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Special three Swiss battery 6FM90-X three Swiss battery 12V90AHUPS power / high-low cabinet DC screen

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Characteristics and application of lead-acid battery:
No maintenance: the battery does not need to be added water during the whole service life.
High reliability, long service life, sealing structure and flame retardant shell special defects, does not produce leakage of electrolyte in the use process, but not the fire.
The weight and volume ratio energy is high, the internal resistance is small, and the output power is high.
The self discharge rate is less than 2% per month under the condition of 20 self discharge.
Full charged factory, no flow of electrolyte, transportation safety.
The temperature range is wide: standard series battery (-30 ~ 50), high temperature series (-45 ~ 70 C)
No balance charging, because of internal resistance, capacity, consistency of quality float voltage, ensure the battery during use, without a balanced charge.
Recovery performance is good: the battery over discharge to 0 volts, short-circuit placed 30 days later, can still charge to restore its capacity.
Strong copper terminal: easy to install connection, strong conductive ability.
Computer aided design and computer control of the main production process, to ensure consistency of product performance and meet design standards
Remarks: the above specifications can be made according to the customer's requirements

Application range of three Swiss batteries

And the telephone exchange; office automation system

And the electrical equipment, medical equipment and instrumentation; radio communication system

- the computer UPS uninterruptible power supply; emergency lighting EPS

And the power transmission station, switch control and emergency lighting; portable electrical appliances and mining system

And the fire alarm and safety monitoring, traffic lights and beacons;

6 - Communication standby power supply; DC power supply of the power plant, hydropower station

And, the substation switch control system; DC power supply for railway

Therefore, wind power and solar system; mobile station

Characteristics of three Swiss battery products

1, long life. Under normal circumstances, a series of float design life of 16 years, a series of 20 years.

2, the self discharge rate is very low. The battery plate with no antimony alloy, the battery self discharge is low, the white discharge rate of less than 1.5%.

3. Sufficient capacity. Ensure the capacity of battery is sufficient and the uniformity of voltage and capacity. Unbalanced voltage of the whole set of batteries without cathode adsorption valve control battery.

4, the sensitivity of the battery to heat is slightly lower, so it can adapt to the change of temperature rise in a short time. Can be used in the temperature range of -40~+60 DEG C in the battery, battery adopts unique alloy formula and paste formula, at low temperatures still have excellent discharge performance at high temperature, strong thermal runaway performance.

5, good sealing performance. It can ensure the safety and tightness of battery during service life, no pollution and no corrosion. The sealing structure of the battery can re produce the gas to synthesize water, and no water supply and maintenance is needed in the process of using.

6. Good conductivity. The copper terminal is used to discharge the battery with high current.

7 、 strong charge acceptance ability. Fast charge, capacity recovery, save time and electricity.

8. Safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system. The battery in the non normal use, due to excessive pressure caused by the battery shell bulging phenomenon.

9. Solid gel electrolyte without internal short circuit. In the same volume, the capacity of electrolyte than other maintenance free battery group (adsorption) 10%-20%, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability, can avoid the runaway phenomenon is easy to produce general thermal battery.

10, because the electrolyte of the battery is colloid, the electrolyte concentration is even, and there is no acid layering phenomenon.