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Hebei double sided aluminum foil Extrusion board ventilation duct, aluminum foil Extrusion insulation board, heat insulation aluminum foil extrusion wind board

Heat insulation and aluminum foil fire prevention

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1. Excellent heat insulation

With the characteristics of thermal resistance, linearity and low expansion ratio, the closed hole rate of the structure reaches more than 99%, forming a vacuum layer, avoiding air flow and heat dissipation, and ensuring the lasting and stable performance of the insulation. Compared with the closed rate of the foaming polyurethane 80%, the leading advantage is self-evident. It has been proved that the heat preservation effect of 20mm thick extruded XPS insulation board is equivalent to that of 50mm thick foamed polystyrene and 120mm thick cement perlite.

2, excellent high strength compressive properties

Because of the special structure of XPS board, its high compressive strength, strong impact resistance, according to the different types and the thickness of XPS and the compressive strength reached 150 ~ 200Kpa above the ground, can withstand the load of each system, widely used in the field of Geothermal Engineering, highway, airport runway, square ground, cold storage and car decoration insulation.

3. Hydrophobicity and moisture resistance

Water absorption is an important parameter to measure thermal insulation material. The insulation property of the insulation material decreases after absorbing water. At low temperature, the water sucked easily freezes and destroys the structure of the insulation material, thus reducing the compressive and thermal insulation properties of the board. Because the molecular structure of polystyrene does not absorb water, the molecular structure of the plate is stable and the gap is free. The problems of leakage, penetration, frosting and condensation of other materials are solved.

4, light texture, easy to use

The complete closed cell foaming chemical structure of XPS plate and its honeycomb physical structure make it have light, high strength characteristics, easy to cut, transport, and not easy to damage, easy installation.

5, stability, good corrosion resistance

The use of the long time, aging, decomposition, does not produce harmful substances, the chemical property is very stable, not as a result of corrosion due to water absorption and degradation, the performance decline, still can maintain its superior performance in high temperature environment, according to the information, even if the use of XPS extruded insulation board from 30 to 40 years, can still maintain excellent performance, and does not decompose or mildew, no toxic substances volatile.

T extruded polystyrene insulation board, XPS Extrusion board, external wall extrusion board, floor heating insulation board

1, excellent thermal insulation 2, excellent high strength compressive resistance 3, high quality hydrophobic, moistureproof 4, light texture, easy to use 5, stability, good corrosion resistance 6, product environmental protection performance