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Water cooled air conditioning cabinet temperature plumbing household air-conditioning fan coil vertical wells 3P5P Guiji Guiji

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Dear friends, our air conditioning is the water air conditioning, must be used to water circulation. In tap water and residential buildings housing are not used. It can be used to open well, can be connected to a heating stove, winter boiler, collective heating, the need to use air conditioning circulating pump pressure is not enough, must use the water circulating pump circulating hot air, can.All products are provided with self logistics delivery, freight logistics, goods to the city county, township not,All the logistics delivery is to be provided from, please contact the owner before the shoot,.

Air conditioning is bulky commodities, logistics and transport, fender bender can hardly be avoided such as special caution in mind, cautious orders!!!

Important things are to be repeated for 3 times:

 Air conditioning for delivery logistics delivery logistics -- only to the city county - where need logistics station from mentioning - Single - payment - default buyers have accepted the above description, if the goods have been issued, or in transit to the logistics site, buyers because of their problems since, to return, and sent back to bear the freight!!!


1, what is the temperature of the air conditioner?
Air conditioner is a water pump to pump groundwater circulation through the air conditioning radiator through the fan to blow out air conditioning air conditioning equipment. What is the need to meet the winter heating boiler, heating furnace, water temperature 50-80 degrees, hot water circulation conditions before they can use. (equipped with hot water circulating pump). The water temperature is not enough, not equipped with circulation, poor heating effect, less hot air.
2. air conditioner and electric air conditioning what difference?
No air conditioner compressor, without the use of freon, fluorine free, non-toxic, no pollution, power consumption is equal to the 125W power 100W fan and water pump around about 225W, saving more energy. Can be connected with the heating stove instead of radiator heating, fast heating in winter, beautiful environmental protection and energy saving.
3. what conditions using the air conditioner is better?
Use conditions: water summer home, water is free, the water temperature is relatively low, generally below 18 degrees.
  Use conditions: winter with hot water boiler, heating furnace, hot water circulation conditions
4. air conditioner installation simple?
The installation is very simple, is a water inlet, a water outlet connected to the line. We can call the whole installation guide.
5. air conditioner how much water a day?
The summer is generally a day 1.5 tons per hour, winter is hot water circulation.
6. air conditioner inlet to 4 points or 6 points?

The water inlet air conditioning generally have 4 points, had 6 points, air conditioning copper tube diameter is 9mm, does not need the water flow is too large, if the water flow over the General Assembly on the copper tube produce too much pressure is not good for air conditioning, it is generally recommended in 4 minutes.


    7. your air conditioner is cold and warm type? 
The working principle of air conditioner is a cold wind into the hot water, hot air, hot water is warm when you enter, it is cold in cold water, so that the air conditioner is our air conditioner










Refrigeration installation diagram:



Installation of heating: