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High-speed hacksaw Kazakhstan two Benxi saw old goods Y cutter saw blade for high speed steel old saw machine

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20X3X0.3 cm (length / width error of 2 mm, the thickness error of +-0.2 mm)

If you want to have a thickness of 4MM, please click on the following link:

nameSaid:Damascus pattern steel

Flat grinding has simple pickling condition

Characteristics: a practical pattern steel sandwich, approximately 60 of the overall layer, sandwiched between steel VG10

Heat treatment: to steel HRC57 +-1, both sharp and toughness (steel has good sharpness and hardness, by vacuum cold deep processing)

For the spiral pattern

The sale of steel material is flat grinding after Jian Yi pickling, everybody hands directly after forming / V

 Pay special attention to the problem:

1: the flat grinding and Jian Yi pickling, but the forming / open V if necessary can be re pickling time

2: two patterns stick steel because the big time relationship may not be pure to the thickness of the surface texture as like as two peas, 2 will be different;

3: the straight and pure steel, there will be a slight deformation of the stress in the heat treatment process, this is all steel properties, these all need friends back to DIY to their own satisfaction, ability and perseverance is stronger, have some of the necessary tools such as: grinding machine;

Process description1: do you want the shape after sanding above 400# (preferably more than 2000# sub mirror effect)

2: the battery with hydrochloric acid or water amount, the knife into the global embryo
3: according to the pickling effect themselves in need of 30 seconds to -10 minutes, a few suggestions repeatedly (such as pickling time is about a minute Polish followed by pickling)
4: wash after feeling satisfied, in the water soaking for 5 minutes or so, with alkaline substances such as soap / detergent and cleaning, and then dry the lubricating oil or the oil conduct maintenance on the line
Answer: 1: why pickling?
Answer: by pickling, acid etching method, a component of corrosion will not corrosion resistant in Maanshan Steel is slightly concave, make the surface uneven light refraction to make pattern is more obvious.
For pickling, this is a problem worth discussing, some think that cattle B friends is always in accordance with its own methods that do not try, good words, try out the problem to JJYY said something bad, or simply want to return / exchange shualai. Acid concentration and surface Have the most direct relationship of grinding degree, surface oil must be clear, not satisfied with the results can be repeated several times, and less time to wash to the state if bump on the need to strengthen the global concentration can be a little more than 5 minutes, different components in different time, at the same time, the middle do not leak out prior to grinding steel and because the carbon content of steel is high, high acid sensitivity, direct soak for 5 minutes or more, is likely to fall directly to the steel corrosion; say that this is not really an artifact again, you know a piece of the same size 440C to more than 80, do not take the powder steel than others, a piece of steel more than 1000, 100 than you and I, then I say than others, I give up, there's really no meaning @

What is the 2: steel in Malaysia?

Answer: Steel Malaysia is a combination of different material properties from each other, to strive to achieve a balance between performance of two or more between steel. This method is used in the knife process, the general use of materials is in use on both sides of the lower hardness and toughness of steel; in the middle part of the use of high hardness steel blade. This can ensure that the blade has high hardness and high toughness and whole body.

3: Polish will no pattern?

Answer: after the blade pickling corrosion after soft polishing can get obvious effect (not printed). But with the grindstone or sandpaper to polish the pattern part is specially deliberately can rub the surface patterns, remove after re pickling can reproduce the pattern. Use the knife and normal (knife edge) is not breaking pattern, but there may be some small scraping scratches, hope you can understand, please correct deficiencies. Thank you For more details: Baidu Damascus knife

Sandwiched between the steel wire and a thick flat is not the first mock exam, because there will be differences between forging