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3, strengthen the strength of the attack tooth: extrusion wire tapping will not break the processing material tissue fiber, so the extrusion thread strength is higher than the tapping thread strength.

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TaiwanGULINGExtrusion screw tap imported cobalt high speed steel as the raw material, has the following advantages:

1, chipless machining: because the extrusion screw tap by cold extrusion, plastic deformation of workpiece to complete, especially in the blind hole processing does not exist in the chip, there is no squeeze chip, the tap is not easy to break.
2, no transition thread: extrusion screw tap can guide the processing by itself, is more suitable for CNC processing, but also make the transition Jamaica possible.
3, strengthen the tapping strength: extrusion tapping without breaking processing microstructure fiber, the strength of thread thread strength so squeezed out than the cutting wire tapping out high.
4, higher production efficiency, it is because of the longer life, faster processing speed, the use of extrusion screw tap and replace the function to reduce the standby time, thereby improving the production efficiency.
5, tap their strength: because no extrusion screw tap flute, its strength is cutting tap will be much better.
6, the longer service life: because of extrusion screw tap not cutting edge passivation, chipping and other issues, under normal circumstances, the service life is 3-20 times of cutting wire tapping.
7, the higher the rate of qualified products because of extrusion screw tap is chipless machining, consistent thread precision processed with screw cutting tap than good. While cutting tap is accomplished by cutting in the cutting process, scrap iron, iron removal allowance of more or less, the qualified rate will be lower.
Extrusion screw tap

Extrusion Taps: using a novel thread tool of metal plastic deformation principle of internal thread processing, namely the grinding cut material under the hole formed in uplift thread. The chips produced by not, does not exist the chip, it is also called acolpate (chip) screw. This is not because of tapping chip clogging and damage thread or wire tapping. The use of extrusion screw tap, with its accuracy and selection of hole size, plastic extrusion to high precision, high quality thread.

The following is the bottom sheet extrusion screw tap: