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R410aR22 Midea GREE inverter air conditioner, DIY liquid maintenance tool, snow seed adding liquid and fluorine tool

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1.2 meters 2 inch + metric valve pressure gauge +2.5 + 410 metricinch conversion head 3 + spare leather pad + universal bottle opener 9

throughInverter air conditioner, ordinary air conditioner, refrigerator, refrigerator, automobile air conditioner tool set
 Note:No refrigerantIf you need refrigeration, this store is available



Household fixed frequency, variable frequency air conditioning refrigeration heating fluorine tool (add fluorine space-time adjustment operation 5-10 minutes open refrigeration mode)


Product Name: family R22 air conditioning filling Kit

Uses: air conditioning R22 supplement

Home air conditioning with refrigerant steps:

1: set the remote control to the refrigeration mode, open the air conditioning, the temperature is the lowest.

2: check whether the normal operation of the indoor machine, the outdoor compressor is normal start.

3: after the normal start, connect the fluorine equipment from the outdoor low pressure valve side column.

5: pressure and fluorine, refrigerant added to the pressure gauge of 0.4 to 0.5 can be.


Air conditioning liquid video tutorial






Universal open bottle valve

R22 filling pressure value: look at the outermost ring (-1-2.5) black number, added to the pressure value at 0.4-0.5 pressure can be!

R134A filling pressure value: look at the outermost ring (-1-2.5) black number, add to the pressure value in 0.25 pressure can be!

Frequency conversion filling pressure value: look at the outermost ring of the dial (-1-2.5) black number, add to the pressure value at 0.7-0.9 pressure can be!


Fluoridation instructions

1: now takes the bottle opener thimble back.

2: screw the bottle opener to the refrigerant bottle, screw it to the screw, then screw the bottle opener valve to the bottom.
3: tighten the meter and valve. Then the gauge valve and the bottle opener are connected in Imperial english. The parallel interface of the table valve and the neutral table is connected with the liquid adding pipe of the air conditioner, and the connecting pipe of the refrigerant is connected with the vertical interface of the air conditioner.
4: connects the British and British tubes to the other end of the table valve, and the smaller inch of the British imperial system does not connect the air conditioner with the groove. If you can't turn it on, try it on the street.
5: should be able to find the scale on the table at this time. Look at that circle of 2.5MPA, you'll find that the scale is between 0.9-1MPA, when the air conditioner is turned on and turned into a cooling state, you will find that the scale is beginning to drop.
6: found that the scale of the air conditioner running is less than 0.45MPA, and that is the refrigerant state. And then in order to first use a bottle opener to break the refrigerant tank, and then release the refrigerant, refrigerant bottle upside down, open the table valve. It is advisable to control the refrigerant flow until the internal pressure of the air conditioner reaches 0.45-0.5MPA.
7: fill in the refrigerant at this time, turn off the valve of the table, and quickly turn the air conditioning connection pipe down. Remember, it's fast, or it will freeze to your hand

Adding fluorine to air conditioner is doneAir conditioning maintenanceThis is a basic requirement, but it is also a highly technical job.

First, the premise of accurate fluoride

1. maintenance of air conditioning must comply with its use conditions and installation standards.
2. maintenance of air conditioning control system and executive components must be normal; pipeline system must effectively eliminate air, moisture, obstruction, leakage point, etc.; filter network, internal and external heat exchanger should be clean, well ventilated.
3. maintenance tools and materials must be qualified.
4. strictly according to the fluoride process operation.

