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May /M.SUNUPS 12V38AH special power battery UPS lead-acid battery and three years shipping

Direct manufacturers quality assurance can be opened%17 VAT invoice every afternoon before 5:30 take payment can be shipped the same day, the next day after 5:30 Sunday delivery, photographed Monday delivery. Special offer for sale store battery, standby power supply, access control and backup power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply, emergency alarm lamp power supply, the host power supply, battery uses a lot of film can tell the customer what is not, lest produce unpleasant disputes

discount 70% in 2018-10-22 to 2018-10-24
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The company sold24AH all over the brand battery, warranty for three years (used in solar energy warranty for one year, used in UPS power supply warranty for three years; inhuman circumstances) and signed an order contract, to provide supplier certification! Beijing Zhong Guang Yi Da Technology Co., Ltd.
As a "lifeguard" of computer, the UPS has been used by more and more users. But as a kind of precision equipment, how to use and maintain it correctly?
  As a "lifeguard" of computer, the UPS has been used by more and more users. But as a kind of precision equipment, how to use and maintain it correctly?
  1. switch sequence
In order to avoid the impact current produced at the start of the loadUPS power supply is damaged, in use, should first supply the UPS, so that it is in the bypass work state, and then open the load one by one, so as to avoid the load current impact on UPS, so that UPS service life can be extended. The shutdown sequence can be considered as the reverse process of the startup sequence. First, the load is closed one by one, and then the UPS is turned off.
  2. before starting
Before starting, you need to confirm the polarity of the input power line correctly, so as to ensure personal safety. The total power of the load should not be greater than the total loadRated power of UPS. UPS should be avoided to work under overload to ensure UPS work properly.
  3. after shutdown
After the interruption of power supply,UPS powered by the battery pack and automatically shut down, do not use the UPS battery power to boot, so as to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive discharge. When the abnormal power supply turns into UPS battery power supply, the load should be closed and shut down in time. When the power supply is restored to normal, the power will be switched on again.
  4. use environment
Similar to the working environment of the computer,The environmental temperature requirement of UPS is also not very high, and it can work normally at 0 ~40. But dust problems also plague UPS. UPS uses clean, dusty, dry, dusty and humid environments that cause UPS to work abnormally. The UPS battery has higher temperature requirements, and the standard temperature is 25 degrees. It is better not to exceed the range of 15 ~30 C in normal time. Too low temperature will not only reduce the capacity of the battery pack, but also further affect the service life of UPS. In addition, UPS antimagnetic ability is not very good. So you shouldn't put a strong magnetic object on the UPS, otherwise it will cause the UPS to work abnormally or damage the machine.
  5. battery maintenance
  UPS battery group will have the phenomenon of self discharge, if not put into use for a long time will lead to damage to the battery, so the need for regular charging and discharging. If you are using the electrolyte absorption system of battery maintenance free, will not produce any gas in normal use, but if the user caused by improper use of the battery overcharge will produce gas, and increase the pressure within the stack, which will make the battery drum up, deformation, leakage or even rupture, user if it is found that this phenomenon should replace the battery immediately.
  6. pay attention to safety
BecauseUPS battery voltage is very high, there is a certain risk of electric shock to the human body, so in the loading and unloading of conductive connector and output line should have security, the tools should be insulated, especially the output contact, should have the prevention of electric shock settings. Maximize the satisfaction of more users. This is the UPS power supply enterprises need to pay attention to user complaints and feedback is one of the important reasons, only pay attention to user complaints and feedback, can in the shortest possible time to know the needs of the users and the feedback on products, in order to identify the problem, improve the product, to a greater extent to meet more users.
Pay attention to user complaints and feedback twoDo not let the user disappointed, do the user life and work of a small assistant
The function of UPS power product is destined that the user will believe that the product will begin to use its product. When we work with computers, if the electricity is abnormal, the UPS power will last a certain amount of time to power our computers, so that we have time to deal with the work of the skilled players, to prevent the loss of work documents, improve our work efficiency. If we are not perfect, not timely processing of user complaints and other common user feedback, there are also some problems in the process of using, it will cause great inconvenience to the user; the user of products not only disappointed, also on the user's work caused a lot of trouble. Therefore, UPS power supply enterprises must pay attention to user complaints and feedback, so as to know the product and the needs of most users, users to become the life and work of the assistant for the purpose, and constantly update and improve the product.
UPS supply many brands, only for the sake of users, pay attention to user complaints and feedback, and constantly improve the product, and satisfy more users in order to win the trust of users; only pay attention to the quality of products can be abnormal when occurred in the city, to bring the real help, users become the most intimate.

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