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Xiendi Hercules C-D12-18LBTUPS battery battery 12V18AH shipping spot

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Shanghai C & D Battery Co. Ltd is a maintenance free battery manufacturer specializing in the production of valve by the United States xiendi Technology Co. Ltd. and Shanghai power transmission and distribution Limited by Share Ltd invested lead-acid. The company is famousThe only manufacturer of lead-acid battery brand LIBERTYTM (formerly DYNASTY Hercules) in china.

In 1999, the US C&D purchased JohnsonControls from DYNASTY, including 67% of the original Shanghai Johnson Battery Co., ltd.. The company is in the leading position in innovation technology, high quality production, effective distribution channels and reliable after-sales service

2000, C & D from the battery quality control, product development and market promotion of long-term development strategy point of view, at the same time in order to further play the powerful advantage of products, and in communication, uninterrupted made considerable development power, electricity and other related industries, so as to determine the Chinese in this important market, the two original brand "Hercules DYNASTY" and "LIBERTY" unified LIBERTYTM. The brand after reunification, in addition to packaging printing in the battery unified LIBERTYTM, let users in the industry of Cyndi's battery brand is easy to grasp, the products in terms of design, quality, and customer service service commitment and brand unification before (original DYNASTY Hercules) produced exactly the same, and maintain consistent rigorous standards.


ModelVCapacity /AhSize /mm
(L*W*H* Total Height)
Weight /KgEnd column type (bolt)
C&D 12-7A LBT12715165941002.2 Faston Tab 187/250
C&D 12-9A LBT12915165941002.6 Faston Tab 187/250
C&D 12-12A LBT121215198951013.6 Faston Tab 187/250
C&D 12-18A LBT1218181771661665.0 Embedded (M5)
C&D 12-26A LBT12261661751251258.1 Embedded (M5)
C&D 12-40N LBT124219716517017013.4 Embedded (#10-32UNF)
C&D 12-54 LBT125422813920122517.0 Type L- (M6)
C&D 12-65N LBT1265331 164171 174 21.3 Embedded (1/4-20UNC)
C&D 12-76 LBT127627317420122423.3 Type L- (M6)
C&D 12-88 LBT128831917320323026.0 Type L- (M6)
C&D 12-100 LBT1210031917320323029.0 Type L- (M6)
C&D 12-114 LBT1211434117321324132.5 Type L- (M6)
C&D 12-127A LBT1212740717722522535.0 Embedded (M8)
C&D 12-150A LBT1215048317024124144.5 Embedded (M8)
C&D 12-158A LBT1215848317024124147.0 Embedded (M8)
C&D 12-200A LBT1220052223921822360.0 Embedded (M8)
C&D 12-211A LBT1221152223921822362.5 Embedded (M8)
C&D 12-242A LBT1224252126920320867.0 Embedded (M8)


Recommended operating temperature rangeFrom 23 to 27
Float voltageThe average temperature is 25 degrees C, 13.65 + 0.15VDC/ per section
Recommended maximum charging current0.2C A @ 20hr rate
Charging voltage for balanced and cyclic applicationsThe average temperature is 25 degrees C, 14.4 to 14.8VDC/ per section
Maximum AC ripple (charger)For best results, recommended float voltage fluctuation and 1.5% 0.5%RMS peak to peak (P-P), the maximum allowable AC ripple float voltage =1.4%RMS (4%P-P), the maximum allowable AC ripple current =C/20ARMS
Self dischargeIt can be stored for 4 months at 25 degrees, and then a supplementary supply is needed. If stored at a higher temperature, the interval between the supply of electricity should be shorter

The connection line, bracket, battery cabinet between batteries

Operating temperature range

Discharge: -40 to 71, charging: -23 to 60 C (voltage compensated by temperature compensation)

Recommended operating temperature range

From 23 to 27

Float voltage

The average temperature is 25 degrees centigrade, 13.65 positive and negative 0.15VDC/ each section

Recommended maximum charging current

C/5A (20 hour capacity 1/5 times current)

Charging voltage for balanced and cyclic applications

The average temperature is 25 degrees, 14.4to14.8VDC/ per section

Maximum AC ripple (charger)

For best results, recommended float voltage fluctuation of 0.5%RMS goods 1.5% peak to peak (P-P), the largest

Allow the AC ripple float voltage =1.4%RMS (4%P-P), the maximum allowable ripple current flow =C/20ARMS

Self discharge

It can be stored for 6 months at 25 degrees, and then a refresh charge is needed. If stored at a higher temperature, refresh the charge interval is shorter


Connecting wire, bracket and battery cabinet between batteries



Characteristics of Hercules battery (LIBERTY) products:

(1) a thick plate makes the battery live longer

(2) the flame retardant one-way vent valve makes the battery safe and has long life

(3) durable polypropylene (PP) battery cell cover

(4) heat sealing of groove cover can prevent leakage

(5) the adsorption type glass fiber technology makes the gas compound efficiency up to 99%, so that the electrolyte has no maintenance function

(6) UL certification

(7) multi cell battery design makes battery installation and maintenance more economical

(8) it can be used in any direction. The vertical, lateral or side position

(9) in accordance with the special provisions of IATA / International Civil Aviation Organization (A67), it can be put into operation.

(10) ground transportation can be carried out without hazardous materials

(11) water transportation can be carried out without dangerous materials

(12) the low calcium lead alloy grid designed by computer can reduce the amount of gas and can be reused conveniently

Trough forming technology, the voltage balance of the monomer is the best.
Super fine glass fiber absorption cell technology, low internal resistance, high efficiency gas recombination.
The shell uses a unique colloidal formulation.
Valve control regulation, maintenance free operation.
Computer aided design and manufacturing to ensure product quality.
The design has reached several international standards.
Estimation of service life, at 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) and normal floating state, can reach 10 years.