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Automotive air conditioning, fluorine tools, refrigerant, snow, refrigerant, fluoride filling pipe R134a universal universal

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You only need a friend can own the fill tube, filling of automotive air conditioning refrigerant, simple and convenient operation, this tool only combined with air conditioning refrigerant can give added, without other accessories, operation is very simple, look at the instructions will, this tool can be used a few years later is not a problem, the lack of you can. You can also add air conditioning. The refrigerator.

Note: the person who wants to understand, do not understand, or a bit difficult, please assess the risk by yourself, I do not provide technical problems, the following instructions. I wholesale this, you first Baidu, under the order

Pro; this tool 1 sets without refrigerant see, with it can operate, to fill the tire gas simple operation


 Product use:

Automotive air conditioning refrigerant

Household air conditioning refrigerant (must use 134 of household air conditioning)

Refrigerator refrigerant (must use 134 refrigerator)


Any device that uses 134 refrigerant can be versatile

Product consumption:

1.0~1.6 displacement cars are about 3 bottles

1.8~2.0 displacement cars with 4~5 bottles or so

More than 2 cars with 5~6 bottles or so

So far, the most cars we've added are only 6 bottles. There were no more than 6 bottles


  Usage method

First, rotate the handle of the inflating valve counterclockwise so that the thimble does not extend through the seal assembled by the charging valve;

The charging valve is rotated and fixed on the snow seed tank;

One end of the air duct is connected to the air conditioner, and the other end is connected with the snow seed pot;

Turn the valve handle clockwise and make the top cover the top of the snow broken seed pot;

Then turn the valve handle counterclockwise, so that the snow species can flow smoothly;

When the snow seed tank is upside down, the snow can be poured into the air conditioner.

The snow species can not be filled from the high pressure system, the high pressure will cause explosion, and should be inhaled at the lower end of the pressure;
This product should be operated by professional and technical personnel. The company is not responsible for the damage caused by misuse or careless operation.


The following is explained by the buyer's solution

Detailed explanation of pictures: add refrigerant to automotive air conditioner

   Kunming's hot weather early, this is not the first to enter in March, temperatures dally up, seeing is 29 degrees, the car has been almost 5 years old, recently that air conditioning suck, to think of the car of R134a 4S, we will not go to a roadside shop, ask the price, people say "260 yuan", gee, this price is quite expensive, one would like to forget, not do not add refrigerant, what is too difficult, on everything # treasure Amoy, refrigerant and tools are also cheap, I thought it was added to the car after every year a refrigerant, took a bite teeth, today is all right, do it yourself to the car to fill the refrigerant. Talk less, picture above!

1, this is the complement of refrigerant three in one tool (bottle opener, pressure gauge, connector), how much is it with express delivery?


This is the pressure gauge

Here is the bottle opener



This is the quick connector




Snow, three bottles,


3, start the car, turn the air conditioning to the coldest state, and open the internal circulation mode, wait for 3 minutes.

4, open the hood, find aluminum alloy tube (generally on the left), a tube has a green dust cap, marked with "H" is the high-pressure pipe, marked with "L" low pressure pipe, refrigerant is from the low-pressure tube injection.


This is the high voltage end

This is the low voltage end




5、Then screw the bottle opener in the refrigerant port and turn the knob until it feels too tight to stop.






6, the opening of the "L" word of the low pressure pipe dust cover, you can see like the valve core device, and then the filler tool joint end press.





7, at this time, the pressure gauge pointer will react, showing the car air conditioning internal pressure. I only have 25, it's time to add! (photo handshaken, a little flower)



8, at this time, you can slightly open the bottle end, the air inside the pipe clean, how to tighten immediately. Then turn the knob clockwise until it is screwed, let the bottle opener pierce the refrigerant, and then slowly turn the knob counterclockwise, let the refrigerant flow into the car air conditioner.


9, a few minutes later, when you feel that the refrigerant bottles are not cold, that added finished, if the pressure gauge shows still not up to supplement the standard, then add a bottle, until the pressure meter display standard, my car total two bottles (standard gauge attached).





Filling after the completion of the work, immediately tried the air conditioning, really good, and before the cool feeling, is really "fonder"!


The left end of the inspection tube is a bottle opener, the middle is a refrigeration pressure gauge, and the right end is a low speed joint of the automobile air conditioner.



Automotive air conditioning refrigerantDIYFilling supplement method

The refrigerant supplement of automobile air conditioner is as convenient and safe as that of tyre flushing.
General automotive air conditioning will lose about 10% of the normal refrigerant every year, this is due to the automotive air conditioning compressor sealing mode determined (automotive air conditioning compressor is semi sealed). As long as we check the air conditioner regularly every year, we can supplement the refrigerant. No need to worry about the use of methods, below I tell you friend car DIY automotive air conditioning testing method of supplement. Friends can try to add refrigerant to their own hands.
Methods are as follows:
1. need to prepare a DIY test tube for automotive air conditioning.
2. a bottle of R134A refrigerant for vehicles
3. now begin to detect pressure for the car: first, the DIY filling pipe in the end of the bottle opener in the counterclockwise rotation to the top, the refrigerant bottle into the bottle opener, tighten.
4. to identify the low voltage interface, generally in the left side of the hood, there is a blue or black hat, the hat has a L word, the small cap spin down.
5. will the car engine starting and open air blower AC switch, open to the maximum, run and wait for three minutes. Connect the DIY tube interface to the low voltage end of the automobile air conditioner.
After the 6.DIY tube is connected to the low voltage interface, the DIY tube pressure gauge will instantly be calibrated. At this time, the pressure gauge on the DIY pipe is consistent with the air conditioning system pressure, see the pressure gauge on the pressure gauge, you know the pressure in the system. How much pressure do you need to add the refrigerant? Then there is a knowledge note! The pressure in the automotive air conditioning system varies according to the ambient temperature. As shown below, the Fahrenheit temperature and air conditioning system pressure control and verification system in high pressure and low pressure system, high explained more than the normal value of the refrigerant system, it should add refrigerant. If the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, the pressure in the air conditioning system should be about 45PSI, and the refrigerant should be supplied less than 45PSI. Fahrenheit is a common temperature unit in the United States, thank you

