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White corundum grinding wheel jade emery wheel white white corundum grinding wheel factory direct 250*25*32WA

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The diameter of 250MM thickness 25MM aperture 32MM

 The thickness of the grinding wheel mesh representation, the larger the number the smaller wheel sizeProcessing, surface roughness and productivity related.

Coarse grinding, the grinding allowance, the surface roughness value is larger, should use coarse abrasive. Because the particle diameter, porosity, grinding depth of grinding wheel, not easy to be blocked and fever. A smaller margin of grinding, and required roughness value is low, can be selected with fine abrasive. Generally speaking, the more fine abrasive, grinding surface roughness is.The size is suitable for the grinding wheel

 Zong Gangyu: (A) features: high hardness, high toughness. Use: it is suitable for grinding medium and high tensile strength of metal materials, such as general carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc..

 2: white corundum (WA) features: hardness than corundum size, easily broken, sharp edges and corners, good cutting, grinding heat and small. Use: suitable materials for hard grinding, thermal sensitivity of strong steel. Such as hardened steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel, alloy steel grinding etc.. Mainly used for tools, cutting tools, moulds, gear, screw, thin-walled parts such as grinding and grinding of the.

3: green silicon carbide (GC) features: high hardness, high brittleness, abrasive sharp, good thermal conductivity. Application: suitable for hard alloy cutting tool, workpiece and grinding of non-ferrous metals, non metals.
Line speed: 35 Size: 46L60L80L46M46P Custom processing:
Material: white jade Shape: flat wheel Binders: ceramic grinding wheel
Type: plane grinding wheel Model: 250*25*32 The sintering process:
Specifications: 250 Applicable scope: ordinary steel grinding Brand: Connaught, Montoya
White: white corundum abrasive corundum grinding wheel, grinding wheel, grinding tool


General principles for selection of the grinding wheel hardness is:The processing of soft metal, in order to make the abrasive too early off, selection of hard grinding wheel. The processing of hard metal, in order to make abrasive off blunt timely, thus exposing the new grains with sharp edges (i.e. self sharpening), selection of soft grinding wheel. The former is because in grinding soft materials, grinding work of abrasive wear is very slow, do not need too early detachment; the latter because in grinding hard materials, grinding wheel abrasive wear to work faster, faster update.In order to ensure the precision grinding, grinding precision and roughness, grinding wheel should be used slightly harder. The thermal conductivity of the workpiece material, easy to burn and crack (such as grinding hard alloy etc.), the grinding wheel should be soft.