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Factory specializing in custom spherical titanium stainless steel word Tongzi iron word word painting

discount 70% in 2018-10-22 to 2018-10-24
price: USD$ 242.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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 Professional custom-made stainless steel titanium Tongzi iron word

Name: titanium, stainless steel wire drawing characters, stainless steel mirror characters, iron characters

Material: stainless steel wire drawing stainless steel titanium, stainless steel mirror

Process: plasma cutting, manual tapping, argon arc welding

This shop all signs Tongzi class factory direct sales, price excluding wooden boxes, postage, invoices and installation, please discuss specific matters, please do not directly take!!

Price: 1 meters, Xingkai Weibei 90 yuan / m, black variety body like 100 yuan / M

-1.5 meters above 1 meters,Xingkai Weibei 100Yuan / square,Black body variety and so on 120/ square

More than 1.5 meters,Xingkai Weibei 120Yuan / square,Black body variety and so on 140/ square

According to the maximum calculation, the square is calculated according to the high X height

Detailed price discussion

In order to transport safety, buyers of these products also need to order wooden boxes, transportation generally take logistics, freight can be paid.

We can free design renderings, buyers only need to provide: wall size, text content, font, general 35 minutes can produce renderings. Buyers can also send CDR or Thai format file customization.






 At the same time as the goods sold in the net, please Amoy friends before making contact us to confirm the goods, goods sold before, we will carefully check the responsible for the sale of goods, in order to ensure the interests of everyone, then express, please do not worry sign, see the commodity packaging is not wear serious, there are obvious defects please contact us immediately, the transport enterprises including courier companies are not willing to accept the check out of the box. The outer packing is intact,We guarantee the quality of the goods

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Transportation and courier charges:

Due to the different sizes of the goods, some items are heavy, and the geographical position of buyers is different, so the freight can not be determined here. The nominal freight can not be included in the whole country, depending on the situation, the actual amount should prevail.
Jiangsu / Zhejiang / Shanghai region first weight 1 kg less than 10 yuan, continued heavy 3 yuan / kg. Anhui area first heavy 8 yuan, continued heavy 3 yuan / kg;
Beijing / Guangdong / Tianjin / Shandong / Fujian / Jiangxi area 8 yuan / kg;
Other areas, the first heavy 15 yuan, continued heavy 10 yuan;
Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai express delivery 1-2 days (except special circumstances), the provinces and cities according to the line conditions, normal arrival within 3 days.

Logistics special line: 30-35 cities in every city, more than 35-50 yuan / pieces in Northwest remote city, need to transfer the city need additional transfer fee; for details, please inquire on duty customer service;
The detailed delivery is determined by both parties, and the buyer will be notified by telephone when the goods arrive;

Special reminder: logistics delivery requires buyers to take delivery of goods to the logistics company.

The special nature of Internet sales, different way of expression, there will be buyers understand the deviation, not in the assessment and negative make personal emotions, to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer in the first time, we cherish every praise! I wish Taoyou are happy shopping!

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