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42 inch LCD TV, Konka LC42MS96PD power motherboard, high voltage backlight, constant flow board RY3548

LCD accessories purchase procedures: 1, check the problem, determine the already bad need to buy their own replacement parts; 2, built-in accessories need to shell apart, a full take over, then according to parts of the picture over, check directly take the purchase; 3, take the baby, submit orders and payment is successful and we arrange the shipment; more problems, contact customer service online!

discount 70% in 2018-08-17 to 2018-08-19
price: USD$ 182.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Purchase steps of LCD accessories:

1, check the problem, make sure it is broken, you need to buy accessories replacement;

2, the built-in accessories need to open the rear shell, first take a picture to come over, and then according to the parts of the picture come over, check the same as the direct capture of the purchase;

3, photographed baby, submit orders and then pay successfully, we arrange delivery; more problems, online contact customer service!



About delivery:

Take the baby 16:00 before delivery, the evening service entry courier, please 22:00 or the next query track record;

Delivery time: photographed baby within 1-3 days of delivery; after delivery, you can query tracking records;

About out of stock baby, customer service second days message buyers want, customer service and you communicate delivery time; extend 1-2 days of delivery.

About message and communication, generally want to contact. Less telephone calls only standby: 13662383656 buckle standby: 133-760-120

About babyBrand newIt is convenient for buyers to search!

The spot is to disassemble parts, new accessories, post production direct installation, convenient maintenance, easy to make money;

Users say, "as long as you can use, easy to use, can be repaired on the line" to buy a yo.

More than 1 years of accessories, the warranty period, the manufacturers do not repair, need to ask for accessories;


High return rate of electronic accessories. Need to check more early, more consultation; determine the good buy a piece of yo!

1, on the appliance master try to judge the fault, borrow the purchase way is intentional, assume 70% refund;

2, after buying, the customer refused to repair, do not want to repair, is man-made; bear 70% refund;

3, after buying, there is no reason to return, is artificial cheating labor costs; bear a 70% refund;

Our electronic products; replacement is no charge; refund and refund of a small part of the population, the cost of labor costs 30%.

This shop7Weather testing machinePaid returnService!Exchange goodsUndertake delivery, return postage. AA you send your pay, we send our pay;

Return goods exchange[baby + courier fee] - [courier fee] = baby] payment.Replacement of other baby loan calculation method

Return refundBaby door feeCost= refund of 70%- packaging material costs 5 yuan - delivery, receiving and acceptance of labor costs 5 yuan sinceSleep bear.

Cases:Baby 100 yuan, postage 10 yuan, total payment: 110 yuan
Refund 70%= baby 100 yuan *70%=70 yuan - reduce packaging material cost 5 yuan - reduce delivery acceptance acceptance labor costs 5 yuan, the seller can apply for refund amount: 60 yuan

Cases:Baby 300 yuan, postage 10 yuan, total payment: 310 yuan

Refund 70%= baby 100 yuan *70%=210 yuan - reduce packaging material cost 5 yuan - reduce delivery acceptance acceptance labor costs 5 yuan, the seller can apply for refund amount: 200 yuan,


Purchase notes:

First, I have a certain practical ability, encounter problems, convenient exchanges;

Two, their shopping knowledge, payment = baby + courier fee, refund money = baby, cost *70%;

Three, receiving knowledge, intact acceptance before signing, delivery receipt;

Four, their use of baby common sense, corresponding to the use of the installation instructions, not allowed to disassemble welding baby;

Five, the user in the afternoon before 16 payment, the day can be shippedTact and tactexpressIf you can't reach the place, please pay attention to the housework


I wish you buy a good mood to buy, shopping happy!!