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12V65AHUPS battery special for storage battery UPS for three years

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Maintenance free

H2O has strong regeneration ability and high sealing reaction efficiency. The adsorption type glass fiber cotton technology makes the gas accord with the efficiency up to 99%, so that the electrolyte has no maintenance function, so the battery does not need water supply or acid maintenance during the whole use process.


Safe and reliable

Under normal use, no electrolyte leakage, the battery shell no expansion and rupture phenomenon, the battery is equipped with special safety valve and riot device, can effectively isolate the external spark, will not cause the explosion inside the battery, so that the battery in the entire use process is more safe and reliable.


Long-Life Technology

Through the computer design of precision resistance alloy grid corrosion calcium tin, ABS corrosion resistant material shell, high strength and tight assembly process, improve the battery assembly tightness, prevent active material loss, improve the service life of the battery, the battery will not increase acid design, to ensure that due to electrolyte depletion and shorten the service life of the battery.


High performance

(1) weight, small size, high energy, small internal resistance, large output power.

(2) high charge and discharge performance. With high purity raw materials and special manufacturing process, self discharge can be controlled below 2% a month and stored at room temperature (25 C) for more than half a year, and it can still be used normally.

(3) the recovery performance is good. When the deep discharge or charger fails, the short circuit can be charged for 30 days, and the capacity can be recovered.

(4) no equalization charging is needed. Because of internal resistance, capacity and floating charge voltage consistency, ensure that the battery in the floating state without a balanced charge.


The temperature adaptability is strong

It can be used safely at -25~50 centigrade.


Safe and easy to use

The battery does not produce acid mist, no corrosion on the surrounding environment and supporting design, can be directly to the battery installed in the office or facilities in the room, without preservative treatment. Full charge factory, free electrolyte, the battery can be placed horizontally, and can be carried out without dangerous materials water, Lu Yunshu.



A67, which is in accordance with IATA / IATA/ICAO, can be put into operation.

Ground transportation can be carried out with non hazardous goods (DOT-CFR49 171-189 part).

Water transportation can be carried out with non hazardous goods (according to IMDG amendment 27).

Service life

The following factors will affect the service life of the battery:

(1) repetitive deep discharges, especially after repeated shallow charges;

(2) environmental temperature is too high;

(3) overcharge, especially trickle charging;

(4) excessive charging current;

(5) if the charged battery is not used for a long time, especially in the high temperature environment, it will lead to the acceleration of the self discharge and the reduction of capacity.


(1) the battery should not discharge to below the desired terminal voltage, otherwise it will lead to over discharge, and the repeated over discharge will cause the capacity to be difficult to recover. In order to achieve the best working efficiency and the longest service life, the discharge should be between 0.05-2CA.

(2) discharge capacity

The relationship between discharge capacity and discharge current, the discharge capacity of battery under different discharge rate, can be seen from the diagram, the larger the discharge rate, the smaller the capacity of the battery can emit.

(3) temperature action

Influence of battery capacity also affected by temperature, low temperature (below 15 DEG C, 5 degrees F) will reduce the effective capacity, high temperature (122 degrees Fahrenheit higher than.50 DEG C) will lead to thermal runaway and damage the battery.



(1) (float voltage limit, current control): float voltage 2.25V ~ 2.30V/ monomer, when the battery is fully charged, the charging current decreases to 0.5~4mA/Ah, remained unchanged (25 C).

(2): 2.4V/ single cycle use charging voltage, maximum charging current was not greater than 0.4CA, when the battery is fully charged, the charging current decreases to 3~10mA/Ah, remained unchanged (25 C).


Battery storage

The storage battery should be stored in low temperature, dry, ventilated and clean environment to avoid heat source, fire source and direct sunlight. The battery must be stored after full charge, and it should be recharged once every 3-6 months at normal temperature.


Installation and use

(1) before use, please check the appearance of the battery (whether there is acid leakage, rupture phenomenon).

(2) the installation of batteries must be carried out by professionals.

(3) the battery can not be used in closed or high temperature environment (recommended cycle temperature is 5~35 degrees).

(4) the battery should be evenly stressed when installing and transporting batteries, and the force should be the shell part of the battery, so as to avoid damaging the pole.

(5) when the battery is used in parallel, please follow the battery mark "+" and "-" polarity arranged in sequence, the distance between the battery can not be less than 15mm, and the connection parts should be firm, to prevent sparks and poor contact.

(6) in the process of battery connection, please wear protective gloves, use torque wrench and other metal tools, please put metal tools insulation packaging, absolutely avoid the metal tools at the same time contact the battery positive and negative terminals, cause the battery short circuit.

(7) before the connection of the external equipment, the device is in the state of disconnection, and then the positive pole of the battery (Group) is connected to the positive pole of the equipment, and the negative pole of the battery (Group) is connected to the negative extreme of the equipment, and the connecting line is fastened.


Matters needing attention

(1) non professionals should not open the storage battery to avoid danger. If the battery shell is broken and contact with sulfuric acid, please rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, please seek medical advice.

(2) when using multiple batteries, pay attention to the wiring between batteries is correct, pay attention to short-circuit.

(3) strong vibration or mechanical damage should be avoided during use.

(4) use a battery container with upper and lower air vents to dissipate heat.

(5) please don't let the rainwater fall into the battery or immerse the battery in the water.

(6) if the batteries need to be used in parallel, there is no more than three groups (only) parallel.

(7) don't put the battery near the fire source or burn it in the fire.

(8) battery cleaning please use the wet cloth to dry, do not use a dry cloth or brush, do not use the chemical cleaning agent battery.

(9) waste batteries should be placed at designated points or recycled by battery manufacturers, and should not be abandoned.

(10) do not mix the same capacity in the same box, different from the old and new, different battery manufacturers.


6FM-12V17AH product specification

Product name

Valve regulated maintenance free lead-acid battery

Product model


Product brand


1. structure

Outline size

Length: 180 + 1mm width: 76 + 1mm high: 168 + 1mm total height: 168 + 1mm

Net weight


Packaging / material

Carton packing

2. basic parameters

Rated voltage

Open circuit voltage 12V

Rated capacity

10 hour rate 17AH

Capacity at different hour rates

10 hour rate (10A): 100%

5 hour rate (45A): 90%

1 hour rate (80A): 80%

Battery internal resistance


Charging voltage


Float voltage


Maximum charging current

0.25C10 (A)

Battery capacity at different temperatures





Battery storage capacity

Capacity after 3 months of storage: 96%

Capacity after 6 months of storage: 90%

Capacity after 12 months of storage: 82%

3. discharge characteristics






Discharge termination voltage








Discharge current (A)

Discharge termination voltage (V)

0 C<(A)<0.1C