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PVCUPVC safety valve back pressure valve pressure relief valve pressure reducing valve single wire interface DN15202532

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UPVC/PVC safety valve / back pressure valve / single pressure relief valve / pressure reducing valve

PVC safety valve / back pressure valve / pressure relief valve It has the function of safety protection and pipeline pressure relief When the system and pipeline pressure is too high, it can release pressure in time and play a protective role To prevent the pump from dead head, the liquid can be recovered through the maintenance of the system. It is recommended that the setting pressure of the safety valve is greater than the expected maximum operating pressure20%, but not exceeding the maximum pressure at the pump head. Back pressure valve: holding pressure, anti siphon With the pressure and flow to maintain the pipeline, while the discharge of high pressure, different from the general relief valve, there are pressure relief too much, unable to hold pressure shortcomings. To prevent the siphon phenomenon caused by gravity or other function at the outlet of the pump, to eliminate the flow and pressure fluctuation caused by siphon.

Valve body material:PVC(acid and alkali resistance)

Working pressure: safety valve01.0MPa

Back pressure valve00.3MPa


Connection mode: Internal thread

Fluid temperature: Plastic valve body60

Main function:

1. Provide pressure difference for both ends of back pressure valve

2. It can be used as a safety valve in a system that is not very strict.

3. Combined with the pulsation damper, the damage of water hammer to the system is reduced, the peak value of flow fluctuation is reduced, and the impact of the pressure fluctuation on the pipeline, elbow and joint is protected.

4. Create a good working environment for the metering pump and improve the performance of the pump.

Working principle:

The back pressure valve works by the spring's elasticity. When the system pressure is smaller than the setting pressure, the diaphragm blocks the pipeline under the influence of spring elasticity; when the system pressure is greater than the setting pressure, the diaphragm compresses the spring, the pipeline is connected, and the liquid passes through the back pressure valve.

The use of back pressure valve:

In the outlet pipe, the back pressure valve should be used simultaneously with the pulsating damper, and the peak value of the flow between the pump and the back pressure valve can be absorbed by the pulsating damper. When there is no pulsation damper, the backpressure valve will be opened and closed quickly with the stroke of each pump. When the damper is used, the back pressure valve will oscillate on the half open and half closed positions, so the pulsation damper can reduce the wear speed of the back pressure valve.

For the large flow pump, and the outlet pipe is long and thin, the installation position of the back pressure valve should be close to the filling point, so as to reduce the trend of siphon.

When the medium containing suspended solids is conveyed, the three (or four way) with pipe plugging should be installed at the inlet of the back pressure valve, so that the pipeline can be cleaned without disassembly.

Back pressure valve is only a pipeline element, only with other pipeline components (such as pulsation damper, safety valve, check valve, stop valve) in order to maximize the use of the role.

Matters needing attention

1Avoid resonance with the system.

2When the damper is used simultaneously, the pulsation damper should be installed between the pump and back pressure valve to absorb the peak value of flow between the pump and back pressure valve. Slow down the wear rate of back pressure valve.

3Outdoor shelter should be equipped with protective shelter or protective cover.