The ambient temperature (Fahrenheit) low pressure gauge pressure, numerical table below pressure is constant temperature in the laboratory in the theory of value, the outdoor temperature in the process of using is not up to the requirements. So the owners of friends please press chart in numerical minimum calculation in the use process, calculation method is the minimum value to the minimum value minus 10PSI calculation is normal pressure system, the pressure must not exceed the minimum pressure, more than once, the opportunity to reduce automatic protection, then it will be very poor cooling effect! When the external temperature is 30 degrees, the chart shows 45PSI-55PSI, which is the constant temperature value. When we calculate, we should subtract the 10PSI pressure by 45PSI, and the result is 35PSI. This is the normal pressure value of the system. It is better not to exceed this value.
Fahrenheit 65 corresponds to 18.33 degrees Celsius system pressure 25-35PSI
Fahrenheit 70 corresponds to 21.11 degrees Celsius system pressure 35-40PSI
Fahrenheit 75 corresponds to 23.89 degrees Celsius system pressure 35-40PSI
Fahrenheit 80 corresponds to 26.67 degrees Celsius system pressure 40-50PSI
Fahrenheit 85 corresponds to 29.44 degrees Celsius system pressure 45-55PSI
Fahrenheit 90 corresponds to 32.22 degrees Celsius system pressure 45-55PSI
Fahrenheit 95 corresponds to 35 degrees Celsius system pressure 50-55PSI
Fahrenheit 100 corresponds to 37.78 degrees Celsius system pressure 50-55PSI
Fahrenheit 105 corresponds to 40.56 degrees Celsius system pressure 50-55PSI
Fahrenheit 110 corresponds to 43.33 degrees Celsius system pressure 50-55PSI
7. low pressure air conditioning system, the need to add refrigerant, the bottle opener in the thimble clockwise, pierce the refrigerant bottle, bottle opener in the thimble immediately counter clockwise to the top, (Note: this time scale pressure gauge will show up to 100PSI to 110PSI, the scale pressure gauge 2 seconds after the time will slowly drop down. Dial back to its original display, this is normal, because the bottle is punctured, the pressure, a few seconds it shows the R134A bottle of the pressure in the bottle pressure by the compressor after absorption is shown as the pressure in the system!) Shake the refrigerant bottle, the refrigerant gas will flow into the system at the same time, see the pressure gauge, and the temperature and pressure of PSI units to be. Note: the refrigerant bottle should not be upside down!!! (except for oil mixtures)
Note: in the absence of pierce the refrigerant bottle, DIY tube has a little air, if the owner to need to drain a little air in the pipe, please according to the following method, in the absence of refrigerant bottles will pierce the refrigerant bottle opener and gently loosen a bit, then the DIY pipe in the air will be air conditioning system in the refrigerant to go out, then tighten the refrigerant bottle!!!
8. observed pressure gauge is normal, please immediately opener in a clockwise rotation to the lower end of the thimble and screw, remove the air conditioning system of low port connection. If one bottle is not enough, add second bottles of refrigerant according to the method described above, until the outside temperature and system pressure are up to one day.
9. at this time, the car air conditioning system refrigerant supplement to complete, please L small cap tightening.
Note: the above pressure scale and filling method is filling in refrigerant Sales USA ID and EF, completed a successful filling of my own, and will feel tire gas as convenient!

Features and uses

(1) the use of R134a as a low temperature refrigerant most widely, because of the good performance of HFC-134a, making it a very effective and safe alternative to CFC-12.

(2) including mainly used in in most areas, the use of R12 refrigerant, refrigeration equipment, refrigerators and freezers, water machine, automobile air conditioning, central air-conditioning, dehumidifier, commercial refrigeration, cold storage, ice machine, ice cream machine, refrigeration condensing units, but also can be applied to aerosol propellant, medical aerosol, insecticide drug propellant, polymer (plastic) physical foaming agent, and magnesium alloy protective gas etc..

(3) HFC-134a does not contain chlorine atoms, not destructive to the ozone layer, has good safety performance (no inflammable, explosive, toxic, non irritating, non corrosive); the cooling capacity and efficiency and CFC-12 is very close, so regarded as excellent long-term alternative refrigerants.

(4) HFC-134a can be widely used as automotive air conditioning, refrigerator refrigerant, central air-conditioning, commercial refrigeration and other industries, and can be used in medicine, pesticides, cosmetics and cleaning industry.

(5) the chemical stability of R134a is very good, but because of its water solubility is higher than R22, so the refrigeration system is unfavorable, even a small amount of moisture exists in lubricating oil, will produce acid, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, has a corrosive action on metals, or produce "copper" role so the R134a of the system requires higher dry and clean. The chemical reaction of steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other metals was not found by R134a, but only slight effect on zinc.