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Special 868/ core 69C filter water purifier 8 positive MT- water machine filter price 3B ceramic suit 867/

discount 70% in 2018-10-14 to 2018-10-16
price: USD$ 64.75
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Cleaning before use:

After the filter element is immersed in the water for 10-20 minutes, the quartz sand filter element needs to be washed up and down for 5-10 minutes at the kitchen faucet, washing away the powder and debris of the mineralized stone filter material, and the other 2 filter elements can be washed with tap water to install the surface. Don't drink the first 1-2 barrels of water after installation!

Replacement time of filter element:

Filter element and local water quality, water bucket size, net filter cleaning and maintenance and use of the environment, use is in the normal state, the filter replacement time please see the net bucket back behind the logo, a logo on the net rated water amount, according to the amount of water you please every day can be calculated filter replacement time, high point of the net bucket when in use, the water is displayed on the screen, which will remind you to replace the filter; the influence of water quality on the filter, poor quality can advance to the filter loss of function.

Generally, the service life of the filter core is as follows:

Activated carbon fiber:3-6A month

Quartz sand filter: 6-12 months

Gradient ceramic filter core: 6-12 months

Ceramic filterWhen the water is obviously slowed down, the surface can be polished with fine sandpaper to restore the speed of the water

Different water quality in different areas, the filter life is also very different, please change the filter according to the actual situation.

The use of detergent cleaning method of disinfection of drinking water machine:



Standard use quantity (refer to Guangdong water quality):

It is recommended to wash once every three months, one package each time; if the water dispenser is not cleaned for more than six months, two packs should be used.

Remember to wash disinfection detergents only drinking water machine two pollution or kettle (inside the scale), and can not be used to clean the filter net bucket

The scale is more, the situation encountered cleaning scale is not complete, should be appropriate to add caixing. A pack of 20 grams of detergent can only remove about 20 grams of water oh.

Cleaning steps: 1, first disconnect the water dispenser power, remove the entire net bucket; 2, from the water dispenser drain water discharge (the outlet is not normally tap water, the drainage port in the back or bottom of the dispenser, if you do not find the drain, please operate carefully!) 3, will often add detergent; warm water about 1 liters of melt, solution to the top of the water dispenser cavity, then add water to the cavity can see the water, open water, water outflow, which is off the tap, so that the machine is filled with detergent solution, soaked for 1 hours, soaking in the process of plug, open the best heating switch (for water dispenser water heating chamber; 4, the scale up) open the faucet and drain port will do more than then wash with water put; drinking machine washed 3-5 times, each time the drinking machine with water and then rinse water from the faucet and drain the water drained, or more residues remover solution will have a sour and astringent taste.