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Spiral screw: 1 to the bottom 2 blind hole tapping cutting will not eat into the bottom 4 to 3 residues with cutting cutting tip of the wire tip tap good of a forward end of the discharge, the core size design of tap relatively large good strength, can bear larger cutting force. Especially in non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, through hole thread processing has excellent performance. The tap is mainly used for thread cutting of all kinds of through hole materials

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Spiral groove tap is one of the tools for machining thread, it belongs to one kind of tap, because its chip groove is spiral. Spiral groove taps are divided into left spiral groove tap and right spiral groove tap

The spiral groove taps are spiral, and they are divided into left and right according to the rotation direction. When the left-hand spiral groove tap is tapped, the chip is arranged downward, which is suitable for through hole; when the right spiral groove tap is tapped, the chip is discharged upwards, which is suitable for blind hole.
1 can be tapped to the bottom of the blind hole
2 cutting will not remain
3 easy to eat into the bottom
4 good machinability
Spiral groove tap is the most commonly used, according to different working conditions using different spiral angle, the common is right-handed 15 and 42 degrees. Generally, the larger the helix angle is, the better the chip removal performance is. It is suitable for blind hole machining. It is better not to choose through hole machining.
beforeAt the end of a cutting tap tap, because the front blade groove has a special gun blade groove design, stable precision tapping to tap in debris removal, easy cutting tip tap a forward end of the discharge, the core size design of tap relatively large good strength, can bear larger cutting force. Especially in non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, through hole thread processing Outstanding performance.The tap is mainly used for thread cutting of all kinds of through hole materials. The end taps have the same size as the ordinary tapsHand tapThe grooves in the same line are straight, but there is a specially designed spiral groove at the front end of the cutting part so as to rotate the pushing chip out of the hole. Because the end tap has the function of cutting off the rotation, it can avoid the resistance to cutting while maintaining the groove cleanness, and avoid the blockage caused by cuttingScrew tapDamage. Therefore, the advanced tap can be used to cut the high precision screw more quickly than the common hand tap,

By tapping the hole through the cutting hole, the end tap will play its amazing cutting effect, quickly and smoothly for you to remove the class screw.

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