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Weichai diesel Yuchai nameplate customized sign making gas machine aluminum corrosion production licensing silk screen

discount 70% in 2018-10-17 to 2018-10-19
price: USD$ 70.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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  Entity factory, professional production, free design, kind shooting, first-class quality, quality and quantity!
      This product is beautiful and bright, no rust, fading and other characteristics, widely used in automobile, truck, Howard, Haohan, Ho Lok, star Steyr, FAW, Dongfeng, Foton, lapras brand, FOTON AUMAN, Shaanxi, Yuchai, Weichai Power, cloud and other automotive engine nameplate.
Please consult the price of time given the following format
productMaterial ScienceAluminum, copper, stainless steel, PVC material (a material)
productthickness0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.8mm (standard thickness, a slight error do not remember)
productSpecifications80*160 (to a size mm mm)
productTechnology(flat screen printing, paper printing "map is flat, < > corrosion rotten bottom, there is a bump > text
productProduction timeA spot on the day of delivery 1-3 days send a large amount of custom 5-7 days urgent please, try to cooperate with
The paint used in the factory is basically imported paint, such as any fingernail scratches, alcohol wipe, gasoline soak out the phenomenon, we have unconditional refund Hope, custom Pro look for factory Taobao outlets, than the price at the same time than the quality of goods more than three.
Pro car plate is a code (Gang Yin), you need a code indicating whether to change the content, provide the need to play a good content, cannot change can not be returned.
Each customer, each sign will have different prices, so don't sign with our price 50 yuan as the standard, resulting in your misunderstanding, We apologize for customautomobileNameplate150 a, 120 a spot, the packet fast delivery, need to go SF plus 15 yuan.
Provide after the Pro Pro price, determined to do, please pay us money, according to the complexity of the map, in 1-4 hours Provide pro computer typesetting, all words and patterns are proofread by the customer, we modify and proofreading after adjustment, finally We provide patterns prevail, do not accept any text is not correct, typo missing words for a refund. We will modify to customer satisfaction
Pay attention to; the factory customized automobile nameplate for second-hand car, second-hand car engine, annual off to do, (do not provide smuggled cars, illegal acts such as the waterwheel) found that the consequences of their own pay.
if there beNeed to customizeOr have questions can contact pro:
contact Customer service (Note: 736492753 plus friends.Come to the Taobao store
Mobile phone: 13626777673 contact: Mr. Huang (recommended) (thatCome to Taobao


The following sample show map details: