/4.5MM/5.0MM/5.5mm/6.0mm