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Imported titanium screw extrusion screw tap R+V/ extrusion machine by N+RSG6 extrusion Taps

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
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Our company sells JapanYAMAWAWire tapping, quality assurance! Welcome patronage!

 Frequently used straight slot wire attack:HT-HSSO-HT-HSSExtensive use, the most primitive modeling, tooth shape specifications, increase precision, etc..

Spiral wire attack:N-SPN+SPHC-SPOS-N-SPOS-N+SPExtensive use, tooth shape specifications, increase accuracy, etc..

Apex filament attack:N-POHC-PON+POOS-N-POOS-N+POExtensive use, tooth shape specifications, increase accuracy.

Extrusion (no groove, no chip) wire attack:N-RZN+RZN-RSN+RSThe material is widely applied to carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, aluminum, zinc alloy die casting material non ferrous alloy, surface after acid treatment, Ti (TINProcessing.

Inch55DEG tooth angle pipe of teeth:PTPSPFConnection and sealing,PTPSPFBe equal toISOStandard(RC.RP.G)

Us60DEG tooth angle pipe of teeth:NPSNPTNPSFNPTFAmerican tube teeth, connection, sealing, dry seal.

Long handle wire attack:LS-N-SPLS-N-POLS-HTLong handle type, used in deep hole, deep groove and other special occasions.

Stainless steel wire tapping:SU-SPSU-POSU+SPSU+SLworkable303304Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel and other difficult to cut materials.

Wire tapping for hard cutting materials:EH-POEH-HTFor hard to cut materials, tensile strength800-1200N/mm2Alloy steel, die steel, Quenched and tempered steel, etc..

Deep hole special screw attack:S-SPS-POFor deep hole tapping operation, it is recommended to use the depth of tappingYAMAWATap diameter1.5-3Times.

Special wire tapping for aluminum alloy:AL-SPSuitable for aluminum alloy and aluminum casting materials such as aluminum.

Light alloy special wire tapping:LA-O.It is suitable for aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other light alloy materials.

Special screw wire tapping for cast iron:FC-OIt is suitable for cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron, tough cast iron and other materials.

Stainless steel wire tapping:SU2-SPApply to316317Difficult to cut stainless steel, nickel alloy and other materials.

Wire tapping for extremely difficult cutting materials:ZET-BZET-PZEN-BZEN-PThe wire tapping is made of powder high speed steel, suitable for titanium alloy, nickel base alloy, stainless steel, tool steel and hardnessHRC35°-HRC45Quenched and tempered steel, etc..

High hardness ultra hard wire tapping:UH-CTApplicable to heat treatment and hardnessHRC50°-HRC60Die steel, tool steel and other hard materials; wire attack material is particulate superhard alloy.

Oil free (dry cutting) extrusion wire tapping:OL-RZDry tapping is suitable for tensile strength500N/mm2The following cold rolled steel plate, carbon steel, copper, aluminum alloy and so on.

 Metric commonly used specifications:M0.7×0.175 M0.8×0.2 M0.9×0.225 M1×0.25 M1.2×0.25 M1.4×0.3 M1.6×0.35 M1.7×0.35 M1.8×0.4 M2×0.4 M2.5×0.45 M2.5×0.35 M3×0.5 M3.5×0.6 M3.5×0.35 M4×0.7 M4×0.5 M4.5×0.75 M4.5×0.5 M5×0.8 M5×0.5 M6×1 M7×1 M8×1.25 M8×1 M8×0.75 M9×1.25 M10×1.5 M10×1.25 M10×1 M11×1.5 M12×1.75 M12×1.5 M12×1 M14×2 M14×1.5 M14×1.25 M16×2 M18×2.5 M20×2.5 M22×2.5 M24×3 M27×3 M30×3.5

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Spiral Tap Tap 

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Tap tap for stainless steel special wire 

                                                 YAMAWATap tap with pipe thread