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The student dormitory office desktop fan fan clip clip Mini silent desktop home bedside fan

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
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Name: The student dormitory five office clip clip fan wind electric fan fan fan mute Mini desktop
Size: The total height of about 50cm, the total leaf diameter of about 43cm, with a power supply line of about 1.5 meters
Texture of material: Fan / fan: PP motor: electronic components
Color: blue
Brief introduction: This product adopts high performance motor, double spring, double directional starting device, make the product fast starting, smooth rotation. Using high strength engineering plastics (ABS) as the main plastic (shell) materials, the axis of rotation at the bottom of the high temperature resistant plastic (PBT) plastic bag technology. Within the host shell, dissipation ring magnetic stickers, make the products with high strength, high temperature resistance, off the disk. Bearing for high temperature resistant plastic (nylon 1010), greatly improve the service life of the product, and make the noise down to the lower. In the mosquito net, sofa, desk, kitchen, toilet is more appropriate, and can be matched to schools, nursing homes, shops, hotels, rooms, kindergartens and other places of assembly line factory.


Matters needing attention: The bottom 120 degrees pitch, pinch 180 degree rotation adjustment, head 90 degrees down regulation, arbitrary! The clamp can clamp the thickness of 6CM, the standard power line length is 1.5 meters, with 2.7 meters long power line, fan blade removable storage for easy cleaning. Speed: 333 rpm; plug type: 2 hole plugs; rated voltage: 220V; rated power: 8W; rated frequency: 50HZ
Detailed description: Product features:
1, quiet and low noise PP air fan, durable, efficient motor, energy saving and environmental protection, 1 days less than 1 degrees, strong wind, in the summer, give you a breeze;
2, clip, stand, crane, the third one, a fan three, each angle adjustable, from the scene, the use of more freedom;
3, grid cooling hole, effective heat dissipation, prolong the service life of the motor, removable blades, without screws easy disassembly, convenient cleaning and storage;
4, power line switch design, often replacing plug plug trouble, novel style, little and dainty safety, energy saving, high quality and inexpensive. A person, a bed, a fan, a fan of ideal sunstroke.

Working principle:
The working principle of the fan is a magnet with excitation synchronous motor, synchronous motor due to difficult to start, so it is necessary to use a spring to help it start. The fan is only one coil generates a magnetic field generating another magnetic field with a magnet, the fan reaction produces 2 magnetic fields in operation. Such fans than the average fan less half of the power, so that the fan is such a fan.

Reasons to buy:
1, fan soft wind, allowing continuous use as a feather fan breeze, cool and pleasant night use, carefree and dream. Use day and night will not appear cold and discomfort, long time use of body discomfort.
2, suitable for small wind power, cheaper and more energy-efficient, family or modern office even installed air conditioning, but one of the fan, air temperature increases 3 degrees will feel more cool, is the recommended fan energy conservation society.
3, due to the lightweight, low speed operation, Qiao Ling, will not hurt people, ease of use. But because the wind leaf is plastic, compared to traditional iron blades safer, suitable for crowded places (such as the factory school).

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