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Straight row ventilation perforated aluminum single aluminum plate curtain wall aluminum veneer ceiling aluminum veneer manufacturers low prices

[]: manufacturers selling all kinds of colors, wood, aluminum square specifications, aluminum plate, aluminum plate, curtain wall, grille, hanging, ceiling combination, aluminum crafts. Custom hotline: 18688444975

discount 70% in 2018-08-19 to 2018-08-21
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Futeng Su - manager:18688444975


Today we went into the company, you explain Futeng aluminum veneer production process.

The first step: material, molding.

Futeng aluminum veneer material:The company is well-known domestic brand three inch aluminum as raw material suppliers

Characteristic:The surface smoothness, good toughness, size can reach the national standards.

Futeng single aluminum plate processing:

The 1 is expected to open:Germany imported laser cutting machine and automatic turret punch board cutting machine cutting.Characteristic:The size is accurate for later installation effect good foundation. 

2:There are 50 master board has the same industry 6-8 years of industry experience engaged in deep processing of personnel.Characteristic:Strange, difficult to treat, such as modeling of single aluminum plate when those drawings can be processed, so the processing effect has made the experience of Dengfeng installation will cause.

 No.TwoStep:The single aluminum plate is sprayed, raw material during the process of color

Futeng spray aluminum panel:Using Japanese imported automatic paint spraying line.

Characteristic:1、The process is two with three baked, Futeng automatic spraying equipment isThe only one in Guangzhou, the line length of 400 meters, Nissan 5000-7000 square. Spraying process: hanging plate - water - chromium - drying - primer spray drying - two - spray your specified color again - drying - plate - packaging.

2、This spray aluminum single plateThe surface color and strong adhesion, uniform color, no color, long service life, the quality of up to 10 years.

The third step: aluminum single plate packaging.

The packaging process Futeng aluminum single plateFirst, the film shrinkage of single aluminum plate surface, and then the cardboard and tape every single aluminum plate angle wrapped tightly, then wrapped in a layer of bubble film, finally called a wooden box, made four layer protection, only for the product safety, ease to your hands. (some small factories do not pay attention to these details, when the site will be sent to the board of squandering, wear phenomenon, finally even to you again replenishment, you will affect the duration of this problem, I believe that many customers are a headache for us all custom tooling products made by the customer pain point answer, want to learn more,Can call: 18688444975 (Futeng - Sugong) aluminum veneer industry leader.


Loading and transportation process Futeng aluminum single plate:We have professional logistics transportation aluminum ceiling from the founding of our factory, they will cooperate with us, know all kinds of problems for each product of our company in transit (such as loading time, the product can be overlapped loading, those can not be, can be overlapped and should put in those products here, those who need to put the above problems)

Loading and transportation process of small factory aluminum single plate:Because they just set up soon, whether it is loading or transportation are missing this experience (prone to scratching crush in transit) 

The single aluminum plate material: Aluminum Alloy.

aluminumSingle boardColor: can be customized.

aluminumSingle boardThickness: 1.2, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5.0mmEtc..

Note: special specifications can be customized thickness, can also inquire: 18688444975(Futeng Sugong)





FluorocarbonSingle aluminum plateSet cover advantages of plane glass, aluminum plate, composite board in one, is more luxurious and elegant, fireproof and waterproof, easy assembly and disassembly, good self-cleaning, high conductivity, high strength, long life, Recyclable, is a symbol of the trend of modern decoration of high-grade green decorative material.


1000 - 副本 - 副本
Note: other colors can be color according to the customer's sample or in kind.


Guangzhou Futeng Building Materials Technology Co. Ltd.Is setDesign, production, sales, installation, customer serviceAs one of the enterprises, we have developed products of high technical engineering staff, excellent designers provide high-quality technology, experienced technical personnel, young and enthusiastic sales team, responsible for workshop production personnel who master professional packaging, diligent, responsible for the logistics service personnel. The perfect team to provide you with - Design - from R & D and production - Sales - production follow up production of packaging logistics service, installation and technical guidance, one-stop service.

The company currently has 16 thousand and 500 square single aluminum plate curtain wall production workshop, with 5 units equipped with full electric servo CNC turret punch press, 5 sets of automatic electric hydraulic CNC bending machine. The automation equipment, more than 15 million worth of 26 sets of various types of bending machine, high precision of the 8 party through a universal machine, full automatic molding aluminum buckle CNC hydraulic machine; at the same time with the imported from Germany SCHUTZE modern automatic spraying production line, all-weather spraying fluorocarbon paint, paint, powder, porcelain, wood and other heat transfer surface treatment. Using high quality Aluminum Alloy panel as substrate, 1100.3003.6063. thickness 0.4-5.0mm aluminum plate, with advanced equipment and experienced master operation, ensure that the plate can be smooth without deformation after processing, excellent external force resistance during the installation process, the surface of uniform color, bright color, anti ultraviolet radiation, anti oxidant, strong corrosion resistance. Flat plate, angle, data precision, fast delivery, one-on-one tracking services, customer service guarantee is the highest selling price of our products, the industry is also the most popular leading brands!


Guangzhou Futeng Building Materials Technology Co. Ltd.The main products:Aluminum plate, aluminium screen, aluminum window, aluminum side pass, aluminum buckle, aluminum ceiling, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum plate, aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb, Lv Geshan hanging plate, aluminum stripAnd the combination of other wood series, aluminum ceiling, aluminum ceiling; oxide coating, matte, film, sculpture and other aluminum metal ceiling. The series of products applicable to: subway, shopping malls, plazas, hotels, exhibition halls, conference rooms, office buildings, airports, Home Furnishing, cinema, bar, gymnasium, swimming pool, channel aisle, train station, bus station, bank, hospital, club, office, communications bureau, post office, dance, field plant, car wash, gas station, leisure venues, commercial building etc..


Futeng achievement

In the company's efforts, this year has completed the more than 20 Wanda Plaza, Ningbo metro, Nanning metro, Shijiazhuang metro, Kenya train station, Mondi Mauritanian president office and Conference Center, Huoerguosi China cultural center and other large engineering company Peugeot, with excellent quality, first-class service has won a high reputation from the society!