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Ruida battery, RT1275RITAR Ruida battery, 12V7.5AH fire engine, emergency light, /UPS battery

The positive potential of the accumulator is high, and the thin aluminum oxide layer is very dense, which can prevent the oxidation of the collector. The copper oxide layer is loose, in order to prevent the oxidation potential is relatively low, while Li and Cu are better, difficult in low potential formation of lithium alloy, but if a large number of copper surface oxidation, at a high potential of Li will occur should be lithium and copper oxide. The foil can not be used as negative electrode, and LiAl alloy will be produced at low potential. Thirteen billion six hundred and forty-one million two hundred and sixty-two thousand one hundred and twenty-nine

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The lithium ion battery and mobile phone with Rita situation, generally divided into the external battery and built-in battery, this name is very easy to understand, the external battery is directly installed in the hands of the back, such as: MOTOROLA191, SAMSUNG series; and the built-in battery is loaded into the mobile phone, also has a shell to buckle in Ruida battery in,Germany solar battery

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