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Shengyang SP12-24 maintenance free UPS battery 12V24AH battery EPS battery sacredsun DC screen

It is suitable for UPSEPS power supply, DC screen, emergency lighting system, fire elevator, large computer room, security guard, alarm and other products

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Shandong sacredsun power Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as San Yang shares, stock code: 002580) is a national high-tech enterprise, Shengyang trademark A Well-Known Trademark in China. The company was founded in January 1991 and was listed on the small and medium board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 6, 2011. The company is one of the earliest domestic R & D, manufacturing of VRLA batteries, lead-acid battery industry enterprises, is the first Chinese through export inspection audit of the enterprise. The company is a member of the international ALABC organization. It is the standing director of China Battery Industry Association and China chemical and physical power industry association, and the lead-acid battery branch of China electrical equipment industry association...


SP (energy storage) series




Product characteristics


1. this series of products is designed for solar energy, wind power and other energy storage systems as well as small current, shallow cycle applications in the design of small and medium-sized valve controlled sealed lead-acid batteries

2. capacity range (C10): 38Ah - 200Ah (25 C)

3. voltage level: 12V

4. cycle life long: 20%DOD cycle life of more than 2000 times;

5. good over discharge recovery capability

6. self discharge rate is small, the average monthly less than or equal to 2% (25 C)

7. design life: 20Ah above, 10 years, 20Ah and below 5 years (25 degrees)

8. working temperature range: -30 to 50 degrees Celsius



Main application fields


Solar energy and wind power station

Unmanned base station for solar energy and wind energy communication

Solar and wind power household power supply system

Solar signal lamp, street lamp, lawn lamp, traffic signal lamp, warning lamp


Photovoltaic pumping water lifting system

L garrison station Island garrison power supply system


Remote automatic control power supply

Automatic measuring and reporting power supply for water temperature

Rooftop photovoltaic power

Surveying and mapping base station


PDF product model rated voltage (V) 10h rate capacity (Ah) long (mm) wide (mm) high (mm) total height (mm) weight (kg) short circuit current (A) reference internal resistance (m) terminal type

SSP12-18 (energy storage) 1218181761661665.346015.0SP-11

SP12-26 (energy storage) 12261661751251258.067012.0SP-20

SP12-28 (energy storage) 1228223911751757.870011.0M5 x 10

SP12-38 (energy storage) 123819616516517012.013009.0SP-22

SP12-42 (energy storage) 124219616516517012.914008.5SP-22

SP12-50 (energy storage) 125025713219319816.116007.5SP-22

SP12-65 (energy storage) 126531416616917420.517007.0SP-22

SP12-70 (energy storage) 127032416617517521.720006.0SP-22

SP12-80 (energy storage) 128035016717917923.226004.5SP-28

SP12-100 (energy storage) 1210033017421722529.830004.0GFM-22

SP12-120 (energy storage) 1212040717322223136.034003.5GFM-22

SP12-150 (energy storage) 1215048317121922742.537503.2SP-29

SP12-200 (energy storage) 1220052223421822358.044002.7SP-26