Two. The basis and method of accurate fluoride addition
1. quantitative adding fluorine: connect the three-way valve, the pressure gauge, the fluorine hose, the fluorine bottle or the vacuum pump in the three way stop valve process port. The fluoride was slowly evacuated after the fluoride was evacuated. Weighing measuring tool platform balance accurately, when the fluorine fluorine bottle to reduce the amount of air conditioning is equal to the nameplate on the standard plus fluoride, fluoride bottle valve closed.
2.: the measured current is arranged on the air conditioning cooling or heating in high speed wind state (inverter air conditioner arranged in the running state) operates at low pressure valve opening process, while adding fluoride observed on ammeter changes when the rated current is close to the air conditioner nameplate value, fluorine closed bottle valve. At this time, let the air conditioning continue to operate for a period of time, when the cooling condition at room temperature close to 27 degrees centigrade or under the heating state at room temperature to 20 DEG C, and then consider the outdoor air temperature, the voltage level of the rated current and other factors, at the same time the amount of fine-tuning fluoride to reach the rated current value, accurate and fluoride. The reason is because to fine-tuning the rated working current of air conditioning nameplate value is air-conditioning manufacturers in the following conditions: the test data of refrigeration state, the power supply voltage 220V or 380V high speed wind fan, indoor air temperature is 27 degrees centigrade, outdoor air temperature of 35 DEG C; the heating state, the power supply voltage 220V or 380V fan speed the wind, the indoor air temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, outdoor air temperature of 7 DEG C.
The practice is to fine tune the data: cooling state, the outdoor unit of air temperature is 35 DEG C as the standard, the outdoor temperature is increased or decreased every 1 degrees, increase or decrease the rated current value of 1.4%; under the heating state, the outdoor unit of air temperature is 7 DEG C as the standard, the outdoor temperature is increased or decreased every 1 DEG C increase or decrease the rated current value of 1%; the cooling or heating condition to the rated supply voltage of 220V or 380V as the standard, the supply voltage of each increase or decrease of 1V, reduce or increase the rated current value: a single-phase 0.025a, 1.5 horsepower 0.025a x 1.5, 2 x 2 3 horse horse 0.025a, 0.025a * 3 0.025a * 3/3; three-phase 3 horsepower, 5 horsepower 0.025a * 5/3, 0.025a * 10/3 10.
3. pressure measurement method: air conditioning refrigeration in high speed wind conditions (winter heating need fluoride, air-conditioning will be arranged in a forced cooling state or will room temperature sensor placed in 27 degrees around the Xia Tian temperature simulation of warm water, let the air conditioning in the cooling condition) operates at low pressure valve technology, while adding fluorine side observation of low pressure vacuum pressure gauge, when the pressure in the 0.49mpa (Xia Tian) or 0.25MPa (winter), fluorine closed bottle valve. Consider the outdoor unit of air temperature, indoor cooling load factors such as low pressure, volume and pressure Freon fine-tuning, accurate fluoride. The reason is because of the low pressure fine-tuning and indoor cooling load is proportional to the cooling load is larger, the higher the pressure, the lower the contrary; fluoride mouth and process near the pipeline, because installed outdoors, the pressure and evaporation temperature affected by outside temperature, indoor heat exchanger, the actual pressure and evaporation temperature of summer some of the high, low in winter. In practice, the low-pressure pressure data are shown in the schedule when the fan is at high speed and the indoor temperature is 27 degrees centigrade.
4. observation method: air conditioning set running in high speed wind cooling or heating condition, temperature and fluoride amount accurately when the indoor heat exchanger inlet and outlet 10cm is greater than 12 DEG C when refrigeration, heating is greater than 16 DEG C; refrigeration, indoor heat exchanger all sound even low precipitation, evaporation condensation outside the valve of dew and condensation at summer continuously, the indoor heat exchanger and the capillary connection has no frost dew; when heating, the indoor heat exchanger wall temperature greater than 40 DEG C.

In actual maintenance, because the accuracy of frequency conversion air conditioning fluoridation requirement is very high, or because of the fixed frequency air-conditioning refrigeration piping system for vacuum, should adopt the quantitative methods of fluoride. If the pipeline system need to add fluoride, should be used to measure the current and measuring gauge by both observation method.

Must be in the open air conditioning with refrigerant cooling state, if the lack of refrigerant, the best vacuum electronic scale for quantitative filling, so suitable for various types of air conditioning, and filling accuracy. If the refrigerant is short, the ordinary air conditioner (variable frequency air conditioner with fixed frequency) needs to be filled according to the pressure gauge (but the pressure is not necessarily equal). Can feel rough judgment, cooling in the summer, starting 10 minutes later, a thick tube temperature is slightly lower than the normal temperature tube; winter heating pipes, the temperature slightly higher than the tube temperature is normal.

Operation method: 1, three way repair valve (2) and (4) connection, table first installed, after closing, turn the three-way valve. 2, at this time you can start the refrigeration, in order to reduce the pressure of the return pipe. 3, open the air-conditioning fluoridation hole, with a wrench, with bent head connection, (II) note that three-way valve must be closed, or air conditioning in the fluorine to leak out (three-way valve itself may also exist may leak, connection check). 4, then you can see your pressure meter readings, normal between 0.4~0.6 (black scale). Less than 0.4 should be less, almost the same according to the situation (such as refrigeration effect is not good) to add fluorine, but in principle not more than 0.6. 5, slightly open the three-way valve, let the original red tube of air conditioner in and out, generally do not allow the air, don't play too big, otherwise it will run out of freon and frozen liquid. It's enough to get gas out, and then turn off the valve. 6, cylinder (1) and fluorine pipe (3) connection. 7, add fluorine tube (3) and three way repair valve (II) connection, first do not completely dead. 8. Open the cylinder. Let the air in the fluorine pipe (3) also discharge, close the cylinder, connect well (3 and 2), and then open the cylinder. 9, the next can be added fluorine, open the three pass repair valve, according to the situation to add, in principle, many times less. 10, the whole process of air conditioning should always start (refrigeration) fluoride content determination: 1. according to the readings of the pressure gauge. 2. listen to the sound of the compressor, fluoride, compressor, less than the dull sound, on the other hand, the general compressor has a normal load, and more likely to be less likely to damage the compressor, refrigeration effect is not good than ". 3. if the current meter can test the working current of the compressor, this is ideal, and can be more accurate rejection fluorine amount. 4. see cool of the indoor machine, the general air outlet at 15-17 DEG C (for reference). 5. normal operation, the outlet pipe must have water outflow. 6. more and less may cause the two pipes frost. Other matters: 1. if the cooling effect is not good does not mean that the lack of air conditioning fluoride, there may be screen too much dust and air conditioner fault etc.. 2. if the air conditioning pipeline leak, add fluorine can not solve the problem, or to repair yo. You can also see for yourself whether it's a joint problem. The 3. connector leak detection methods, the use of detergent with a small amount of water, wash sponge into bubbles, the bubble foam to all outside the machine joint (see small figure, red arrow, look at all the joints) joints have no vesicles blown out, some words can solve it, use a wrench to tighten try. 4. in the absence of safety measures, please do not work at high altitude, or low altitude unsafe operations. 5. do not advocate everyone to do this, only for enthusiasts to learn