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304 stainless steel GB explosion internal expansion tube iron implosion house lizard flat explosion screw M6M8M10M12M16

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Note: the value of single batch manual measurement, there is a certain error, please take the object as the object, mind carefully pat or contact customer service! Setting: mm
Stainless steel material
Specifications internal diameter The diameter is The length is Reference bit Single = g
M6 6 8 25 8 5.0
M8 8 10 30 10 10.2
M10 10 12 40 12 19.4
M12 12 16 50 16 47.6
M16 16 20 65 20 107
Iron zinc plating
Specifications internal diameter The diameter is The length is Reference bit Single = g
M6 6 8 25 8 5
M8 6 10 30 10 10
M10 10 12 40 12 19
M12 12 15 47 15 42
M16 16 20 60 20 103
  Authentic 304 stainless steel
304 stainless steel wet environment is not rusty.  
  No burr on the surface  
Using advanced equipment fully automated production process, to ensure product processing accuracy, so the product appearance exquisite, perfect workmanship.
Question 1

Why does 1. stainless steel bring magnetism?

304 stainless steel belongs to austenitic stainless steel, austenite is partly or slightly transformed into martensite in cold working process
Martensite is magnetic, so 304 stainless steel is non-magnetic or micro magnetic. Specific Baidu inquiry 304 stainless steel why magnetic?.

Question 2

2. how to identify authentic 304 stainless steel products?

Support the detection of 304 stainless steel special detection liquid, if not change color as authentic 304 stainless steel.
Support chemical composition analysis and spectrum analysis.
Support smoke test, simulate the actual use environment.

Question 3

3. what are the most commonly used stainless steel?

.201 stainless steel, suitable for use in the dry environment, easy to rust when encountering water.
304 stainless steel, outdoor or humid environment, corrosion resistance, strong acid resistance.
316 stainless steel and molybdenum, more corrosion resistance and pitting corrosion resistance, especially suitable for seawater and chemical media.

Since 2003, the world stainless steel raw material prices, cheap stainless steel domestic market there is a kind of "low nickel" (Ni Ni1.5-4.5%) of austenitic stainless steel, the price is about 15%-40% lower than 304 stainless steel, corrosion proof capability is relatively low, Boao hardware products are full of 304 or 316 austenitic stainless steel products.

Chemical composition,%, Max
group C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cu Characteristic
304-A2 0.1 1 2 0.05 0.03 15-20   8-19 4

The work hardening rate is moderate, suitable for general cold room processing and stretching, cold processing performance is good, widely used in the outer six corners screw, nut and washer products

316-A4 0.08 1 2 0.045 0.03 16-18.5 2-3 10-15 1

With molybdenum, the corrosion resistance is better than 304, especially suitable for seawater and chemical media, more corrosion resistance and pitting resistance.


1) if the content of nickel is less than 8%, the minimum content of manganese must be 5%
2) the minimum content of copper is not limited when the nickel content is greater than 8%
3) when the chromium content is below 17%, the minimum content of nickel is 12%
4) for the austenitic stainless steel with the largest carbon content of 0.03%, the nitrogen content can reach 0.22
5) for larger diameter products, in order to achieve the specified mechanical properties, in the manufacturer's manual, there may be a higher carbon content, but the martensitic steel should not exceed 0.12%

Mechanical properties
category group Performance grade Screw nominal diameter Tensile strength mpa/mm2 Non proportional elongation should be mpa/mm2 After the elongation of mpa/mm2
austenite A2,A4 50

≤ 39

500 210 0.6d

≤ 24

700 450 0.4d

≤ 24

800 600 0.3d