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Emerson UHA1R-0100Lups power 10KVA long machine /8000W original genuine genuine

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ITA 1-20kVA UPSIntelligent online sine wave development Emerson Network Power Co. Ltd the uninterruptible power supply systems, precision instruments and equipment for the user to provide AC power supply reliability and quality, modular design, can according to the demand for the tower assembly or rack, compatible with single and three single, suitable for AC power to a small computer center, network, communication system, automatic control system and equipment.


Power range: 1-20K (latest introduction)

Product characteristics:

Ultra high power density

Ultra wide input voltage range

The output power factor is as high as 0.9

Compatible rack / tower mounting mode

Excellent energy saving and environmental protection features


Full match Yi Rui design scheme

ITA 5~10K

Input compatibility should be three phase 380V and single-phase 220V

Support parallel extension operation, and no parallel machine frame (max 4)

Modular design of battery, easy cascade expansion backup time

Provide LED/LCD (optional) display function, and the scene can be replaced

Support server automatic shutdown function

Provide a variety of monitoring ports to meet the needs of different monitoring

Provide abundant rack options to facilitate the integrated implementation of power distribution / monitoring functions within the rack



Adapt series parameter table5KVA10KVA16KVA20KVA
 Standard modelLong delay typeStandard modelLong delay typeLong delay typeLong delay type
Rectifier typeIGBT rectifier
Rated voltage220/380Vav single phase three wire / three-phase four wire220/380Vac single phase three wire / three-phase four wire380Vac, three-phase four wire
Input voltage rangeSingle phase 120Vac-276VacSingle phase 120Vac-288VacThree phase 228Vac-478Vac
Input frequency range45HZ-55HZ45HZ-65HZ40HZ-70HZ
Input power factorSingle phase >=0.99/ three phase >=0.95Full load >0.99
Battery typeLead acid free maintenance battery
Charging capacityCharge the marker back to 90%<3HCharge the marker back to 90%<6HMaximum charging power 4.5KW
Battery backup timeStandard model battery backup time >5 minutes
Battery module typeU16-07C1
Battery module type435W*640D*85H (height 2U inside the frame) 50KG
Rated power5KVA/4.5KW or 6KVA/4.5KW10KVA/9KW16KVA/14.4KW20KVA/18KW
Rated voltageSingle phase 220VACThree phase 380VAC, single phase 220VAC
Voltage stability3%1%
Frequency stability0.25%
Distortion rate of output voltage waveform<3% linear load, <5% nonlinear load<2% (linear load) <5% (nonlinear load)
Maximum peak factor of load3:1 (satisfying IEC62040-3)
Step load capacity100%
Output modeTerminal row
Overload capacity (% rated load)125% rated load 1MIN105%-125%5MINS125%-150%1MIN, greater than 150%500MS105%-125%5MINS125%-150%1MIN, greater than 150%500MS
Transform typeDouble transformation Online
Can it be realized?Support maximum 3+1 parallel machine
Installation methodRack / tower compatibility
Overall efficiency>92%>92.5%Upto94%
Switching time0MS
languageChinese and English
Do you have LCD display?Yes (optional)Yes (standard)
electromagnetic compatibilityIEC/EN62040-2,IEC/EN61000-3-11,IEC/EN61000-3-12,YD/T1095-2008
Surge protectionICE/EN62040-2, meet IEC/EN61000-4-5
Protection typeIP20
Volume (W*D*H) MM435*625*852U battery 4U435*625*85435*640*852U with battery 6U435*640*85435*750*130(3U)
Net weight (KG) of the main engine17 (excluding batteries)17.820.8 (excluding batteries)21.535
Guarantee3 years1 years
Interface typeUSB/ smart card slot (dry card, /SIC card, /Modbus card, /RS485 card)
Management softwareSITEMONITOR
Operating temperature0+40 degrees Celsius
relative humidity5-95% without condensation
Maximum altitude<1500M (more than 1500M, refer to GB/T3859.2 derating)<2000m (more than 2000m, refer to GB/T3859.2 derating)
Accessory productsRemarks
Battery module2U is suitable for 5-20KVA machines, containing 16 12V batteries
Communication optionsSIC cardNetwork monitoring SIC card, used for remote TCP/IP WEB monitoring, support remote security shutdown, with extended network port, access to temperature and humidity sensors
Dry knot cardUPS uses dry node card to provide four relay signal output and three switch input
MODBUS cardUPS using MODBUS components for access to BMS building monitoring system
RS485 cardThe 485 card is used for the connection of the intelligent monitoring unit of UPS and the RDU-A computer room or the cascade communication of the parallel machine system
Guide rail / bracketTelescopic rail, suitable for all kinds of server cabinets, load-bearing 50KG
Parallel cable assemblyParallel communication cable component (must be equipped with parallel system)
10A charging moduleIt is suitable for 5-10KVA machines, providing extra 10A charging current, and fast charging for ultra long backup time (>4H)
lcd panelApplicable to 5-10KVA machines, can be used for on-site demolition of standard LED panel, in English and Chinese display UPS running state
Temperature sensorWith LCD display temperature sensor, access to SIC card
Temperature and humidity sensorWith LCD display temperature and humidity sensor, access to SIC card
SiteMonitor softwareThe network version monitoring software is divided into 5 nodes, 5-20 nodes and unlimited Edition





UseUPSBenefits of power supply:

Emergency use: to prevent the sudden power failure and affect the normal work, causing damage to the computer hardware. Ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after the blackout so that the user can save it urgently, so that you can not work or lose data due to power failure.

It is to eliminate your surge, instant high voltage, momentary low voltage, wire noise and frequency offsetPower pollution and damageTo improve the quality of power supply, to provide high quality power supply for computer system.

What we bring to our customers is..:UPSTypeUninterruptedService guarantee! Absolutely worthy of your trust!