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The expansion screw inside the expansion screw bolt, 304 stainless steel outer six angle expansion M6M8M10M12

Factory sales promotions, all accessories of this product is 304 stainless steel material, beautiful, durable, not easy to rust. Is the best use of home decoration factory project, built-in expansion. Suitable for outdoor marble fixation and bathroom moist environment! Welcome to buy specifications: M6*60 refers to thread 6 mm thick (expansion tube 9.5 mm thick), the depth of 60 mm into the wall. Make sure the flat pad is stronger

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Installation steps

1. Choose an alloy drill that matches the inside diameter of the expansion bolt, then drill the hole with the length of the internal expansion bolt, drill the hole to the required installation, and clean the hole.
2. Install flat pad, spring pad and nut, screw nut to the bolt and end to protect the thread, then insert the internal expansion bolt into the hole.
3, wrench wrench until the washer and fixture surface flush, if there is no special requirements, generally hand tightening, then wrench three to five turn.

Installation method

1. wall punching: the depth of the hole is the same as the length of the bolt;
2. fixing the fixed holes on the fixed objects with bolts;
3. tap the expansion screw (together with the fixed object) into the hole;
4. tighten the screw with wrench, and taper mother can expand the expansion tube.


Example of installation method of internal expansion screw:
Installation of M6 internal expansion screw, the diameter of 10MM hole, according to the outer diameter of the tube wall hole. Two, the expansion tube part to enter the wall, as long as the thread part is long enough, the deeper part of the casing, the more solid.
NeedBe carefulYes, the expansion screw must be installed on a relatively hard substrate, soft and easy to fall out of place, unstable, such as the wall of the gray seam.

Attention points of expansion screw installation:
1, drilling depth: related information is the length of the expansion tube, but we found in the specific construction of this depth is not enough, it may be related to debris debris, so you better than the expansion tube length of about 5 mm deep. As long as you are larger than or equal to the length of the expansion tube, the length of the expansion bolt left in the ground is equal to or less than the length of the expansion tube.

2Drilling diameter: M6 series drilling hole diameter is 10mm,M8 series bore diameter is 12mm

                    M10 series bore diameter is 14mm,M12 series bore diameter is 16mm


3, the expansion bolts on the ground of course, the harder the better, it also depends on the force you need to fix the object. Install inConcreteThe stress intensity is five times as much as that in the brick.
4. After installing a M6/M8/M10/M12 expansion bolt in concrete, its maximum static force is 120kg/170kg/320kg/510kg.