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Shenzhen Santak UPS uninterruptible power supply online C1K1KVA/800W server built in battery voltage regulator

This online UPS can be used for rolling gate, server, printer, inkjet machine, a motor device with voltage stabilizing function in normal use, with electrodes of the bad places can also be designed for high quality electronic products, computer servers, precision electronic instrument users design, which in addition to ensure a stable AC output, can also be in a sudden power outage or alternating current instantaneous voltage is too low, immediately put into power, continue to supply power to load, but also has anti surge

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 530.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[brand]: SHANTE Shenzhen Santak Eaton Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
[domestic origin]:Guangdong Shenzhen
[model] Shenzhen Santak: C1K, continuous power of about 800W, online UPS

[input voltage range]: 165V-265V (beyond this range will start battery power supply) warranty for three years

Product model

Technical characteristics and parameters


Rated output capacity


Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Input voltage range


Input frequency range

50/60Hz±0.2Hz(Battery mode)

Bypass voltage




Battery voltage


Battery section number


Backup time(half/full)

Half load≥10Minute,The full load≥5Minute(Standard type)

Boot input maximum impact current

Rated current150%

Battery charging time

8Hours charged to90% (standard type)

Depending on the capacity of the external battery pack (long lasting type)



Output mode

Single phase grounding

output voltage

220Vac±3%(inverter output)

output frequency

50±5Hz(when the AC input is normal)

50Hz±1%(abnormal AC input)

Dynamic voltage transients


Dynamic transient recovery time

< 60ms

wave form

sine waveTHD <3%(linear load)

sine waveTHD <8%(nonlinear load)

Output power factor


Overload capacity

130%Load duration is not less than30sThe recovery point is90%load

Peak coefficient of output current


Reverse to bypass conversion time

< 4ms

Communication and monitoring function

RS232(rotatable)485Dry node,

Smart slot (extensible)SNMPMobile phone messages and other monitoring methods

Audio noise


weight(Net weight)kg


Size (W*D*H mm


Need other model configuration reference table: (specific price and customer service connection)

brand power Model Unit Price Voltage input range Applicable equipment With or without voltage regulation Computer monitoring Spare time (minutes)
U.S.A  300W  I600 165 yuan Regulated 145-280V 1 computers Yes nothing 1 computer - 20
U.S.A  600W  I1200 290 yuan Regulated 145-280V 2 computers Yes nothing 1 computer - 25, 2 - 10 computer
U.S.A  300W  K600 185 yuan Regulated 145-285V 1 computers Yes nothing 1 computer - 15
U.S.A  600W  K1000 286 yuan Regulated 145-285V 2 computers Yes nothing 1 computer - 25, 2 - 15 computer
U.S.A  900W  K1500 500 yuan Regulated 148-285V 3 computers Yes Yes 1 computer computer is 20,3 = 7
U.S.A 1200W  K2000 620 yuan Regulated 148-285V 4 computers Yes Yes 1 computer - 20, 4 - 5 computer
U.S.A  800W
 C1K 830 yuan Regulated 115-300V 2-3 computers Yes Yes 1 computer is 40, 2 computer is 20
U.S.A  1600W  C2K 1550 yuan Regulated 115-300V 4-5 computers Yes Yes 1 computer - 90, 4 - 15 computer
U.S.A  2400W  C3K 1790 yuan Regulated 115-300V 8-10 computers Yes Yes 1 computer - 120, 8 - 10 computer
U.S.A  4800W  C6K 3980 yuan Regulated 120-275V Below 4800W equipment Yes Yes The 4800W device is 15 minutes
U.S.A  8000W  C10K 4890 yuan Regulated 120-275V Below 8000W equipment Yes Yes The 8000W device is 7 minutes
Power supply time after main power / power off Single host 30 Minutes 1 hours 2 hours 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Backup MT1000S1000VA/600W  398 yuan
 800 yuan
 1150 yuan
 1290 yuan
 2230 yuan
 2630 yuan
3950 yuan
Online C1KS1000VA/800W 700 yuan
 1500 yuan
 1700 yuan
2100 yuan
 2730 yuan
 3700 yuan
 4060 yuan
Online C2KS2000VA/1600W  1160 yuan
 2550 yuan
 3160 yuan
 3900 yuan
 4750 yuan
 6460 yuan
7660 yuan
Online C3KS3000VA/2400W  1300 yuan
 3620 yuan
 4100 yuan
 4860 yuan
 5700 yuan
 8300 yuan
9900 yuan
Online C6KS6000VA/4800W  2800 yuan
 6360 yuan
 8060 yuan
 9800 yuan
 12000 yuan
Consulting customer service
20000 yuan
Online C10KS10000VA/8000W  3800 yuan
 9000 yuan
 11100 yuan
 12380 yuan
 20980 yuan
Consulting customer service
38200 yuan
Online 3C10KS10000VA/8000W  4300 yuan
10690 yuan
12500 yuan
14080 yuan
22680 yuan
Consulting customer service
39900 yuan
Online 3C15KS15000VA/12000W  6980 yuan
 12000 yuan
 13800 yuan
 20800 yuan
 32600 yuan
Consulting customer service
59600 yuan
Online 3C20KS20000VA/16000W  7600 yuan
14600 yuan
 16200 yuan
 24800 yuan
 41990 yuan
Consulting customer service
Consulting customer service