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2017 Zhuo one microcomputer time control switch socket 16A timer electronic timing switch controller cycle

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220V16A switch --16 on 16 off programming control switch (socket) can be set according to the switching time, duty cycle.

Working modeThe same day, daily, 135 (246 weeks) (week) six days (week) (135 weeks) (456 weeks) (12345 weeks) and 123456 (123456 weeks)

This product is based on user set time, electric power equipment automatic open and close all.Maximum load3500WJack, can be directly inserted into the plug, if the appliance is a two-phase plug, plug plug is needed to convert circular power socket converter.

The control object can be an electric cooker, alarm system, TV, monitor, street lights, neon lights, GuangzhouAdvertising signs, light equipment, radio and television equipment all need time to open and close the electrical equipment and household appliances.

Power supply: 220V/50HZ

Voltage range: 160-240V

Switch resistance capacity: 16A

Power consumption: <4VA

When the control range: 1 hours -168

Error: < + 2 seconds / day

Ambient temperature: -10 to 50 DEG C

Relative humidity: less than 95%

Dimensions: 115 x 73 x 43mm

Weight: 140g

Switch group number: 16 group of manual and automatic two

Multifunctional socket

Function / use:

[timing to give the fish tank oxygenation]

Fish friends are you for your own oxygen machine always boot and trouble? So please buy a timer socket! Have a timer socket, you can make oxygen machine according to your set the start time of oxygenation, shutdown. Extend the life of oxygen machine!

[switch] electric blanket

The weather is very cold in winter, want to give the elderly to buy an electric blanket. But the old man forgot to turn off the electric blanket will always worry about the danger, then a - electronic timer socket! With it you can advance the old heating in half an hour before going to bed, sleep in the elderly after the automatic shutdown especially for the elderly and children at home, which can not only reflect your love and keep them safe.

[timing] charging

Mobile phone, charger are required charging no more than * * hours, it can be used to ensure that your equipment safety, not overcharge.

[time heating electric water heater, comfortable bath]

Occasionally go out, then returned home to a hot bath, if the device has been constantly heated, unsafe and also the costs of electricity, then thanks to a microcomputer timer switch, to make it a few heating can do it, can go according to your request.

[small] timing pumping family rockery

A small family of rockery, is not a good 24 hours a day. Electronic timer socket can make the boot time, night time off, can save energy and prolong the life of the pump.

The timing for electric bicycle charging level []

The charging of electric bicycle control: General Electric Bicycle full charge takes 8 hours, the charger with a large current charge in the first 5 hours (generally refers to the red indicator), after 3 hours in the battery charge to 75%, jump to a small current charge (usually the green indicator light is displayed), during the period of total energy consumption equivalent to 100W incandescent lamp 8 hours, we returned to the garage after work and start charging bicycle is used, so the bulk charge, (9 pm, with the head of Yunxian? Night electricity. On the meter of the users can be uneconomical, fast with it, regardless of size head with night electricity, can earn a few cents for you every day, but also can prevent overcharge,Prolong the service life of the battery.

The use of non intelligent charger should pay attention to grasp the charging time, charging battery will be rapid aging, can also cause serious leakage, suggest the use of intelligent charging facilities - baby time control socket.

Enjoy the happiness of digital family                                       

The morning no longer drab alarm clock, let the sound of a beautiful song to keshui away insects; when the electric cold water heater obediently to help you prepare hot water wash; bread into them last night morning material, has become a fragrant bread, not hot milk? Oh, that sensible drinking is always in need of drink cooked in advance. Work with the electric bicycle has long been full of power and timing is broken, the power will not overcharge!

At home, the rice cooker came the faint aroma of Steamed Rice, ha ha, don't forget to wash rice eating ready afternoon dinner Oh; Oh, morning to charge a mobile phone battery to pull out of it, but we can not forget the smart socket; no longer bear the door bell nap harassment. Let the chaos rings the doorbell go giggle!!

At work, no longer worried about the dark slightly, "super Butler" has been opened for you good night light; after a meal and can take a hot bath every day; in addition to the aquarium cute little goldfish timing is essential oxygen RBI job; and before going to bed, don't forget to remind: washing machine after washing to rest!

Application of timing socket in life:

Electric vehicle charging timing

The heating time of drinking machine

Timing switch for electric blanket

The timing of the heater work

The timing of the electric water heater work

Automatic cooking timing electric cooker

From time to time to give the fish oxygen in the tank

Mobile phone, PHS charging timing

(role to the holidays before going out to open the timing lighting, can play a security)

The wonderful music and news you get up early sowing

No longer was awakened by the alarm sound monotonous, so put a beautiful song to the Sandman away; let hear the news report of the time the best in all the land transfer to you.

When the weather is cold, the electric water heater is ready to help you wash your face with hot water; the material that was put in last night in the bread machine has become a fragrant bread in the morning, has no hot water washed the milk? Oh, the water dispenser has been prepared in advance.
Arriving home at noon, everything was ready
A door with a stream of cold air blowing, the air conditioning secretly turn up; the electric cooker came the faint aroma of Steamed Rice, please a free babysitter, it is really a lot less trouble!

Hot water bath after work in the evening

Don't worry about dark. "Super Butler" has been opened for you good night light; the meal can take a hot bath every day; in addition to the aquarium cute little goldfish timing is essential to work it packed oxygen Oh; before going to bed and don't forget to remind: washing machine washing also take a rest!

1, sleep worms have to kill all the mosquitoes

Most people in our family we use liquid mosquito repellent incense, mosquito repellent liquid benefit is clean, sanitary, convenient and do not need the same day like mosquito tablets, mosquito repellent liquid but also has its limitations, everyone is easy to forget to close it and cause the liquid agent in the waste after getting up,

Using the timer after allowing liquid mosquito repellent incense in 2 hours before sleep at night, because of open electric mosquito after 2 hours to achieve the best effect to mosquito, and sleep in the air conditioning room can be set up every two hours to open once, to prevent mosquito liquid is too strong on the human body damage (does not mean no poison, low toxicity) automatically closed can be slightly set in the morning.

2, electric car battery, digital camera battery, mobile phone battery charge

Electric vehicle, digital camera, mobile phone battery life, charging time is too long and easy filling bad battery, long time charging power waste, the use of timer in the night by night electricity can save electricity, can also prevent charging too long to affect battery safety and life. You can feel at ease in the street outside to enjoy life. And don't worry about it.

3. in the implementation of peak valley electricity price, the timer will be used for the use of valley price.

4. lighting control for street lamps, advertising light boxes, facade lights, building exterior walls for timing switches. For your grace at the same time, reasonable for you to saveExpenses.

5. timing irrigation, timing pumping and water conservation for landscape architecture.

6. the timing switch for monitoring video and the broadcast of school regular broadcast.

7, automatic start and stop the oxygen pump, the goldfish electric feeding device, or water drain valve, let you go out and get out of all pets inHeart care.

8, with its automatic control equipment for the reproduction of sound, sometimes make a sound in the house, the thief did not dare to make crossing your Windows start, let youNo worries in thousands of miles.

9, of course, use it to control recording and video equipment, you can automatically work according to the point, let you record error.

10, home bean sprouts automatic insulation temperature control