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Factory direct guardrail network, highway, railway, railway, airport isolation network, PVC zinc steel fence net

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Zinc steel guardrail


Zinc steel guardrail is a balcony guardrail made of zinc alloy material. Because of its high strength, hardness, beautiful appearance, bright color and other advantages, it has become the mainstream product in residential area. The traditional balcony guardrail uses iron bar and aluminum alloy material.

It is necessary to use the technology of welding and so on, and the texture is soft, easy to rust, and the color is single. The zinc steel balcony guardrail perfectly solves the shortcomings of the traditional guardrail, and the price is moderate, and it has become a substitute for the traditional balcony guardrail material.

Zinc steel balcony guardrail can be used for roads, railways, highways, or both sides of the bridge as the fence, can be used as a protection zone, airports, ports, terminal security, municipal construction in the park, lawn, zoo, pool Lake, roads, residential segregation and protection, guesthouses, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues the protection and decoration etc.. The assembly type integrated fence is used to fix the connection accessories and the steel pipe props in use.

It can be used as: balcony guardrail, protective window, staircase handrail, fence, garden fence, shutters, air conditioning fence, road fence fence.


A type four bar with double,


B type three bar with a flower,


C type three bar,


D type two bar,


EType curved arc,


F type double arc guardrail.



Characteristics of zinc steel


1, zinc galvanized steel by hot dip galvanized steel substrate is made of steel of various specifications, the use of high-end high frequency welding technology, welding flat and firm.

2, the zinc zinc steel pipe surface galvanized pipe reached 60-80g/ square meters, at room temperature can not rust 3-5.

3, zinc steel product is the galvanized pipe again deep processing. The process of zinc steel guardrail: mechanical processing, chemical treatment (deoiling, dedusting, nano pottery, passivation), electrostatic spraying (to cure (220 degrees high temperature enamel curing), and after multi-channel treatment, it can achieve 20 years without rust.

4, the biggest feature of zinc steel products is no welding. Zinc steel is a perfect combination of fittings and pipes, which is beautiful, solid and applicable, and is in line with the American barrier Association standard.

5. Powder spraying is used on the surface of the product. Its products are beautiful in appearance, free in color, rainbow in color, no combination of welding and interpenetration, have super protective function, self cleaning and environmental protection, and achieve the real low-carbon environmental protection and green life product advocated by the state.



One, made of zinc alloy, it is not easy to rust.

Two, through advanced technology pipelining, high temperature baking paint, its paint surface is high temperature, sunlight, rain, corrosion, and easy to peel off, and does not cause wall pollution.

Three, simple assembly, through many years of market exploration, innovation, reform, its products have been to a certain degree of maturity.

Four. The combination of zinc alloy material and high tech baking paint confirms the new concept of green environmental protection.

Factory direct guardrail network, highway, railway, railway, airport isolation network, PVC zinc steel fence net