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Set the nail paper support tool to extend the shop full Manicure extended a long crystal industry Manicure phototherapy

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Nail paper, finger support, phototherapy nail crystal nail necessary 500 pieces / volume



Set in the nail, the two corners of sticking together, maintaining perfect radian, making a crystal or gel in the above. You can determine the length of the nail you want to make according to the scale above, and the convenient design makes it easy for you to control the length of each crystal nail.
1, sticky. Tear it down
2, the midline to see and align the nail's middle axis
3, the finger is inserted in the finger joints. Must be midline alignment nail middle position

Crystal nail is made of crystal powder and crystal liquid to create beautiful nail shape. In the production, first coated with a layer of disinfection and drying adhesive on nails, then wash nail pen, dipped in crystal liquid, immediately dipped in crystal powder, a small particle, painted on the nail cover. There is a crystal nail at once stereo feeling. After the nails decorated with flowers or gems, it is characterized by strong texture resistant, not easy to break.

Crystal nail, as a kind of nail way that has been recognized and accepted by people, seems to be habitually called as immutable adjective. In fact, crystal nail has a lot of decoration style, can be changed according to the season. In the summer, "gestos fingers" for the majority of MM Manicure hobbies offer a set of that cool crystal a.

Summer, the complex and exaggerated patterns often make people hot and dry, and simple, unified pattern will make people feel quiet and refreshing.

Monochromatic crystal nail making process:
1. Disinfection.
2. Cut the leading edge of natural nail, trim the front edge of natural nail to prevent the transparent white nail from transparent nail, which will affect the beauty of the front.
3, push finger skin.
4. Cut off the redundant fingers.
5. Grind the natural nail surface with No. 100 sand bar, grasp the intensity of engraving, grind along the front and rear of the natural armor, avoid grinding the left and right sides, and avoid the natural nail fracture.
6, on the surface of a natural coating disinfection, dry adhesive, do not touch the skin, such as accidentally touched the skin, immediately rinse with water for five to ten minutes.
7, the paper board, let it and natural nail tight connection.
8, take the crystal (a mixture of methyl liquid and a powder) on the nail edge, smooth operation, is divided into four lines.

9. Polish the whole nail surface with sand strips, and make the nail nail close to the natural nail.
10, coated with nutrition oil, and then polished.
11, paint bright oil, complete.
Supplies preparation:
Crystal nail liquid: the main raw material of crystal nail making, mixed with crystal nail powder.
Crystal Nail Powder: the main raw material for crystal nail making, mixed with crystal nail liquid.
Crystal pen: NIB made from mink hair or fiber, used to make and trim crystal nails.
Color crystal nail powder: used to make crystal nails, often used in carving.
A piece: glue directly on the nail, convenient and time-saving.

Smearing of nail polish:
1, the bottom oil has isolation effect, can protect nails. So, before you apply nail polish, you need to apply a base oil.
2. Shake the nail polish with a little brush and dip it into the nail polish (not too much, preferably at the mouth of the bottle). Start from the middle of the nail root and paint it to the tip of your finger. Second pens and third pens are painted on both sides of nail root.
3, the first time after a dry oil, and then painted second times. If the first nail polish dries second times, it will lead to uneven surface of nail polish.
4, bright oil on the nail polish surface, make it more durable luster.
5, with a small cotton swab dipped in a clean wash water on both sides of the nail nail.

1. visually changing hand traits.
2. lengthen the natural nail, and make the shape more fullness, the texture is more solid.
3. can correct deformity nail and repair residual nail.
Difficult point:
1. avoid excessive pruning refers to the skin, as long as the finger skin trim smooth, can be.
2. paper pallet and natural nail connection, to avoid gaps.
3. a polished crystal force should be uniform, note the trailing edge crystal a, try to make the crystal face Bao houkuo.
4. pay attention to the ratio of nail polish and nail powder.