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Imported semi precious stones, red, yellow, blue agate, light stone, peacock eye wood fossils decorative background resin board

Standard plate: 2440*1220*10 mm thick, wooden packaging costs 150-300 yuan. Now widely used in hotels, KTV, hotels, villas, entertainment, furniture manufacturing, indoor and outdoor walls (columns, home television background walls and other decorative works). Pure natural stones are favored by designers.

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 2450.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Agate stone meaning:
Agate: colorful and beautiful, it is one of the seven treasures of buddhism. Since ancient times has been when the amulets, charms, symbol of friendly and loving the longevity of the stone, with the promotion of happiness and wealth effect. Good luck comes. Helps relieve stress. Strengthen bravery and courage. To reduce the hostility, jealousy and frustration. Black Agate can eliminate fear, make people feel safe. Heart and hope, help to eliminate stress, fatigue, decoration and other negative energy. Flexible, all things to all men, help business growth, strong financial resources.
1. agate is one of Buddhist Shippo, since ancient times has been when the amulets, charms, symbol of friendly love [3]
South red agate carving
South red agate carving
And hope.
2. in the West in the magic, you will wish to write on a piece of paper, folding well, after meditation, and then into the agate cornucopia, at least a day night, let the energy machine reinforcement, in which after the removal will be cremated burned, with the help of fire power, will you wishes can come from nature.
3. wearing agate in summer is not only fashionable, beautiful, but also can cool down, prevent heat stroke, etc..
4. agate with its rich colors, beautiful and as gems or craft products, also can be used for the production of precision instruments and bearing of body, agate agate mortar and other industrial supplies.
In ancient times, red agate was called "red jade". Red is the symbol of dignity and identity. Jade is a valuable gem in ancient times. It is called "jade", which is enough to explain its position in ancient gems. At the same time, agate and pearl are often regarded as jewelry, often called "Pearl agate", symbolizing the rich and expensive. Secondly, in the noble tombs, we found the funerary also has red agate figure, it is not only a symbol of the identity of the owner, but also prove their dignity.
In Buddhism, agate is one of the seven treasures. The word comes from the earliest agate Sutra, Sanskrit titled "ASMA singapore". Since, agate is regarded as talismans and amulets. Red agate symbolizes love and hope, which can help people relieve stress and relieve fatigue. Absorb negative energy and so on. Agate is also called longevity stone, which implies the belief that Buddhism and Buddhism have no longevity. Wearing agate beads can remind you to read and increase the immeasurable virtues.
Onyx is the "third eye" of gems". Its physiological effect is very strong, a variety of different red agate has different physiological functions. Red agate can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, so that people have a good complexion. Partial orange red agate is effective for human rectum, gastrointestinal, can activate the internal organs, prevent constipation, help to discharge toxins, liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose veins and so on have a soothing effect