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Spot 0.3-20mm hole 304 stainless steel plate net galvanized plate flower hole network radiating plate screen

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 Flower plate made of galvanized plate and stainless steel plate 304 specifications recommended:

304 stainless steel with 0.5mm thickness 8mm aperture 1mm thickness 8mm aperture

Galvanized plate 1mm thickness 8mm diameter (also can choose other pore size)

Another 5cm-10cm (which can be set by itself)The height of the girth is surrounded by the protective net to prevent the falling of the flowerpots.

Reminder: the store will send flower plate fixing accessories. Inside the tile size measurement of flower,

It is recommended not to be large. We are cutting machines, such as unsuitable pruning.

Our company sells authentic SUS304 stainless steel round hole net punching plate, galvanized punched plate and iron plate. There are lots of stock in the year round, entity management, welcome new and old customers to come. Hotline: 0510-8181233813812513338

(spot 1m*2m can be tailored to any size, to undertake folding, welding, drum and other deep processing, laser cutting wafer, etc.)

Customized size thickness and pass can be processed according to customer specifications

The following specifications are in stock, and you are welcome to consult the customer service price 



Microporous plate tailored pore size0.3-0.8mm Real picture 

1mmThe aperture of the hole is 1mm hole, with a thickness of 0.5mm and 1.0mm.

1.2mmThe aperture of the aperture is 1.2mm, and the thickness is 1.0mm.

1.5mmThe aperture of the hole is 1.5mm, with a thickness of 0.5mm1.0mm and 1.5mm.

2mmThe aperture margin is 2mm, and the thickness is 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm.

Hole 1mm1.2mm1.5mm2mm real picture

3mmThe aperture margin is 2mm, and the thickness is 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm. 3mm.

4mmThe aperture of the hole is 3mm, with a thickness of 1.0mm, 1.5mm.

5mmThe aperture margin is 3mm, and the thickness is 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm. 3mm.

6mmThe aperture is 3mm, with a thickness of 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm.

Aperture 3mm4mm5mm6mm real picture


        7mmThe aperture of the hole is 3mm, with a thickness of 1.5mm, 2mm.

        8mmThe aperture of the hole is 4mm, with a thickness of 1mm1.5mm, 2mm.

    10mmThe aperture is 5mm, with a thickness of 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm.

Aperture 7-10mm real picture


     12mm aperture15mmAperture long circular hole5*25mmAperture real picture

Can be processed according to the requirements of the customer


Galvanized punching sheet (each sheet)1m*2mArbitrarily trimming of any size):


Plate thickness0.3mm aperture3mm Edge Distance3mm roll 1 meters *20 meters

Plate thickness0.3mm Aperture 5mm Edge Distance3mm Roll 1 meters *20 meters

Plate thickness0.5mm aperture3mm Edge Distance3mm Roll 1 meters *20 meters

 Plate thickness0.5mm Aperture 5mm Edge Distance3mm Roll 1 meters *20 meters

Plate thickness0.8mm Aperture 5mm Hole margin 3mm Roll 1 meters *20 meters

Plate thickness0.8mm Aperture 8mm Hole margin 3mm Roll 1 meters *20 meters

 Plate thickness1mm Aperture 1mm Hole margin 1mm 


Plate thickness1mm aperture1.5mm Edge Distance1.5mm

Plate thickness1mm aperture2mm Edge Distance2mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture3mm Edge Distance2mm 

Plate thickness1mm Aperture 4mm Edge Distance2mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture5mm Edge Distance3mm 

Plate thickness1mm Aperture 6mm Hole margin 3mm 

Plate thickness1mm Aperture 7mm Hole margin 3mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture8mm Edge Distance4mm 

Plate thickness1mm Aperture 9mm Hole margin 4mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture10mm Edge Distance5mm 

Plate thickness 1mm Aperture 12mm Hole margin 6mm 

Plate thickness1mm aperture15mm Edge Distance5mm  

Plate thickness1.5mm aperture1.5mm Edge Distance1.5mm 

Plate thickness1.5mm aperture2mm Edge Distance2mm  

Plate thickness1.5mm aperture3mm Edge Distance3mm 

Plate thickness1.5mm aperture5mm Edge Distance3mm 

Plate thickness1.5mm aperture8mm Edge Distance4mm  

Plate thickness1.5mm aperture10mm Edge Distance5mm 

Plate thickness1.5mm aperture15mm Edge Distance5mm 

Plate thickness 1.5mm aperture20mm Edge Distance15mm

Plate thickness2mm aperture2mm Edge Distance2mm 

Plate thickness2mm aperture3mm Hole margin 2mm 

Plate thickness2mm aperture5mm Edge Distance3mm 

Plate thickness2mm aperture8mm Edge Distance4mm 

Plate thickness2mm aperture10mm Edge Distance5mm 

Plate thickness2mm aperture15mm Edge Distance10mm 

Plate thickness 2mm aperture 20mm hole margin 10mm

There is no way to show the above specifications because of the space limit.

