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CSB12V17AH battery CSB battery GP12170UPS battery original authentic

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Taiwan CSB battery (China) Co. Ltd is a world leading manufacturer of industrial batteries and battery sales quality standardization of the company.
The company implemented and passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, the main sales: CSB GP series batteries, CSB battery HR high power series, CSB GPL series battery in Taiwan,
The United States CSB battery HRL high rate digital series, EVH2V series of high-end products, perfect quality system and strict management,
Perfect the quality of products can be guaranteed by the trust of customers, some products exported to Southeast Asia and Hongkong, Taiwan
The company has strong technical strength and advanced production equipment and technology, manufacturing experience accumulated over the years in Taiwan to undertake the design of mechanical transmission system, transmission equipment,
Manufacturing and customer service of a full range of quality services, to ensure that the product durable, safe and reliable, small and excellent quality.
Supporting transmission equipment designed for emergency lighting, power, coal, oil, solar energy, UPS emergency power supply, EPS emergency power supply and other machinery and equipment industries,
Especially suitable for all kinds of automatic line transmission.
Since the establishment of the company, the introduction of advanced technology and high precision equipment, improve product quality.
Quality first, reputation first is the company's purpose, to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development is the eternal theme of the company, the user needs is our pursuit,
The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad, common development!
As the world's leading brand of valve regulated lead-acid battery, CSB products are sold in 100 countries and has been widely used in communications equipment, all over the world
Uninterruptible power systems, solar energy, wind power, emergency lighting energy saving concept and security system and other products.
Since founded in 1986, CSB has gradually become an international group. The CSB factory of various branch offices throughout Asia and the americas,
The average monthly production of more than 4 million units of battery supply market.
All over the world of the distribution network and insist on quality to create a CSB today's growth. CSB production of batteries are high efficiency, free maintenance, and obtained ISO and UL certification.
However, CSB is not as full, in the future, CSB will fully participate in the development of hi-tech and battery of customers to meet each customer's needs and market
With over two thousand employees, CSB is confident in providing you a better and more reliable products and service value.
Companies adhering to the "quality first, customer supreme" is the tenet of the company, we are dedicated to the user is not only the most suitable
The use of the environment, excellent quality of high-tech products, but also our high-quality, efficient, reliable and timely service.
Product features
1, the maintenance is simple: gas generated inside the battery charge is substantially reduced to the absorbed electrolyte, the electrolyte did not decrease substantially.
2, liquid hold high electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator, flow state is not maintained, so even if the fall can also be used. (fall more than 90 degrees above cannot use)
3, superior safety performance: because of the extreme charging operation error caused by excessive gas can be released to prevent cell rupture.
4, the self discharge small: with special lead calcium alloy production grid, the self discharge at a minimum.
5, long life (design life of 3 ~ 6 years) the economy is good: the battery plate grid with special lead calcium alloy corrosion resistance good, while using a special partition can keep the electrolyte, and also with strong compression positive plate active material, prevent the loss, so the battery is a long service life and economy.
6, small resistance: due to the small resistance, good high current discharge characteristics.
7, deep discharge recovery ability is excellent: in case of a long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, basically does not appear to reduce capacity, can be restored quickly.
Buy CSB battery after corrosion, cracking, deformation, fever or other abnormal phenomenon, do not use, contact with the company immediately, in order to avoid danger.
To avoid the child close to any static or charging of CSB battery.
The use of the temperature range of CSB battery, beyond this range may shorten the battery life of CSB or damage:
Charging: 0 ~ 40oC
Discharge: -20 ~ 50oC
Save: -20 ~ 40oC
The CSB battery at high temperature (above 50oC) places, such as sunlight, engine room or boiler room, will shorten the life of CSB battery. In the low temperature environment will reduce battery performance.
The discharge current can not exceed the limit value, so as to avoid the occurrence of leakage and explosion phenomena such as fever.
The long-term use of battery instrument in CSB battery is removed, lest excessive discharge and damage the battery life and performance.
Please do not directly to the terminal welding, to avoid leakage.
Please do not use the inverted battery.
Please do not hit CSB batteries or use in place for the easy to vibrate.
Do not use organic solvents, detergents, paints and petroleum products to wipe CSB battery electric tank rupture.
Please use the waste battery recycling, and confirm the short-circuit condition, CSB battery internal residual energy may cause fire.