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TEC1-12706 semiconductor refrigeration tablet, refrigerating machine, drinking machine, refrigeration CPU electronic refrigerator

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Please read the following carefully before you order

The working state of the refrigerating film is that one side of the refrigerator is heated. When the work is done, the heating surface must be well cooled. It is forbidden to electrify for more than 2 seconds without heat dissipation, resulting in overheating and burning the buyer's conceit!

For the buyer to receive goods want to test the good or bad, you can use a battery test

The concrete method is that one hand holds the refrigeration piece, and the conductor of the refrigeration piece is pressed on the 2 end of the battery by one hand. If the micro cold side is felt, the micro heat shows that the refrigerating film is good!

How to divide cold hot noodles

Rated voltage: 12V, rated current is 4.5A, approximately 50--60W, the maximum temperature difference can reach 60 degrees Celsius, the exterior size is 4X4X0.4Cm, weighs about 25 grams. It is characterized by a cooling and heating.

There's literally a heat sink.

No literally cool.

Both hot and cold temperature 68 degrees (as long as the hot surface temperature to 68 degrees below the surface temperature can be controlled at 0 degrees or more -68 to the bottom)

When the power supply is connected with 12 volt power supply, the temperature difference between the two sides of the cooling sheet will appear,Never heat the cooler for a long time without heat sink, otherwise it will cause the internal heat of the cooler to burn out.

This product can be used in a variety of refrigeration occasions (such as hot and cold water dispenser, computer CPU, graphics card heat dissipation, etc.)
You can also apply it to other applications and fields, such as electronic refrigerators, electronic temperature lowering heads, electronic cooling helmets, electronic hot and cold cups, etc.,Used to do computer cooling, 5 volts enough, that is, the computer power that line in any one red line and black line is 5 volts, red line is positive, black line is negative (refrigeration film is also like red positive black negative)

Installation and use
The installation and use of the refrigeration plate is very simple. Before installation, it is best to prepare a little thermal grease, then find a battery connected to the refrigerator, two leads, you can feel at one end and the other end was cold fever, the polarity of the lead and remember the cold and hot sides determine good refrigerator. If you want to get a larger amount of refrigeration, it is suggested to use two cooling methods, namely by two fold, with a cold heat below one, the results show that the two stage refrigeration effect is much better than the single level, if the conditions can be selected in grade three, certainly must have the power power support.

Notice that this item is sold only to those who will be interested or interested in it. I don't know. Please don't beat it.

Radiator must be installed on the cooling surface, or water cooling device, otherwise it will burn out 。(Note: regardless of water or air-cooled are coated with thermal grease) "Please click on the thermal grease<<

Note: if the cooling is not done, the refrigerator is not responsible for the warranty. In the absence of heat dissipation test, the power supply will have a cooling effect. The power supply should be removed immediately within 1 second. Otherwise, the refrigerator can be easily burnt out."Please carefully test, do not use this method to test novice. "