The perforated plates are in stock, entity management, inventory flow, occasionally out of stock situations, urgently please contact the shopkeeper asked whether a spot, we continue to add new goods, sometimes too late to upload, please contact the shopkeeper if there is a pro to the required specifications


Punching plate:The nickname metal plate net and the sieve plate net. The hole of the punching plate series has long holes, square holes, round holes, six corner holes, fish scale holes, and tensile heterosexual holes.


Material Science:321  316  304  201 Stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, cold and hot steel plate, cold plate,PVCPlate mold and so on.


The use of punching plate:
1.Ceiling, filter plate and cave board are used for the top wall of building objects.
2.Building balcony, environmental table and chair beautifully decorated hole board, punching decoration board, punching plate.
3.The protective cover plate of the mechanical equipment, the punching net and the circular hole board.
4.A magnificent sound box, a trumpet net, and a steel plate.
5.Filters for industrial hardware products, filter boards for ventilation and ventilation, filter nets, and group - hole boards.
6.Mine mill sieve, sieve, griddle.
7.The sieve plate, sieve plate and microporous plate used for grain and feed.
8.Kitchen equipment with fruit plate, honeycomb plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel filter.
9.The shelf network for the shopping mall is decorated with perforated plates, porous plates and perforated plates.
10.The environmental noise control barrier is made of sound absorbing board, sound insulation board and sound absorbing board.

Use:I plant the production of punching net widely used across the city section of the highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities in the surrounding noise and control barrier, building wall, generator room, factories, and other noise sources of noise reduction sound with sound absorption board can also be used for building the ceiling, wall sound-absorbing material. Can be used for building stairs, balcony, exquisite decorative plate and environmental protection. For machinery and equipment protection cover, speaker net enclosures, gorgeous food, feed, mine mill sieve, sieve, sieve I-beam, stainless steel basket, kitchenware equipment used to cover food, fruit and other kitchenware and shopping malls with shelves, exhibition decoration, ventilation network in grain depot, football lawn plant seepage strainer etc..



Note the buyer.

A stainless steel plate before the best phone or want to contact the Sales Department asked the price of products, the site price only as a reference price, with the raw material price, customer size and custom specifications. Different sales price will be floating.

If you have a technical problem need to ask, we will try our best to help, I have more than 40 years working unit of electric industry senior engineer for your grief.

In our product can ensure genuine, size according to customer processing cutting pieces, if there is no size, material, will not be returned.

Our service initiatives:
1, open 24 hour service line; service phone 05108181233813812513338
2, professional solution technology is difficult, free for you to provide support for the development of new products;
3, no matter which product is selected, we will help you design the most economical and most suitable scheme.
4, fully meet customer requirements, rest days, holidays are our working days.


 Our company is a scientific research, production, processing and trade as one of professional screen enterprises, Jiangsu province is located in the New District of Wuxi City, the main business: conveyor belt net series screen, food of different materials; different types of construction, shipbuilding industry with a metal plate punching net, steel net, aluminum net, titanium plate, stainless steel plate net network, highway fence, galvanized barbed wire, six angle net new product series; series of different types of metal expansion network; there are a variety of crimped wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hook.

Wuxi Hao Xin Metal Mesh Co., product specifications, quality, products are sold to all provinces and regions, and exported to Britain, Belgium, South Korea and some Southeast Asian countries and regions, and market-oriented, customer as the core, to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development business purposes and products win with quality, service to win excellent management, in order to win special business principles, by domestic and foreign customers trust and praise!

I have complete equipment, advanced technology, strong technical force, and strict scientific management and testing means. And the maximum limit to meet the needs of the user.

With high quality products, solid reputation and price, we wish to build a bridge for our common prosperity...





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