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The whole wardrobe bedroom wooden platform tatami style combination of children room m bed Beijing custom custom

discount 70% in 2018-07-22 to 2018-07-24
price: USD$ 93.10
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Welcome to shop, normal shipment..

Sales Hotline: 13161438503

After sales guarantee: 13552365702

Measurement design and installation: 15010772917

Store address: Huilongguan Changping District building materials City

13 No. 16

Beijing users come to measure site design Oh: package measurement package installation package (customer service service warranty 5 years lifetime maintenance); welcome to the dreams of love custom made furniture doors, we sincerely for your service


Frequently asked questions:

1、Dream love homeHow to calculate the price of the furniture cabinet?

Answer: pro! We are calculated according to the cabinet cabinet plate area, the other drawer, treasure house, a back plate, the door is another operator! (consumer buyer)

2、Dream love homeHow do you charge for the hardware of furniture?

Answer: our hardware parts are free to give you! Standard gift hardware accessories: solid special brand of high grade buffer damping, hydraulic hinge, high-end quality handle

Requirements: imports of Austria 40/ import Heidi Blum hinge, slide wire 50/ (if you do not love our vice hardware styles can be purchased separately!)


3. How long is the customization period?

Answer: after measurement20Around the sky. The installation will inform you one day ahead of time!

4. How long is the after sale service and warranty period?

Answer: if you have any questions, just one phone call for you15010772917We will send professional staff home service. The warranty period is 5 years and lifelong maintenance!

5, on charges?

Answer: the first to make an appointment to take measurement to be honest (50 or 100 yuan deposit) such as cash refund after the measurement of the measurement site you are not satisfied with not done Oh (need to confirm receipt of on-site measurement) - Measurement after 50% advance, after installation check (balance paid). Remember to give us a high praise!


Ordering instructions:


1) because we are direct sales of customized furniture, there is no finished product supply, so buyers do not directly photographed after the baby, first consulting customer service. Foreign customers need to provide size and customized CAD diagram, (cabinet temporarily do not do the field), Beijing five ring customers please leave your detailed address and phone, we will send professional designer free door-to-door measurement.

2) the customers who request the designer to come to the house can take 50 yuan or 100 yuan deposit; when we measure, we will take the furniture material sample block, furniture color card, Atlas and drawings to choose and refer to you!

3) measurement sampling after the completion of 60% advance to Alipay (Note: not to take it into account Alipay oh) to the designer or directly to the cash, the signing of the contract only after a single production.

4) 15-20 days after the order can be delivered to the door installation

5) confirm receipt and evaluate it,If there is dissatisfaction, please install the scene, with the installation of the teacher put forward, we will be satisfied with you so far, do not directly bad review. (if there is a problem not put forward, directly in the poor evaluation of the buyer, we will terminate the after-sales service!)



Buyers attention!

1.Due to the heavy weight of custom-made plates, customers without elevators on the third floor or above need to pay a certain amount of moving expenses, and each floor of the building is charged 50-80 less than.3

2.50% payment order customers need to pay a deposit, as (including Taobao to pay 100 deposit). The remaining 50% balance before installation. Not to pay the balance paid before the goods still belongs to the company. To install the completion date of this agreement, customers can use their warranty for one year. The sliding door cabinet. Five. Gold can enjoy five years warranty.

3.Because this product is tailor-made, do not change after the order. You can't return.

4.Due to the complex process of custom-made furniture, the delivery time can not be guaranteed. We will try to deliver the goods on time within 15-20 days after you confirm the order, but for several reasons,

Delivery delay. Please understand. We'll deliver as soon as possible

5.In order to protect the interests of our entity stores. When customers come to the store material selection, do not disclose the specific way of purchase. Unit price, amount and other information

The charging mode of customized furniture:

According to the developed area of charging cabinet, expanded area of all plates of each square meters price multiplied by adding your order cabinet price is. (non meter billing)

The price is according to the square charging door. The cabinet price includes connectors, the price of casement door is hinge, and the sliding door price is made of aluminum magnesium titanium alloy frame and slide rail.


Less than 0.5 square meters door according to 0.5 square meters, 1.5 square meters of single door fan dissatisfaction by 1.5 square meters calculation


Special shaped parts need to pay special charges.


Drawer, pants rack, metal legs and other functional accessories, hardware billing.


Configuration specification:


First, the standard price for the cabinet expansion area per square meter price, high-grade rural style plastic door panels for 300/ square meters


Two, the cabinet uses Jilin forest industry Lushuihe 18MM environmental protection plate E0 board 125/ square meters, environmental protection solid wood ecological board 170/ square meters, multilayer board 170/ square meters, solid wood import pine tooth joint board 220/ square meters, oak tooth plate 280/ square meters. Large quantity is preferential (can consult customer service)!


Three, hardware: the brand, high quality solid special haifule damping hydraulic hinge (switch two hundred thousand), high-grade luxury handle (various styles can be selected).


Four, city sellers free door-to-door design, measurement, installation. Foreign customers (can be customized door), the seller is not responsible for the installation, can be responsible for logistics delivery (logistics fee buyer pays), buyers in the local people to install

         [Dream love homeFurniture Customization several major series of products: series of wardrobe, cloakroom series, cabinet series, sliding door series, all kinds of aluminum magnesium alloy door series, supporting the Home Furnishing series; corner wardrobe, tatami platform, bed plate, wine cabinet, TV cabinet, bookcase computer desk, entrance into the household cabinet, shoes cabinet etc..

Whether it is the living room, kitchen, bedroom or study, regardless of style, furniture material and color and size, you can free integration, personalized custom design, design your own out of the ordinary home; all kinds of style, a piece of day, to create a pure romantic home for you!Dream love homeWill provide you with ideas of creative home customization services to fully meet your various ideas on the home space!

The good news: "spring" big promotion! From now on ~ ~ ~ ~ to our shop to order any baby have discount, quantity discount more! Discount constantly, surprise constantly! Welcome parents to consult, order Oh!


Note: Taobao 100 yuan deposit, after the design plan, we will default delivery, please confirm the receipt within one week after the delivery. After installation, to the five-star




Ordering process:

1.BeijingThe customer service personnel and online communication, the customer to confirm baby type; -- take the deposit - designers bring comprehensive material (Atlas - small head - color) - designer home design measurement, drawing, make quotation, sign the contract, pay the advance payment (such as Alipay to pay advance payment, to confirm receipt, in order to plant cash flow)

  3Processing time limit 20-25Around the sky

  4Installation personnel installation, acceptance, installation of the end of the master

  5Warranty for one year, life-long maintenance

Door-to-door installation method:
Beijing area provides free delivery and installation services.
Before delivery, our staff will carefully check the shipment, including the style, components, accessories, packaging and other details.
1~2 days before delivery, our company will confirm the delivery date with you, arrive 2 hours before the arrival, accurately inform you the delivery time, ensure your goods arrive safely and accurately.
After completion of delivery and installation services, please sign on the spot. Acceptance confirmation on the spot by the installation master to settle the balance (or Alipay instant confirmation of arrival) installation master may leave.
Other provinces and cities customers can free delivery to logistics, logistics costs borne by the customer.